Benefits Of Tape Extensions: Everything You Need To Know About Tape Hair

by Hope Donaldson
Do Hair Extensions Damage Hair?

Benefits Of Tape Extensions: Everything You Need To Know About Tape Hair

Tape extensions are the most popular choice when it comes to professional hair extensions these days, but what’s so great about them? Keep reading as we list 6 reasons why they are so popular and why the world of hair extensions is going tape crazy…

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Tape hair extensions are rapidly becoming the preferred choice for clients and hair professionals across the globe, let alone just in the UK. Are you ready to jump on the trend and embrace the new way of professionally-fitted extensions?

At Stranded Hair Group, we aren’t just a clip-in extension brand - we’re a team of industry professionals with a bank of knowledge, ready to share with our customers. We know that clip-in extensions may not always be your choice, but with educational blogs like this one, we can help you make the best choice for you!

In this blog, you will learn everything you need to know about tapes, including the top 6 reasons why we think tape extensions are the best professionally-fitted extension method on the market. And if tapes are for you? We’ll lead you in the best direction to get some!

  • What are tape extensions?
  • How much do tape extensions cost?
  • How long do tape extensions last?
  • How long does your hair need to be for tape extensions?
  • Are tape extensions suitable for all hair types?
  • Do tape extensions damage your hair?
  • What makes tape extensions better than other methods?

What are tape extensions?

Tape in hair extensions are a 3-5 cm wide section of human hair that is sandwiched with another extension over and underneath a slice of your natural hair using a tape tab, made with medical-grade adhesive.

Tapes are one of the fastest and easiest ways to add length and volume to your natural tresses, if wanting to choose a professional extension method.

How much do tape extensions cost?

Tape extensions are the most popular method of professional hair extensions in UK salons these days.

A pack of 20-inch human hair tapes typically costs anywhere between £120 and £175, depending on the brand and range.Some clients may only need 1 pack of extensions, whereas others may need up to 3.

Salons typically charged around £50 per pack of extensions for installation and a flat fee of around £25 for a full removal (either to take a break from tapes or to have your refitted).

Your first salon cost will be the purchase of your extensions and initial installation. Then next 6-12 months (depending on how well you maintain your extensions), you will have the extensions refitted every 6-8 weeks, which is the installation plus removal cost.

How long do tape extensions last?

When installed, tape extensions last in the hair 6-8 weeks before needing to be removed and reinstalled (also known as refitted). However, this is dependent on how quickly your natural hair grows and how well you care for your tapes.

As the extensions can be refitted, it is only the adhesive tape tab that needs to be replaced. Ideally, the actual human hair in the extension could last up to 6-12 months, depending on your lifestyle factors and how well you care for the hair.

How long does your hair need to be for tape extensions?

To initially have tape extensions installed, your natural hair needs to be a minimum of 6 inches in length. This is so the tape extensions can sit and blend realistically with your natural hair, without looking bulky and obvious.

The beauty of tape extensions is that not only are they made of human hair, which can be cut and customised to your desired length, but they are also designed to be virtually invisible when installed - making them the perfect choice for anyone with short or thin hair.

TOP TIP: Reputable retailers are going to provide you with the best quality human hair, safest medical-grade adhesive and overall longest lasting extensions.

Are tape extensions suitable for all hair types?

Tape extensions are incredibly versatile for all hair types, but particularly work best on fine, thin hair. This is because they lay so flat, giving a smooth, natural appearance.

However, we do not recommend tape extensions for naturally very oily hair. This is because the natural oils from the scalp can actually get in between the tape tab ‘sandwich’ and cause the extensions to slip out of your hair.

Do tape extensions damage your hair?

Like all methods of hair extensions, there is always a risk of hair damage. However, tape extensions are considered to be the kindest, gentliest, least damaging hair extension method on the market.

What makes tape extensions better than other methods?

Keep reading to find out our top 6 reasons as to why we think tape extensions are better than any other professional extension method:

1. The kindest method of professionally-fitted hair extensions

Tapes distribute their weight across a larger section of your hair, compared to other professional extension methods. This means natural hair is less likely to break or be pulled out from the root, keeping it looking healthy, even when the extensions are removed.

2. A heat free application

Some professionally-fitted hair extension methods require heated appliances to bond extensions to natural hair. Tapes, however, do not. Tapes require no heat or force to install or remove, protecting the integrity of your natural hair.

3. Simple and quick attachment

A full head of tape hair can be fitted in under one hour! This is revolutionary, with more traditional methods taking at least two hours. No more booking a full day off work to get your hair done!

4. Natural-looking results

Tape extensions are designed to look virtually invisible and incredibly realistic. The seamless design provides a flat finish with no lumps or bumps, and the extensions blend perfectly with natural hair.

5. Easily removable and reusable

Tapes can be removed quicker than they can be applied. Removal is done by applying a remover in between the adhesive tabs. In seconds, the tapes can effortlessly glide out of your natural hair. Afterwards they can be reused and refitted, just adding new tabs.

6. Comfortable and low maintenance

Tape extensions are soft, comfortable and require very little maintenance. When fitted correctly, you will almost forget they are wearing extensions as they are so lightweight. Caring for your tapes at home is almost as easy as if you didn’t have them.

Stuck on the idea of tapes?

You came to this article to learn everything you could about tape extensions. Since reading, you have learnt what tapes are, how long they last, how much they cost and why we think they’re the best professionally-fitted extension method on the market, alongside answers to tape-related commonly asked questions.

But what now?

At Stranded, we’re committed to providing our customers with a comprehensive education on everything to do with tapes. We’re proud to share our industry knowledge to ensure that our customers make the best decision for them - even if that isn’t clip-in extensions!

And that’s why we write blogs, just like this one!

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Ready to invest in tapes?

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