How To : Put In One Piece Hair Extensions Step-By-Step Instructions

Our One Piece Extensions are the easiest hair extensions to use ever! Do you aspire to have gorgeously long, thick, and silky hair? However, are you worried that using hair extensions will be a hassle? With our Clip-in Extensions, this concern can be put to rest. To use these, you don't have to be a professional.

These hair extensions are actually the simplest to attach because of the one-piece method. To attach the extensions, you don't need to use an iron or line up any clips. You can build the hairstyle of your dreams with the help of the step-by-step instructions that are provided here.

Step 1:

Part your hair horizontally, slightly above your hairline on your forehead, and put it up.

Step 2:

Clip the One Piece extension in, as close to the root as possible. Use hair spray and backcomb prior to fitting for extra security.

Step 3:

Let the hair that was parted down. The now-perfectly-fitted hair extension needs a gentle brush through.

Step 4:

To conceal the extension's base, comb your own hair over it using a tail comb. You'll look amazing with breath-takingly gorgeous hair and your little secret will vanish behind your own top hair this manner.

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