How to Make Your Ponytail Look Fuller

by Hope Donaldson
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How to Make Your Ponytail Look Fuller

Trends aside, ponytails will never go out of style. But how do you get a thick, luscious pony? Trade secrets incoming…

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I’m going to let you in on something… I was not blessed by the hair gods. Not only is my hair thin, but I also don’t have a lot of it. So imagine when I try to pull it all back into an Insta-worthy, celeb-inspired pony - it just isn’t happening. However, working in the hair industry has taught me a trick or two, especially when it comes to creating an illusion of thickness.

At Stranded, making our customers feel confident is our top priority and we know that thin, flat or non-performative hair can hinder that. So whilst clip-ins might not be the answer to all your hair problems, we hope you can find the answer in our informational and educational blogs, like this one.

In this article, you will learn why your ponytail may look flat, along with different tips and tricks that can give it a much-needed boost. By the end, you will be ready to recreate any feed-worthy look that catches your eye.

  • Why does my ponytail look flat?
  • Which is better: a high or low ponytail?
  • Top 3 hacks for a full ponytail
  • The ponytail secret no one talks about…

Why does my ponytail look flat?

Having a flat ponytail can be an absolute nightmare - especially when you feel like you’re giving Ariana Grande but looking like Humpty Dumpty (trust me, I know).

But do you know what's going wrong with your pony? Why is it looking so flat and lifeless?

The most obvious answer could be that you don’t have enough hair for the look you’re trying to create. If you have thin hair and/or not much of it, it can lay flat against your scalp and the actual ponytail can look pretty disappointing. More hair really does equal more volume and thickness, especially when it comes to styling ponytails.

Does your pony look limp and you’re struggling to get any volume at the scalp? You may have an oil and/or product build-up in your hair. If so, the excess oils or products will be weighing your hair down and leaving behind a residue that causes the hair strands to stick together. Clean hair and a little dry shampoo can easily help this.

Finally, you just might not be styling the ponytail right. As much as we all wish it was true, flipping your hair over your head and wrapping a bobble around in T-minus 30 seconds isn’t going to look that good. Check out our following tips and hacks to elevate that ground-level pony.

Which is better: a high or low ponytail?

Low ponytails are definitely making a comeback, especially riding on the back of the slicked-back ponies we’ve been seeing all over our feeds for the past few months. Low ponytails are great for showing off your dramatic length, but they aren’t that good for creating the illusion of full, thick, healthy hair.

If adding the illusion of volume and fullness is what you’re after (which if you’ve read this far, I assume you are), then a high pony is exactly what you need. With high ponytails, you can have more control over the volume at your scalp and can play around with height and styles to make the actual pony look fuller.

Top 3 hacks for a full ponytail

Ok, so you know you need a high pony… but what else? What hacks can make your ponytail go from drab to fab in seconds?

Double Pony

Splitting your ponytail into two, one on top of the other, is a great way to create the illusion of a thick pony. Separating it into two means that the hair strands have more space to spread without being stuck to one another, as well as giving the pony additional height.

Give it height

You’ve got every hair perfectly in place, you tie it up and then… your pony sags. There are two super straightforward ways to prevent this and keep your ponytail held up high:

One way is to wrap your ponytail with two bobbles, one in front of the other. This will give the base of your ponytail more structure and help it hold its own weight. Another way, or combined with the two bobbles for additional support, is to add crossed hair grips underneath the base of the ponytail.

Loosen and tighten

Party in the back, but flat and stuck to your scalp at the front? The quickest way to add volume to your hair is to not tie your ponytail directly on top of your scalp. Tie it around an inch away from your head and then pull to tighten. This will encourage your hair to spread as it’s pulled into the pony, rather than stick to your head.

TOP TIP: Don’t be fooled by everything you see on social media! Edits and extensions can be deceiving!

The ponytail secret no one talks about…

… all the celebrities and influencers, all over your social media channels, use ponytail extensions. And if not? It’s heavily edited. Don’t be fooled by what you see online and take it at face value.

There is no shame in needing a helping hand when it comes to ponytails - they’re not a naturally voluminous style! If you have a look in mind that needs some volume, drama, and length and you don’t have the hair to do it? Clip it in! Ponytail extensions aren’t a hack - they’re an option to completely elevate what you naturally have.

At Stranded, we love the convenience of a clip-in ponytail and know how much it can increase your confidence in a matter of seconds.

Why not check out our range of ponytail extensions? From 16 to 26 inches, straight to waves, we have a ponytail to suit any look!

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And now what?

You came to this blog post with a vision - a long, luscious, voluminous vision about the ponytail of your dreams. The only problem is that every time you attempt to create it, your hair looks flat and thin.

However, since reading, you are now able to identify reasons as to why your ponytail looks like that, and have some helpful tips and tricks to confidently try again!

But what now?

Our mission at Stranded is to make our customers feel like their most confident selves, and sometimes, their hair needs a little extra help to get them there.

If you feel like yours does, clip-in ponytail extensions may be the answer to your current hair dilemma.

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