Comparison: Synthetic and Human Hair Ponytail Extensions

by Emma Howe
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Comparison: Synthetic and Human Hair Ponytail Extensions

Ponytail extensions are available in two different material types; 100% human hair, or synthetic fibre, but which material is better? We'll be discussing the top three categories within this comparison guide, this will help you make an informed decision for your budget, desired look, and expectations. 

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  • What is a Human Hair Ponytail Extension?
  • What is a Synthetic Hair Ponytail Extension?
  • How Long Will a Human Hair Ponytail Last Compared to a Synthetic Ponytail?
  • Can I style a Human Hair Ponytail or a Synthetic Hair Ponytail?
  • How much are Human Hair Ponytails compared to Synthetic Hair Ponytails?
  • What looks can I achieve with a Ponytail Extension?
  • So, which is better; a synthetic ponytail or a human hair ponytail?

What is a Human Hair Ponytail Extension?

Human hair is sourced directly from a hair donor who has chosen to sell their hair. It is a highly sought-after material for ponytail extensions, it is known for its natural look and feel, offering a seamless blend with your hair. Natural hair extensions have a soft and silky texture, allowing for easy styling and customisation.

Regarding quality grading, the term "Remy" is commonly used. Remy hair refers to hair that has been collected from a single donor and carefully sorted to ensure that all the strands are aligned in the same direction. This results in extensions that are less likely to tangle or matt. Remy hair can also be further classified as single-drawn or double-drawn. Single-drawn hair contains strands of varying lengths, while double-drawn hair is more uniform in length. 

It's important to be aware that not all human hair is a good quality human hair or Remy grade. 

What is a Synthetic Hair Ponytail Extension?

Synthetic fibre is known for its pre-styled qualities and budget-friendly prices. Different types of synthetic hair extensions are used to create these artificial strands. When it comes to synthetic hair extensions, a wide variety of materials are available. 

High-quality synthetic fibre is known for its natural look and feel, mimicking real hair strands. Heat-resistant synthetic fibre is designed to withstand heat and can be styled using heated styling tools. Basic synthetic fibres are made from artificial materials such as polyester and acrylic. These fibers tend to have an unnatural shine and may not be as durable as other types of fibers. 

How Long Will a Human Hair Ponytail Last Compared to a Synthetic Ponytail?

One of the major advantages of using human hair for ponytail extensions is its longevity. With proper care, high-quality hair extensions' average lifespan is 4 months or even longer. 

Synthetic/artificial fibres may need to be replaced more often, they typically last around 1-3 months, this is because the fibres are more likely to tangle and matt together. Although there are products and tools available to prolong the life of your synthetic ponytail extension, such as a detangling brush and a detangling spray. 

Choosing the wrong ponytail material for you could leave you feeling disappointed. If you're looking for longevity, with minimal maintenance then a human hair ponytail is an excellent choice. 

Can I style a Human Hair Ponytail or a Synthetic Hair Ponytail?

Heat styling is possible with human hair ponytails, this material can be styled just like your own hair, which means the ponytail can be re-styled again and again into a variety of styles allowing you to change up your look as often as you wish, providing heat protector and good hair care products are used. However it's important to consider your styling capabilities and skills, many women struggle to re-create their desired style or may not own the tools, such as heated styling tongs that are needed to master the perfect curl, wave, or sleek look.


Synthetic ponytails can offer convenience and ease of use as they are always pre-styled into an array of looks. There is no need to style, this can save time and effort and be much more convenient for women who want a quick hassle-free ponytail.

The jury is out when it comes to which is better for styling between human hair and synthetic ponytails, this purely depends on what you are looking for, if the flexibility of styling is your thing then a human hair ponytail is better, but if you want the quick, convenient pre-styled look in a huge range then a synthetic ponytail is better.

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How much are Human Hair Ponytails compared to Synthetic Hair Ponytails?

A price-conscious buyer may be surprised to hear that a Human hair ponytail extension can cost anywhere between £70-500, depending on the weight and grade of the human hair. Whereas synthetic hair extensions can be acquired between £10-50, this price range is dependent on the quality of the fibre the ponytail is made from.

There is no doubt that £10 synthetic ponytail is the cheapest but this likely comprises quality too much! Higher-quality synthetic extensions provide good value for money, these ponytails which feel like human hair can create a stylish but cost-effective ponytail. 

A high-quality synthetic fibre trumps the budget category! 

What looks can I achieve with a Ponytail Extension?

Human Hair ponytail extensions can be treated just like your natural hair – you can wash, color, and style them, meaning you can create your desired look at home. Heated tools can be used to curl, wave, or straighten the ponytail however you wish making it a flexible choice.

Synthetic ponytail extensions are pre-styled into a variety of looks, from bouncy curls, mermaid waves and poker-straight styles. There are a wide variety of style options to choose from, to suit a multitude of hair types and textures.

Both human hair ponytails and synthetic hair ponytails can be found in a vast collection of colours. Whether you're looking for a natural shade to match your hair or a bold and vibrant color to make a statement, there is an unimaginable choice of shades to choose from.

Human hair and synthetic ponytails can provide you with your desired look.  

So, which is better; a synthetic ponytail or a human hair ponytail?

Pros of human hair ponytails

In summary, human hair ponytail extensions offer a high-quality and natural-looking option for those seeking to enhance their hair. The use of Remy, natural, single-drawn, or double-drawn hair ensures a soft and silky texture that can be maintained with regular hair care. They can be styled to suit your preference and found in a wide variety of shades.

Cons of human hair ponytails

The downfall of human hair extensions would be the price, they are the more expensive pick, and if you're on a budget a human hair ponytail may be out of your price range. They also require some styling, an unconfident styler could struggle to create the perfect style that they desire. 

Pros of synthetic hair ponytails

Synthetic ponytails are available in pre-styled options, which makes them a convenient and time-saving choice. A high-quality synthetic ponytail can be purchased for under £50, making them perfect for shoppers on a budget, they also can be found in many different shades to suit all women.

Cons of synthetic hair ponytails

A negative of synthetic ponytails is the risk of compromising on quality too much, low-quality synthetic ponytails will not last as long, they could become tangled and matted quickly, the appearance could be fake looking, and the durability reduced. If opting for a synthetic ponytail we'd recommend finding a reputable supplier with good review ratings. 

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