Incorporating Hair Accessories into your Bridal Look

by Emma Howe

Incorporating Hair Accessories into your Bridal Look

Hair accessories and veils are the crowing glory of your wedding hairstyle, finding the perfect design requires research and careful consideration towards your hairstyle, dress and wedding aesthetic. The options are vast from vintage and traditional to floral and ethereal, there is certain to be a style to suit your wedding hairstyle. 

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Whether you choose a crystal-encrusted hairpin, a floral-adored headband or a traditional floor-length veil, your wedding look is not complete without a hair accessory or veil. Explore this inspirational gallery of our favourite hair accessories and veils and discover the best wedding hair embellishment to pair with your hairstyle. 

  • Stunning Wedding Hair Accessories and Veils 
  • Floral Headpiece
  • Vintage hair Combs
  • Embellished Hair Pins and Clips
  • Floor Length Veils
  • Bridal Headbands
  • Hair Chains
  • Traditional Lace Veil
  • Bridesmaids Hair Accessories

Stunning Wedding Hair Accessories and Veils

A bridal hair accessory and veil should complement your wedding hairstyle perfectly. The choice of hair accessories and veils available is vast, there are so many stunning options to choose from, the good news is that the huge variety of options means you will find something that will work with your wedding hairstyle beautifully.   


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Consider ways to personalise the bridal get-up

You have the option to add a personal touch to your accessory and veil. Some brides choose to add sentimental touches to reflect their cultural heritage or something that represents a close bond or relationship. If this is something you'd like to do ensure your accessory and viel can incorporate the sentimental touch without spoiling or compromising the design.

Floral Headpiece

Floral designs and real-life dried or fresh flowers look particularly effective with an ethereal bridal theme or an outdoor wedding. Bridal hair vines can also be used for a free spirit bride with a hippie edge. Share your floral ideas with your hairstylist at your hair trial to discuss how they can be used the most effectively.


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TOP TIP: If you choose to wear a synthetic clip-in bun, ponytail or hair extension with your wedding hairstyle, speak to your hairstylist about how they will be fitted to ensure they do not interfere with your chosen hair accessory or veil.

Vintage hair Combs

Vintage or classic hair designs are the perfect accessory for chic hair-up styles or a minimalist bride. These are often elegant and timeless designs that bring a refined feel to any wedding. Pearls and ribbons are often seen on vintage-style accessories for a classic and sophisticated look.


Image credit @leggybirdhair

Embellished Hair Pins and Clips

Embellished hair pins and clips can be adorned with Swarovski crystals for a touch of sparkle, you can also find pearl hair pins and dainty clips. They provide a touch of glamour and can be worn with hair-up hairstyles or elegantly placed to one side of a hair-down bridal hairstyle. 


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Floor Length Veils

If you're looking for a classic bride look or a dramatic entrance to your wedding day venue, a floor-length veil will certainly provide a showstopper reveal of your bridal look. It's important to remember the weight of a floor-length veil will be significantly heavier than most other accessories and veils. Your hairstyle must be able to hold the weight of the floor-length veil, choose a hairstyle that feels secure but comfortable to maintain the veil for as long as needed.


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Bridal Headbands

Bridal headbands are a very versatile option and can be worn with lots of different hair lengths, they are mostly popular for modern brides who are looking for a statement headband. Shorter hair can suit a delicate bridal headband as long hair is not needed to secure them. 


Image credit @saintbethofficial2

Hair Chains

Hair chains are a unique alternative to a wedding hair accessory, they look stunning when worn with long loose waves. They create an unconventional charm and suit bohemian or beach weddings. Hair chains can be found with delicate pearls, and crystals in gold and silver colours to match your wedding jewellery. 


Image credit @luxereduxbridal

Traditional Lace Veil

A lace veil will add a romantic touch to your wedding day style, they look best with traditional wedding hairstyles, like an intricate hair-up style, or cascading curls. 


Image credit @madamtulle

TOP TIP: If you need extra hair to create your dream hairstyle, adding clip-in hair extensions or hair pieces can be a perfect solution to bringing your wedding hair vision to life.

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Bridesmaids Hair Accessories

Bridesmaids' hair accessories are something to consider if you'd like all your bridesmaids to wear a matching hair accessory. Consider the different hair lengths, thicknesses, textures and natural beauty of each bridesmaid. If you have bridesmaids with various hair types choose a simple accessory like a clip or diamonte hairslide that can be incorporated into hairstyles on many different hair types.


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What's next?

We hope this article has helped you decide on the perfect accessory and/or veil. Now that you've perused some of the most popular bridal looks you can move forward with your wedding hair decision-making, just remember the most important factor is to choose something that works in harmony with your wedding hairstyle. Ensuring all aspects of your day are coherent is vital for a thoughtfully planned wedding day

If you're looking for more advice on the variety of hairstyles for a mixture of hair lengths, we'd recommend reading our blog;
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