Short Hair Extensions: Everything You Need To Know

by Hope Donaldson
Best Hair Extensions For Short Hair

Hair Extensions For Short Hair?

Here's Everything You Need To Know.

We’ve all been there, whether it's caused by an over-adventurous haircut or lasting damage, we’ve decided that short hair just isn’t for us. We’ve scoured the web for quick fixes, like rosemary oil and rice water, but nothing will make our hair grow overnight

At Stranded, we know that self-confidence comes from various places, but when you’re not looking your best, you’re not feeling your best.

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So you must be wondering ‘Can I wear hair extensions if I have short hair?’, if you came to this article. And whilst the answer is yes, if you add ‘how’ to that question, it’s not so straightforward anymore.

In this article, we will be looking at the best hair extensions for short hair, including both their pros and cons, how to disguise extensions and other related FAQs you might be asking. By the end, you will have great direction on where to go next on your hair extension journey!

  • Can I get hair extensions if I have short hair?
  • What types of hair extensions are best for short hair?
  • Can you get hair extensions made for short hair?
  • Will my own hair grow when wearing hair extensions?
  • Could hair extensions damage my short hair?
  • How can I hide hair extensions in my short hair?
  • What to do if your not sure if hair extensions will work for your short hair?

Can I still have hair extensions with short hair?

Yes, there are endless possibilities of different hair extension methods you can choose from, to lengthen and volumize your luscious locks! The choice of which method you use simply depends on your comfort surrounding price, commitment and natural hair length. See images below of transformations from short hair. 

Short Hair Extensions
Short hair transformation with one piece clip-in extensions
Short hair transformation with cli-in human hair extensions

What types of hair extensions are best for my short hair?

Different hair extension methods have various pros and cons, but ultimately the best method will apply to you on an individual basis - rather than a ‘best overall’.

Recommended Clip-in Extensions for short hair?

Whilst we pride ourselves on the quality and functionality of our clip-in extensions, we know these won’t work for everyone.

Clip-in extensions are a great option for women wanting to wear extensions for special occasions or without committing to salon re-fits and prices. Clip-ins are the least expensive method and provide the freedom to choose when to wear them!

If you have short but thin hair, you may struggle to hold the weight of a clip-in set or to disguise the silicone clips. With synthetic hair, you may also struggle to blend the extensions into your natural hair, as they shouldn’t be cut - resulting in a very artificial look.

However, if you have short but thick hair, we recommend human hair, multi-piece extensions. These can be cut to blend more naturally into your hair, have more styling options, and the multi-pieces mean you can hide the clips much easier around your head.

What's the best length Clip-in hair extensions for short hair?

With clip-in extensions, we would recommend a maximum length of 14 inches for customers with short hair - this will still add considerable length, whilst still looking natural. To cover up your clips, your hair needs to be a minimum of 3 to 4 inches long and thick enough to carry the weight of clip-in extensions, which can be heavier than other methods.

Believe clip-in extensions are the way forward? We recommend our Seamless Human Hair Five Piece! Get expert colour matched by our incredible team, here, or order a colour swatch sample!

Read more on how to wear our clip-in Seamless 14 inch Human Hair extensions, here, including influencer @gracesfashionforecast’s experience wearing them. See her transformation below!

Best Hair Extensions For Short Hair?

Tape Extensions for short hair

Tape-in hair extensions are one of the most trusted methods for women with short hair, especially those with thinner hair or hair more prone to damage.

Tape extensions are made from human hair, and, like with the clip-in method and all the others you’ll read, human hair behaves like our own natural hair, meaning it can be cut and styled to look more authentic.

Tape extensions can be almost invisible when applied correctly by a qualified hair professional. They can add natural-looking length and volume around the head and be dyed to match your natural hair or a complementary colour to add dimension.

However, tape extensions require continuous maintenance, which can end up being quite a large time and financial commitment. When looking at tape extensions, you need to consider the cost of the hair, installation, blow dries, re-fits, removal and new hair when needed.

What are the best length Tape Extensions for short hair?

As tape extensions are attached to the natural hair, we suggest having at least 6 inches of natural hair beforehand. This prior length will help blend the extensions and disguise the tapes, even if you choose an ‘invisible’ range.

For a natural finish, mixing colours and lengths can add layers and dimension to your hair. A darker root can also make a heap of difference in disguising thinner hair at the scalp.

Think tape extensions are for you? We recommend North Professional Hair’s Double Drawn, 100% Remy Human Hair Invisible Root Glaze Tapes. Find a stockist, here, and book that consultation!

Nano Bonds and Micro Beads Extensions for short hair

There’s a huge range of options when it comes to bonded and beaded hair extensions. And like tapes, and clip-ins, human hair makes for a more natural and custom look.

For very short or thin hair, bonded hair extensions are a firm favourite. Nano or fusion bonds are super small, discrete and almost invisible. The bonds are less damaging than beads but can last a similar amount of time. If your hair is extremely short (less than 4 inches), bonds are still an option, unlike other methods!

However, bonds can be damaging, like all types of extensions, by adding weight and tension to the hair follicle. They also take longer to install (probably the longest extension method install time), which may impact installation and re-fit costs.

If you have thick and short hair, beaded extensions can give you a natural look. As the application is small and lies flat against the head, it can also look almost invisible. They also last longer than tape extensions, which can cut the cost dramatically.

However, the beads must match your natural hair to blend seamlessly into the root, though this may be hard with particularly thin hair. Beads can also be heavy and damaging to the hair, so aren't recommended for hair prone to breakage. Some women who wear nano or micro bead extensions also complain about the discomfort they can cause, if you have a sensitive scalp we would not recommend nano or micro bead extensions, they can take a lot of getting used to and are not suitable to those prone to headaches or migraines. 

Best length Micro Beads Extensions for short hair

With microbeads, it may be down to your hairdresser’s discretion on how long your natural hair should be before installing bead extensions. Loops, a variation of microbeads, need to have a minimum of 4 inches of natural hair.

However, nano bonds (the smallest bond on the market) only need a minimum of 2.5 inches of natural hair for installation - making it the first option for the least amount of length. Blending the extensions with your natural hair is similar to tape extensions. Mixing colours and lengths, and cutting them into your style, will make the extensions look far more natural.

If you’re thinking bonds or beads are your choice, we recommend Beauty Works’ Double Drawn, 100% Remy Human Hair Nano Bond Hair Extensions! 

Weft Hair Extensions for short hair

Hair wefts are another great option for short hair, though they can also be more complex. Hair wefts are, in the simplest of terms, a piece of hair your hairdresser will transform into a different type of extension method - typically a sew-in or clip-in extension.

Hair wefts aren’t too expensive, but your bill will rise as you have them customised and fitted. Also, when there are various options on the market, is it worth having wefts made into tapes, bonds, beads or clip-ins?

We recommend wefts be made into clip-in sets, creating a bespoke set from a weft allows you to personalise your set to your personal requirements, for instance if you just need a little volume at the sides you can adapt a weft to provide targeted extensions for a specific area of your scalp. Using the weft as a clip-in set will alos preservce the quality of the hair as it is not being used to sleep in/ wash/ excerise etc, this will increas ethe lifespan of the hair. 

If you choose to have a weft professionally sewn in the will require time and financial commitments. They will also be visible in thin hair, as the braid the weft is sewn into can be thick and bulky.

Best length Weft Hair Extensions for short hair

We suggest that your natural hair needs to be three to four inches long for a sew-in weft, so that your hair can fall and blend against the extensions. Similar to clip-ins, we would recommend a maximum extension length of 14 inches for shorter hair, resulting in a more natural look.

As some of the hair is braided for the sew-in weft to be installed, we recommend avoiding blunt haircuts, as this will make the hair extremely difficult to blend. We suggest cutting the extensions into layers with your hair, for a more seamless look. Willing to try out a weft? We recommend our 100% Human Hair Original Weft! Get expert colour matched by our incredible team, here, or order a colour swatch sample!

See how our Human Hair Original Weft can add natural length and volume below!

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Can you get hair extensions made for short hair?

Because hair extension methods are so versatile, they do not need to be made specifically for short hair. Instead, hair extensions for short hair are created during your individual installation and styling process with your hairdresser.

By using human hair, which all extension methods allow for, you can cut and style the extension to match or blend into your natural hair - depending on whether you want length and/or volume.

However, if you decide that you'd like to try synthetic clip-in extensions first, 14 inches is typically the shortest length on the market. We don’t suggest cutting these, as this could  damage the weft, leading to fraying and loss of the hair on the piece.

Will your hair grow when wearing hair extensions?

Yes - when installed, worn and removed correctly (either by yourself or a professional), hair extensions can support natural hair growth. This is because you will tend to style your hair less, which prevents styling or heat damage.

We’ve noted in a previous article that it is a common myth that hair extensions stop or reduce hair growth. This idea comes from evidence of hair damage or breakage due to over-excessive use, bad application or removal.

Could hair extensions damage short hair?

In short, no. With proper application, wear and removal, hair extensions shouldn’t damage natural hair - regardless of what method you use. Some methods are more prone to breakage, but shouldn’t cause it.

Read more on the article we wrote on hair extensions and hair damage, here.

Ways to hide hair extensions in short hair:

  • Choose an extension method that looks invisible - if you have thin, short hair, you may have fewer options.
  • Find the right colour - not just with the extensions, but also colour match the beads if that’s your chosen method.
  • Proper installation - if it’s a professional method, have a professional do it! If you’re using clip-ins, learn how to attach them properly!
  • Cut the hair - if you’re using human hair, use it to its advantage and blend it into your natural hair.
  • Curl all your hair - curl your natural and extension hair together, to create a seamless blend

Not sure if hair extensions will work for your short hair?

You came to this article because, for whatever reason most of us can relate to, you’re fed up with your short hair and want some length added back (without having to wait months). Now, you have learnt all about the different methods of hair extensions, if they can damage your hair or make it grow, and how to disguise them.

So what next?

Well, that’s down to you. If hair extensions are going to be your next move, which method will you choose?

Clip-in extensions may be your ultimate decision or a way to dip your toes into the hair extension world. Why not talk to our dedicated customer service team to see if we can help you? Call us on 0161 834 2173 or send us some pictures of your hair on Instagram, for the best advice and a perfect colour match.

Maybe you’ve decided to go down a professional route? Our best advice would be to talk to your hairdresser, or a hairdresser that specialises in the type of extensions you would like to consider. An in-depth consultation is incredibly important before any major hair service! We hope this article has provided you with the answers you are looking for! If you’re looking for more, check out our other blogs on all things hair and extensions, here!