How to Curl Your Hair and Make It Last Longer

by Hope Donaldson
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How to Curl Your Hair and Make It Last Longer

Constantly facing the dreaded drop every time you curl your hair? Won’t even last a couple of hours? I’ve been there, but I also have the industry secrets to make sure you never are again. Read more to learn how to curl your hair and how to make it last…

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I’m going to let you in on something… I spent years struggling to keep a curl in my hair. It’s always been my favourite way to style it and yet, it never lasted the way it did when I went to a salon. But the perks of working in the hair industry? I get to learn all the trade secrets and share them with you.

Whilst we might just seem like a clip-in extension brand, Stranded Hair Group is a company dedicated to sharing the bank of knowledge our team of hair industry professionals possesses - regardless of whether you buy our extensions or not! That post-salon confidence should be in your hands, whenever you want it.

So what's the secret behind curling your hair and making it last?

That’s what I’m going to share with you in this blog. I’m going to tell you about the different ways you can curl your hair, which products to use and avoid, and tips to make those bouncy coils last. By the end, you won’t just be able to keep your curls for the night - they should be lasting you for days!

  • Different ways to curl your hair
  • Products for curling your hair
  • Top tips to make your curls last
  • How to make your curls last through the night

Different ways to curl your hair

These days, there is such a wide range of ways to curl your natural hair - with different options available for different hair types and textures. Whether you need heat or prefer to avoid it, there is a huge variety of ways to curl your hair to choose from.

Heatless curls

As in the name, heatless curls is the generic name for different techniques to curl your hair without using heated tools. This option is often preferred by women more conscious about heat and styling damage, and with the right technique, can look just as glamorous as a trip to the salon.

The most popular types of heatless curls are foam/sponge rollers, heatless curl satin rods and manually twisting or braiding your hair. Heatless curling techniques need to be left overnight or for a significant amount of hours, for the curl to develop. Having slightly damp hair, which will dry over the waiting time, will also help the curls hold.

We recommend nipping to your local drugstore for foam/sponge rollers, such as Superdrug’s 10 Pack Pink Bendy Rollers (RRP £4.49), as you don’t need to spend a lot on this product! Foam rollers work by wrapping your hair around the roller, twisting it up to your scalp and securing the ends shut.

For heatless curl satin rods, we recommend Kitsch’s Satin Heatless Curler Set (RRP £19). Place the centre of the rod an inch away from your forehead, in a centre part, and secure it with a clip. Split hair into two even sections and wrap around each side of the rod, securing the ends with satin scrunchies. Pull and secure the rod at the back for additional security.

To twist or braid your hair, you do not need any products other than a few satin hair ties (depending on how many twists or braids you do). We would recommend Flora + Curl’s 4 Pack Small Satin Scrunchies (RRP £15).

Heated tools

Using heated tools is the most common way to curl your natural hair, however, the term ‘heated tool’ is completely generic. With proper technique, you can curl your hair in as little as minutes with almost any heated hair tool.

The most popular heated tools on the market right now, to easily curl your hair, are curling wands, hot air tools and straighteners. All heated tools, including these ones, put your hair at risk of heat and styling damage, so extra precautions need to be taken. These precautions include lower temperatures, heat protectant sprays and less frequent use.

The most common heated tool to use, to curl your hair, is a curling wand - we recommend Beauty Works’ Beauty Works X Molly Mae Curl Kit (RRP £89.99). Curling wands are used by wrapping a section of hair around the metal wand, holding it for a short burst of time, and then releasing it. Do this around your hair, frequently switching the direction of the curl for a more natural look.

Hot air tools are one of the hottest trends in hair styling right now! Our recommendation for this tool stays with the original - Dyson’s Dyson Airwrap Complete (RRP £479.99). Hot air tools, like the Airwrap, work by using hot hair instead of heated plates to heat and curl the hair. The Airwrap suctions the hair around the wand, holds it for a short burst and then you manually turn off the Airwrap to release.

Straighteners have always been around, and we can all admit that we’re jealous of the girls that have hacked curling with one. If you’ve got the knack, we recommend an updated classic - GHD’s Platinum + Hair Straightener (RRP £229). One way to curl your hair is to put your hair between the plates, turn the straightener away from your face and move down slowly.

Products for curling your hair

The products you use before, during and after curling your hair make a crucial difference in whether your curls are going to last or not. Products that add moisture to your hair are going to prevent your curls from lasting - they may not even hold a curl at all!

We recommend using products that soak up your natural hair oils and give your hair a sticky, tacky texture. See our helpful table here of what products you should use and which to avoid:

Dry shampoo Moisturising shampoo
Hair mousseConditioner
Hairspray and texturising sprayHair oils
Heat protectant spray Leave-in or detangling sprays

*click the links on each product you should use, for specific recommended products.

Top tips to make your curls last

  • Avoid curling your hair the same day you have washed it.
  • Use a heat protector if using heated tools.
  • Dehydrate your hair with a hair mousse before curling.
  • Make sure to use the right curling method/tool for your hair and desired look.
  • Pin or clip your hair around itself after curling and leave it to cool completely.
  • Spray your curls with hairspray to help hold the shape.
  • Leave your curls to drop naturally or finger comb them - avoid brushing them out.
  • Spray your curls with texturising spray for additional hold.
  • Avoid touching your hair as much as possible.

How to make your curls last through the night

The last thing you want is to spend time perfecting your curls, only to go to sleep and wake up to them gone!

Our best advice is to protect your curls with satin products. When the hair rubs against satin, it doesn’t cause any friction that could result in your hair to frizz and curls to drop.

Invest in a satin pillow or satin bonnet to protect your hair. If you have long hair, we also recommend loosely wrapping your hair in a satin scrunchie at the top of your head - then adding the pillow or bonnet.

We recommend Cantu’s Classic Satin Bonnet (RRP £9), Only Curl’s Silk Pillowcase (RRP £40) and Blissy’s Oversized Satin Scrunchie (RRP £41).

If you don’t have anything satin to rest your weary head on, try consciously fanning your hair out around your head, on your pillow. This technique should help you avoid sleeping directly on your curls and limit their movement around your pillow.

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What now?

You came to this blog sick of hair that couldn’t hold a curl to save its life. Now you know how you can curl your hair with or without heat, which products you need to use and avoid, and tips to prevent the dreaded drop.

But what now?

Personally, I think you’re ready to give it a shot! Fish out the products you need (you know they’re at the bottom of a drawer somewhere) and get practising. Not every curling method will work for you, but a little trial and error and you’ll be there in no time - bouncing around curls that last all week!

Thinking of pushing the boat out with your curls? Why not check out our 16-inch and 20-inch Curly One Piece Clip-in Extensions? Made with Stranded clever fibre, those curls last months, and no one said more length and volume was ever a bad thing!

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