How to heat style a synthetic ponytail? 

by Emma Howe
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How to heat style a synthetic ponytail?

Thinking about putting heat on your synthetic ponytail? Before you reach for the curlers there are a few things to check or you could be at risk of damaging your beloved pony! Read this blog post, as we explain everything you need to know before attempting to heat style your synthetic ponytail. 

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A synthetic ponytail hairpiece is a must-have addition to your hair wardrobe. They are an excellent choice to elevate your ponytail game, they are quick thanks to the pre-styled element and the simple attachment methods, and they are stylish thanks to the variety of on-trend styles they are available in, from beach waves to curlier styles and super straight styles, no style is unavailable in a synthetic ponytail. They can also be found in a vast colour range, so you're sure to find your perfect colour match for a natural blend.

  • Benefits of a synthetic ponytail 
  • Are synthetic ponytails suitable for heat styling?
  • What heat styling can I do to a synthetic ponytail? 
  • Prepare to heat style your ponytail
  • How to heat style a synthetic ponytail?
  • Should I style a synthetic ponytail?

Benefits of a synthetic ponytail 

A major benefit of a synthetic ponytail is the fact they are ready to wear, and minimal to no styling is required before the use of a synthetic ponytail. You can take it out of the packaging and attach it, the styles to choose from are unlimited, and you can purchase a ponytail style to suit your mood, outfit or occasion and take the hassle out of styling it into your preferred look. 


Are synthetic ponytails suitable for heat styling?

All synthetic ponytails are made from a man-made fibre and should not be treated the same as your hair, they are factory-made hair imitation which has different limitations to natural hair. Some synthetic ponytails are not made with heat-friendly synthetic fibres and styling could damage them if they come in contact with any heat at all.

Cheap fake hair ponytails will not be heat resistant and you could even melt the fibres if they come into contact with heat, other more modern ponytails are heat resistant up to around 180 degrees, these ponytails can be styled with heat but you'll need to follow some guidelines and manage your expectations of what can be achieved when using heat to style a ponytail. 


What heat styling can I do to a synthetic ponytail?

After some time the style of your synthetic ponytail could drop, or become less defined. If you have a heat-resistant ponytail you may be able to use heat styling to re-form the original style of your ponytail. Heated tools such as curlers, and straighteners can be used to maintain the original style, but it's important to note that a synthetic ponytail can not be styled into a different style. Heat styling is only possible to maintain the original style, for example, you cannot make a straight ponytail curly or vice versa.  

Prepare to heat style your ponytail

You must detangle your ponytail hairpiece before heat styling. A tangled ponytail will be much harder to style, tangles will complicate the styling process. 


Do not use harsh brushes, use a specially-made brush for brushing and detangling synthetic hair like the Smooth Finish Extension Brush. Start brushing from the bottom of the ponytail and work your way to the top of the ponytail. 

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    How to heat style a synthetic ponytail?

    Before you begin to style your synthetic ponytail always ensure your ponytail is heat resistant and check the temperature limit advised by the manufacturer. Once you're happy your ponytail hair extensions are heat resistant, follow these steps to add some instant style back into your ponytail.

    Tools needed for styling a synthetic ponytail

    • Heated styling tool with adjustable heat setting 
    • Heat-resistant styling glove
    • Hair hanger
    • Heat defence spray
    • Hairspray
    • Wide-toothed comb

    For curly or wavy ponytails

    • Put your curling wand on a low heat setting, 180 degrees is usually the maximum limit. You'll need to use a different size curler or curling method depending on your ponytail style; you'll need a large barrel for loose waves and a small barrel for tighter curls
    • Clip the ponytail onto a hair hanger and hang it from a door handle
    • Take small sections of the ponytail and spray with a heat defence spray
    • Wrap the small section of hair around the wand
    • Hold for 10 seconds
    • Remove the heated tool while keeping the wave or curl formed
    • Allow the style to cool down in your hand
    • Once cool gently release and do not brush
    • Continue with small sections until all the ponytail has been re-formed into a curl or wave
    • Use a wide-toothed comb to blend the curls/waves
    • Spray with a light mist of hairspray for a long-lasting style hold

    For straight ponytails

    • Put your straightener on the lowest setting, no hotter than 180 degrees
    • Clip the ponytail on a hair hanger and or hold it at a comfortable height for styling
    • Take a small section of the hair from the ponytail
    • Spray the section with the heat defence spray
    • Glide the straighteners down the smaller separated section of hair
    • Repeat until you are happy with the style
    • When finished use a wide-toothed comb to smooth the style
    • Spray with hairspray

    Should I style a synthetic ponytail?

    Heat styling of a synthetic ponytail might be needed occasionally to re-form the original style, but this is not something that is required to be done often, generally, synthetic ponytails are not intended for frequent heat styling. They are available in so many different styles, that you can achieve any specific style you desire by purchasing a different style of ponytail. 

    If you decide that heat styling is necessary for your synthetic ponytail, ensure your ponytail is heat resistant (not all are), understand the limitations and finally don't expect to change the style completely, they are only suitable for minor tweaks in style, not a complete change. 

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