Layered hairstyles with extensions

by Hope Saxton Howes
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Layered hairstyles with extensions

You can have choppy layers or feathered layers each type of layer may suit different hair types better. Here we will get into different layered hairstyles with hair extensions and answer your hair dreams.

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Hair extensions aren’t just there to add length to your amazing hair. they are also used to add volume, colour, dimension and body to the hair. If you feel your hair is mainly all a similar length or is just lacking in-depth and movement using clip-in hair extensions is a great way to add layers into your hair. Some benefits of layers are if you have really thick hair and you need your hair to be lighter. You can have choppy layers or feathered layers each type of layer may suit different hair types better. Here we will get into different layered hairstyles with hair extensions and answer your hair dreams.

Types of layers:

Choppy layers are more obvious within the hair and create a choppy texture and harsher look. For example, the new current hair trends, the jellyfish/ butterfly haircuts have very choppy layers all of the different hair lengths to create a very layered look filled with movement and dimension. If you have heavy hair cutting your hair into layers is a good way of making your hair lighter in weight.


Credit to willyspinheirohairdesign and Hair advisor

The feather layers are more subtle layers and taper softly, especially around the face. They are not as obvious but look really nice when styling your hair curly as they show off the different lengths in your hair and adds lots of volume. It also makes it look like you’ve got more hair if you curl your hair with layers as different strands of hair will sit higher than others creating the illusion of thicker hair rather than all the curls just sitting at the bottom of your hair.

Hairline filler hairstyles to add layers:

A great way to add layers around the face to frame your face is to use hairline fillers. hairline fillers are originally used to thicken the hairline for people having thinning issues. However, the hairline fillers have a tapered design. Meaning they are shorter at the front and taper down becoming longer in length. With the hairline fillers, you could do a bun with the two front pieces left out and curl them. This will give a glamorous chic hairstyle with hair extensions whilst framing the face and is a nice change to your look if you don’t normally have layers.

With these hairline fillers creating a 90’s face framing look is possible too!


Stranded hairline fillers

You can do this by straightening the hair and when you get the ends you turn the straighteners towards you. This will create a face framing effect, with the ends flicking inwards just under the chin. This is giving “Rachel Green” from friends vibes. Similarly, you can flick the layers outwards to create more of a 70s voluminous flick.

These extensions will look natural as they are high-quality human hair extensions. If you want them even shorter you can even customise them and cut them to fit your desired length. We do recommend guidance from a professional if you want perfection though.

Stranded 12
Stranded 12
Stranded 12
Stranded 12
Stranded 12
Stranded 12
Stranded 12
Stranded 12
Stranded 12
Stranded 12

Stranded 12" Human Hair Hairline Fillers (30g)



Designed for women experiencing hair thinning or loss, wanting to add instant volume and disguise sparseness, look no further than our 100% Human Hair Hairline Fillers; available in multiple realistic multidimensional shades.

Transform your thin hair in seconds! This innovative product is quick and easy to use - simply clip in the two tapered 12” hair pieces to either side of your hairline, using the left and right feature to determine which one to install. The combination of our 100% Human Hair and silicone seamless tracks means that the Hairline Fillers blend naturally into the finest of hairs, and can be cut and styled where needed.
This innovative extension has been carefully designed to provide a natural and undetectable hair extension experience.

Made from real human hair, it effortlessly blends with your natural strands, ensuring that nobody will ever suspect you are wearing extensions. The seamless construction of these hair extensions allows for a flawless, invisible integration with your hair.
To achieve the most natural look, it is crucial to select the perfect colour match. With 22 shades available, finding the ideal shade to seamlessly blend with your own hair has never been easier.

From rich brunettes to vibrant blondes and everything in between, there is a shade to suit every individual

Main Features
  • 100% Human Hair
  • Heat style into your desired finish
  • Length: 12”
  • Weight: 30 grams
  • Set Dimensions: 2 Pieces. 9cm (2 clips)
  • 22 Colour options
Shop From 23 Colour Choices
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Ponytail hairstyle with extensions:

It doesn't matter if you have a blunt cut, lots of hair or not much hair. A textured layered ponytail can add a lot of volume to the hair. It gives glamour and volume all in one it has a mixture of shorter layers and longer layers. The clip-in ponytail extensions had pre-cut layers in them so if you don’t want to get layers in your own hair this is a really good way to see if you like the look or even if you want to change up your look now and again.


Stranded medium flicky ponytail

The layered pony is really quick and easy to attach as the applicator is a claw clip. You simply put your hair up into a compact bun and attach the clip and just like that you have a layered ponytail. This attachment is great if you have damaged hair and want to keep away from using heat on your hair but still want to have a classic mid-length, sleek updo with a wow. You can also get clip-in ponytail extensions in wavy hair, straight hair and curly hair.

Human hair extensions to add layers

If you have thick, heavy hair having feathered layers or choppy layers is a great way of making your hair not as heavy or dragging down. The layers create body and movement in your hair so that it isn’t pulling your hair down. When using human hair extensions you can cut layers in yourself or get a professional to cut them in. This will give you a realistic look of layers in your hair without having to cut your actual hair. Or if you’re cutting layers in your natural hair and just want to add more in with extensions that is a great option too.

Braid styles with layers looks amazing especially if you want a boho relaxed braid.


Credit: Weddingdates

You can opt for a dutch braid, fishtail braid or just a normal braid. They all will work! The layers naturally stick out perfectly throughout the braid adding to the boho “messy” look. Not only will the human hair extensions add to the length of the braid if you have medium -length hair but it will give you more texture when creating the big boho braid. Adding textured waves to your hair before braiding will enhance the layers, add extra volume and pull together the boho braid look.

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