Thinning Hair: Five common causes and solutions

by Emma Howe

Thinning Hair: Five common causes and solutions

Hair thinning can be a challenging experience for many women, but the good news is there are multiple techniques, routines and products to help you overcome the effects of thinning hair. In the article, we discuss the most common causes of hair thinning and identify quick effective solutions to maintain your hair thickness and confidence throughout your thinning hair journey. 

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  • 1. Hair Thinning due to the Menopause
  • 2. Post Pregnancy Hair Loss
  • 3. Hair thinning due to Stress and Exhaustion
  • 4. How hair loss is affected by age
  • 5. Hair thinning caused by medication

Hair thinning can affect any woman, at any time, many women experience a degree of hair thinning at some point in their lives. The causes can be natural such as ageing and menopause, or they can be caused by external factors, such as medication, illness, stress and exhaustion. In the article we will be discussing the most common causes of hair thinning, we will also explore some of the recommended products, styling techniques and hair routines which can help you deal with the often upsetting hair thinning experience. 

1. Hair Thinning due to the Menopause

Menopause is inevitable for all women, however, the degree of hair thinning due to menopause can vary, and how much you are affected will depend on your genetics and how your hormone changes progress. Hair thinning occurs when there is a dip in estrogen production, this is unavoidable and a natural process during menopausal women, this reduction of estrogen causes the hair follicles to shrink which results in hair thinning. 


Many women can struggle mentally with this experience, hair can be such a big part of your identity and when you start to notice your hair volume deteriorating you may feel less like yourself and experience a knock on your self-confidence. 

What can I do to manage hair thinning during the menopause?

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can help slow down the effect of hair thinning in some women, however, the outcomes are not guaranteed, but some women have reported noticeable differences, if hair thinning is taking its toll on your mental state of mind, speak to your doctor about HRT medication. Besides going to the doctor and requesting HR therapy, there are some styling techniques which might help you feel more confident.

Top Tip: Backcombing your hair at the roots and using a volumising spray can boost the look of volume in your hair, making it look thicker and fuller. 


2. Post Pregnancy Hair Loss

Post-pregnancy hair loss is very common, it is one of the symptoms of the 5th trimester and can be dramatic for some women. This process can start when the baby is around 3 months and can last until the mother is 6-8 months post-parthum. Finding clumps of hair in the shower tray or on your hairbrush can be upsetting but it is completely normal and not something to stress over too much. The good news is, that normal hair growth should return to normal within 12 months after giving birth. 

What can I do to manage hair thinning during post-pregnancy?

Getting a blunt cut at the hairdresser is a great way to disguise hair thinning during post pregnancy, this technique draws the eye to one level and makes your hair feel and look thicker. A hair appointment can also be a great opportunity for some 'you time', having a baby and becoming a mother can be an incredible experience but it can also be exhausting and challenging, taking some time for self-care and treating yourself to a little pamper session at the hairdressers could be great for your mental health. 


3. Hair thinning due to Stress and Exhaustion

Severe stress and exhaustion can impact your health physically, when we are stressed, tired and overwhelmed it can affect our hormones, and anything that affects our hormones can affect our hair health. Balanced hormones are essential for normal hair production. It's important to deal with the direct cause of stress and exhaustion as this is not easy for anybody to cope with for a long period. Often the cause of stress and exhaustion is unavoidable for instance if you are experiencing a bereavement, but if the effects are for a prolonged period it's best to speak with a doctor. 

What can I do to manage hair thinning due to stress and exhaustion?

It's always best to deal with the root cause of the stress and exhaustion but if you are experiencing a stressful event or a challenging period in your life you might require a temporary solution to overcome the physical impact this could have on your hair. We'd recommend avoiding heavy products on your hair, thick serums and gels can weigh your hair down and make it look limp and lifeless. Stick with lightweight mists and hairsprays when styling your hair to maintain a healthy volumous hairstyle. 


4. How hair loss is affected by age

Ageing is unavoidable, and our hair follicles age with us. We produce fewer hormones which help towards hair growth and hair production, resulting in thinner, finer hair with every passing year from around 40 years of age onwards. However, the term growing old gracefully does not mean you need to accept the hair-thinning effects the ageing process can inflict. 

What can I do to manage hair thinning due to ageing?

Women may feel any sort of hair extensions are designed for younger women, however, it's older women who require the benefits of hair extensions much more than the younger population. Sure there is a market for young, trendy hair extensions which dramatically increase length and volume, but there is also a strong demand for natural-looking hair extensions which are more suited to mature women. These types of hair extensions are what some companies specialise in. Stranded Hairline Fillers are specifically designed to create a natural boost of hair volume that looks discreet and realistic. 

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The Hairline Fillers are designed with a seamless track which sits flat even underneath fine hair, this discreet design means the Hairline Fillers are undetectable but will provide a subtle boost of hair volume where you need it most. Hair thinning due to age usually affects the hair around the hairline and temples the most significantly, the set contains two purposefully designed wefts of hair which are pre-clipped and styled with a tapered edge, meaning that the hair blends effortlessly into your hairstyle. They are available in a multi-dimensional colour range, which is inspired by natural hair colours for the most believable and instant addition of hair volume. They are also very easy to clip in, you can watch a detailed tutorial on how to apply the Hairline Fillers here.  


5. Hair thinning caused by medication

Some medications may interfere with hormone production, therefor you may see a difference in your hair thickness when prescribed certain medications. The medication is usually a necessity to help deal with a health condition, but this does not mean that hair thinning due to this has to be accepted. There are some techniques you could follow to enhance the thickness of your hair while taking the medication.

What can I do to manage hair thinking while taking medication?

As well as the many tips and tricks mentioned throughout this article, you could also try using a root touch-up spray or powder to disguise sparse areas on the scalp. Root touch-up sprays are more commonly used to conceal grey hairs, but they are also a great tool to incorporate into your hairstyling routine, the darkening substance creates the illusion of depth and dimension at the scalp. Filling in any gaps with a good-quality spray or powder can instantly make your hairline and thinning areas look thicker and fuller. 

Will these techniques work for my thinning hair?

We hope you have discovered new ways to overcome thinning hair with the advice from this article. The only way to find the best techniques and products that work for you is by trialling them. You may find that a combination of two or more of these suggestions is the best solution for you, or you may only need to incorporate one of these routines to enhance your self-confidence and the impression of fuller-looking hair. For FAQs of the Hairline Fillers, check out this dedicated FAQ article.