Top 5 Hair Accessories for Wedding Guests

by Alex Haymes

Top 5 Hair Accessories for Wedding Guests

Off to a wedding but unsure on how to accessorize your wedding day do? Keep reading for Stranded Hair Group's Top 5 Hair Accessories for Wedding Guests!

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When attending a wedding as a guest, it is important to dress appropriately and consider the overall theme and style of the event. This also applies to your hair and how you choose to accessorize it. Whether you have long locks or a short pixie cut, plenty of options are available to accessorize your hair and make a statement at the wedding. So, let's take a look at Stranded Hair Group's Top 5 Wedding Guest Hair Accessories.

  • Fascinators
  • Flowers and Foliage
  • Clips and Combs
  • Headbands


Fascinators are a tried and true classic accessory for any wedding guest. For the most part, fascinators act as a more youthful, modern take on wedding hats, and they can heighten the simplest hairstyle, adding an elegant touch that doesn't take much effort.


Photo Credit: @mumma.murray on Instagram.
Rachel is wearing our Super Easy Mum Bun in shade #6/16/613 Safari Sunset, accessorized with a fascinator.

Fascinators are available in various colours, sizes, and styles, and typically can be attached like a comfy hairband or simple clip. They can be an effortless and comfortable hair accessory option for any wedding guest who wants to achieve elegance and class, without the fuss.

When choosing your fascinator, make sure you opt for a colour that compliments your outfit, and that suits your hairstyle/hair type well. For example, slick updos or pixie cuts tend to be better suited to small, clip-in fascinators, while voluminous hair with a lot of body can carry a larger, classic headband fascinator more easily.

Flowers and Foliage

Incorporating flowers into your wedding guest hairstyle can add some delicate detail to even the simplest styles. They can be used to pick out key colours within your outfit and even coordinate with the flower arrangements of the wedding.


Photo credit: Fia Ferina on Pinterest

Fresh flowers or even floral French pins can be added to any updo or half-updo to add a softer or even more bohemian look to your wedding guest hairstyle. However, it's important to keep it simple and subtle to avoid upstaging the bride, pulling focus, or clashing with the aesthetics of the wedding.

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Clips and Combs

Opting for embellished clips or combs for your wedding guest hair can be an easy and cost-effective way of bringing a little bit of extra sparkle to your look. Accessories like these can lend themselves well to any hairstyle and length- though I wouldn't recommend a comb on a short pixie cut or fine hair worn down.


Ruqaaya is wearing our One Piece Curly Clip-in Extension in shade #1B Queen of the Night, and the Starburst Swarovski Crystal and Pearl Hair Clip from Tegen Accessories

Combs and clips are a great way to customise even the simplest hairstyles, bringing some personality and punch to your wedding day look.

Hair clips can work with any hairstyle, up or down, while comb hair slides tend to look best with half-up, half-down styles, full updos, or even with a side parting. There are hundreds of affordable options available, and accessories like these are easy to adjust throughout the day if needed.


Potentially the easiest accessory option on this list is the simple headband. Available in a range of colours, styles, and textures, adding a beautiful hairband to your wedding guest hairstyle can add some extra oomph to your look in a matter of seconds. 


Photo credit to QueenMeeAccessories on Etsy

Floral options are available for a more delicate, bohemian look, while textured, embellished, and even bow headbands can make more of a statement. It's important if opting for something embellished or patterned to make sure that it coordinates with the rest of your outfit, while also showing off your personal style. 

Headbands are an incredibly simple accessory to choose and they can be adjusted or removed easily throughout the day, without compromising the hairstyle underneath. 

So, there you have our top five recommendations for a wedding guest hair accessory. The key takeaways from this blog should be to opt for both fashion and function as much as possible while taking extra care to avoid upstaging the bride, pulling focus, or clashing with the aesthetics of the wedding. We hope this little list can help you find the perfect hair accessory for you and your wedding guest look. 

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