Trendy 2024 Prom Updo Hairstyles

by Hope Donaldson
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Trendy 2024 Prom Updo Hairstyles

The 2024 prom season is quickly creeping up on us. Will the prom queen tiara sit nicely on the hairstyle you’re thinking about? Check out our prom updo hair inspo for your crowning look…

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Back when I was in school, prom was nothing more than a formal dinner in a pretty dress with your classmates. These days, proms are the first step towards wedding planning in a teenage girl’s life… the dress, hair, makeup, nails, tan… the list goes on!

However, it’s now the 2024 prom season! This summer is set to be a scorcher, so we know a lot of girls like you are going to be opting for an updo. But have you decided what kind?

Stranded Hair Group is all about making our customers feel confident, whatever the occasion. We know prom season is the time when every young woman wants to feel their most beautiful, and good hair can make you feel just that!

So, whether you’re rooting for Prom Queen or need a hairstyle to last way into the afterparty (Jack’s mum is so cool!), we have all the hair inspo to make your hair be as much of a statement as your dress! Keep reading to find your perfect prom hairstyle…

  • Prom ponytails
  • Prom buns
  • Prom braids
  • Prom half-up half-down

Prom ponytail hairstyles

As soon as you open Instagram, you’re flooded with the most perfect ponytails ever made. Ponytails are a leading trend in 2024 and prom season is no exception!

Bouncy, playful curls in a ponytail are the perfect way to look glamorous whilst keeping cool this 2024 prom season. Extend your ponytail to dramatic lengths with our brand new 24” Wand Wave Clip-in Ponytail!

Slicked-back ponytails are so on-trend, especially during the 2024 prom season! Look put together for that ‘clean girl aesthetic’, whilst adding volume and body with our bestselling 16” Medium Flicky Clip-in Ponytail!

Prom bun hairstyles

Buns are perfect for the 2024 prom season! Be able to show off your dress to its full potential by having your hair completely up and out of the way.

(Plus, this style will also keep you super cool whilst your mum takes 10 million pictures of you in the sun)

Are you typically really low maintenance? Messy buns for the 2024 prom season are super on-trend and make you look effortlessly stunning! Make that bun bigger with our Flicky Messy Bun Scrunchie.

Keeping with the ‘clean girl aesthetic’, slicked-back buns are the trendiest way to look sleek and elegant, whilst also keeping your hair out your face and off your dress this 2024 prom season! Have a perfect bun in seconds with our bestselling Super Easy Clip-in Mum Bun!

Prom braided hairstyles

Plaits and braids have been making such a comeback, just in time for the 2024 prom season. Now we’re not talking about the ones your mum does for school, but think cute, cottage-core vibes!

This braid is perfect for fairy-core, cottage-core girls this 2024 prom season. The braid looks effortlessly put together, and could even include different clips or other colourful accessories woven into it. Make it longer and thicker with our bestselling 20” Flicky One Piece Clip-in Extensions!

We’re obsessed with this braid for the 2024 prom season! Fishtail plaits are a complete upgrade from your typical French or Dutch braids, and this style looks wispy, whimsical and perfect for a princess gown. Give your braid more volume with our pre-styled 20” Curly One Piece Clip-in Extensions!

Prom half-up hairstyles

Some girls just don’t feel themselves with their hair up, and that’s ok! Why not consider a half-up hairdo this 2024 prom season? Show off your gorgeous face, without compromising on length and style!

Claw clips are the hottest hair accessory trend right now - at this point, I think we all carry one! Mini claw clips are a simple and easy way to create the perfect half-up look this 2024 prom season! Extend your length with our bestselling 20” Flicky One Piece Clip-in Extensions!

With braids arriving for their long-awaited comeback, why not incorporate them into your half-up look this 2024 prom season? Twisted braids are a super simple way to pull your hair back, without compromising on glamour and elegance. Give your half-down more movement with our brand new 20” Wand Wave One Piece Clip-in Extension.

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Ready to get your prom on?

With the 2024 prom season feeling like just seconds away and the promise of a scorching hot summer, updos seem to be the go-to for budding prom queens. We know how big of a moment your dress will be, so why compromise it with your hair hiding it all?

So whether this is the event of your dreams or you’re just dying to get to the afterparty, Stranded Hair Extensions has the updo inspo and matching for you!

Prom season is all about celebrating your achievements and getting excited about the next stage of your life, but it can also feel scary. We might not have all the answers about what comes next for you, but Stranded is committed to making you feel like your most confident self whilst you figure it out!

Whatever the moment, Stranded has the extensions to make every day feel like a good hair day! Did you know we also offer free expert colour matching? Find your perfect colour with up to 32 multidimensional shades to choose from!

For more hair inspiration, knowledge and facts, check out our Stranded Blog!