How To : Get An Instant Bounce Blow Dry Step By Step

We adore a blowout. Yes, one of our signature styles is quick, simple easy to achieve.

#Step 1

Open your Instant Bouncy Blow Dry Set and gently brush through. Lay the sections out ready for application. First section your hair at the nape of the neck. Clip in the weft with x3 clips on.

#Step 2 

Release the parted section and section again 1-2 inches above the first row and apply the weft with x4 clips on.

#Step 3

Repeat the process, sectioning 1-2 inches above the second row. Clip in the widest weft, this will have x5 clips on.

#Step 4. Brush It Out… The Right Way

Now all back wefts are clipped in you’re ready to apply the two side wefts. Section 3-4 inches below your parting and clip in x1 of the x2 clip wefts. Repeat on the opposite side of your parting.

We frequently claim that removing volume is simpler than adding it. For this style, stay away from using a flat, mixed-bristle brush because doing so will flatten out your volume. Instead, section by section brush your hair out with a wide-toothed comb. The curls will grow looser as you comb; therefore, choose how much bounce and movement you want to retain, then cease brushing.


Streamline a bit. With one hand, hold the are where the hair extensions are fitted and gently brush through. This will ensure that the top portion is still exquisitely touchable while preserving that lovely natural wave and movement.

Top tips

  • Clip all wefts close to the root
  • Backcomb the hair before clipping in the wefts
  • Use hairspray over each clipped in weft for extra hold

The end product is a blowout with tremendous bombshell volume that is extremely glossy and polished.

Do you have any questions?

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