Choosing the Right Hair Care Products for Human Hair Extension

by Emma Howe
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Choosing the Right Hair Care Products for Human Hair Extension

This guide explores the factors to be considered when choosing the best care products for your cherished human hair extensions. Human hair extensions are delicate and require sensitive care and protection to sustain the expected lifespan and keep them looking in tip-top condition. 

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Human hair extensions are a confidence-boosting addition to your natural hair, they can add length volume and colour to your hair seamlessly. The human hair aspect means they are a flexible option as they can be cut, styled and fitted to your needs, and desired look. They are available in various attachment methods from semi-permanent options such as tape-ins, weaves, nano-beads and keratin bonds, and quick at-home applications, such as clip-ins.


They are also available in a range of shades and lengths, finding your perfect shade and realistic length is vital for a natural-looking appearance and a flawless result. There is no doubt human hair extensions are a fantastic solution to increase the length and volume of your hair but if you want your investment and confidence to last you must choose the correct care products to sustain the lifespan and quality of your beloved human hair extensions.

Importance of choosing the right hair care products for extensions

Human hair extensions require care products to preserve both their longevity and aesthetic appeal. When selecting the ideal care product, it's crucial to consider certain features tailored to the unique needs of human hair extensions. Look for formulations which are sulphate-free, moisturising, colour-safe, and have heat-protectant properties to ensure comprehensive care and maintain the integrity of human hair extensions. These key attributes will contribute significantly to the preservation of your hair extensions.

Choosing products that target these issues will help keep your extensions looking their best. Also, consider the overall quality and reputation of the brand you are purchasing from to ensure you are investing in products that will provide the best results and enhance the lifespan of your human hair extensions.

Heat protection for human hair extensions

Adequate heat protection is vital to maintain the original look and feel of your human hair extensions. Heat styling can have damaging results on extensions, such as colour fading, discolouration, dryness and frizziness. A good quality product with sufficient heat protectant will create a barrier between the extensions and the high heat, therefore protecting the extensions from the full effect of the intense heat.


Moisturising formulations

Unlike natural hair, hair extensions lack direct access to the scalp's moisturising oils, these oils play a pivotal role in nourishing and hydrating the natural hair, keeping it soft, supple, and healthy. Since extensions are not rooted in the scalp, they miss out on this natural source of moisture. As a result, they are more prone to dryness, which can lead to brittleness and a diminished appearance over time.

Moisturising hair care products are essential for compensating for this lack of natural hydration. They provide much-needed moisture to the extensions, helping to restore and maintain their vitality. By infusing moisture into the hair fibres,  you can help prevent dryness and keep the extensions feeling soft and manageable.

In addition to maintaining the appearance of hair extensions, moisturising products also avoid potential damage, as dry and brittle hair is more susceptible to problems, including breakage and split ends, which can significantly shorten the lifespan of the extensions.

Stranded 16
Stranded 16
Stranded 16
Stranded 16
Stranded 16
Stranded 16
Stranded 16
Stranded 16

Stranded 16" Lace Clip-in Human Hair Extension (140g)



Luxurious, thick and made from 100% human hair, our 16 inch Human Hair Four Piece inspires confidence. Thick from root to tip, this pack contains four hair wefts, each pre-clipped for a quick and easy fit, and can be purchased in either a 16” or 20” length for a believable finish.

Delicately crafted from premium Stranded Human Hair, the Human Hair Four Piece is available in 29 multi-tonal shades. Discover hair colours laced with highlights, lowlights and realistic undertones inspired by real hair, all of which creates a natural and seamless blend when fitted. Plus, as these premium extensions are made from only the finest human hair, you can heat style them with straighteners, curling wands and tongs.

Please note we do not recommend the hair to be sewn in, these extensions should only be worn as a clip in set.

Main Features

  • 100% Human Hair
  • Heat style into your desired finish
  • Lengths: 16” 
  • Weight: 16” 140grams
  • Width sections : 2x 28cm, 1 x 21cm and 1x 14cm
  • 29 Colour options
Shop From 33 Colour Choices
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Why sulphate-free products are important for human hair extensions

Sulfate-free care products are essential for human hair extensions for several reasons:

  • Gentler Cleansing: Sulfates are powerful cleansing agents commonly found in shampoos. However, they can be too harsh for delicate hair extensions. Sulfate-free products provide a milder cleansing action that effectively removes dirt, oil, and product buildup without stripping away essential moisture from the extensions.
  • Reduction of Dryness and Frizz: Sulfates can strip away the natural oils from the hair and scalp, leading to dryness and frizz, especially in hair extensions that already lack direct access to the scalp's natural oils. Sulfate-free products help retain the natural oils and moisture in the hair, resulting in softer, smoother, and more manageable hair extensions.
  • Less Irritation: Sulfates can sometimes irritate, particularly individuals with sensitive skin or scalp conditions. By using sulfate-free products, you can reduce the risk of irritation and ensure a more comfortable experience while caring for your hair extensions.

Sulfate-free care products are important for human hair extensions because they provide a gentler and more nourishing cleansing experience, help preserve colour vibrancy, reduce dryness and frizz, and minimise the risk of irritation. This makes them an essential choice for maintaining the health, appearance, and longevity of your extensions.

Colour-safe hair care products

As almost all extensions are dyed it's important to care for the colour. The harsh nature of sulfates can strip away the colour molecules from the hair strands, leading to premature fading and dullness. Sulfate-free products help maintain the vibrancy and longevity of the colour, allowing you to enjoy your hair extensions for a more extended period without frequent touch-ups.

Top tip: Apply heat protection liberally for complete coverage of all hair extension strands, once thoroughly applied, comb through the extensions to ensure the even spread of the product before applying any heat.

Natural hair care products for hair extensions

If you'd like to experiment with natural hair care solutions for your human hair extensions, an excellent chemical-free option is coconut oil. The deep conditioning effects of coconut oil on human hair have been well documented and they can be just as effective on human hair extensions. If your extensions are feeling dry and brittle we recommend using a homemade deep-conditioning treatment with coconut oil, and warm water and you can even add some essential oils for a natural scent that smells better than some high-end hair care products.  


Comb the coconut oil mask through the hair and leave for 24 hours if possible before washing it off. ensure the coconut mask is washed off properly before styling, due to the oil content of the coconut oil you may need to gently cleanse the hair more than once. The result will be silky soft human hair extensions, ready for styling. 


Human hair extensions have become a popular way to transform and enhance natural hair. However, maintaining these extensions requires specific care and attention to ensure they stay looking their best. When choosing hair care products for extensions, there are several factors to consider to ensure you are using the right products that will keep your extensions looking healthy and beautiful.  

The ingredients are of high importance when choosing care products for your human hair extensions. Look out for hydrating features to combat dryness, sulphate-free products to gently cleanse the hair while protecting the extensions from colour fade, colour discolouration and irritants, and a high-quality heat protection product for safeguarding against intense heat. Consider natural ingredient alternatives for a safer contribution to your hair care routine of your delicate human hair extensions.