Celebrities that wear human hair extensions

by Emma Howe

Celebrities that wear human hair extensions

Celebrities love the extra length, volume and star-quality hairstyles that can be created with human hair extensions. They are known to wear them day-to-day and for the extra glam needed when they want to look radiant on the red carpet or captivating in concert, these five celebs are absolute human hair extensions addicts and love nothing more than flaunting their stunning looks, made possible with human hair extensions. 

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If you've ever spotted a celebrity with long, thick, luscious locks that seem too good to be true, the chances are, they probably are too good to be true! Human Hair Extensions are super popular in the world of celebrities and you can bet the red carpet is populated by stunning sirens wearing human hair extensions to complete their look. Celebrities are expected to enhance and inspire the world with showstopping looks, including the most fabulous hair. Regular hairstyles just don't get the same attention as the extraordinary hairstyles that can be created with human hair extensions. Celebrities also have the power to boost sales, so naturally, hair extension brands are keen to provide celebrities with stunning transformations to promote their human hair extensions around the world.

  • Why do celebrities choose human hair extensions?
  • Jennifer Lopez 
  • Selena Gomez
  • Hayley Bieber
  • Kim Kardashian
  • Arianna Grande
  • Human Hair Extensions for Celebs

Why do celebrities choose human hair extensions?

Human Hair extensions can be styled with heated styling tools such as rollers, curlers, straighteners and wavers which are necessary for lavish hairstyles. Celebrity hairdressers opt for human hair extensions to help them create jaw-dropping hairstyles suitable for the stars. Although synthetic fibre hair extensions have risen in popularity massively, the unique hairstyles spotted in Hollywood usually require specific styling techniques with heated tools. 

Jennifer Lopez 

The Latin-American superstar Jennifer Lopez is known for her smash-hit pop music, Hollywood acting and mesmerising dancing, but she is also known for her sexy style. This includes her stunning bronde hair and beautiful multi-tonal shades often seen cascading over her bronze skin, Jennifer's hair is something to be envious of, but don't be fooled into thinking all that hair is her own. 


Image credit Vogue India 

Jennifer's hair extensions are long, thick and styled into soft beach waves. Her extensions are multi-tonal which helps to add depth and dimension to her hair, making her hair look thicker and healthier. If you'd like to replicate Jennifer Lopez's hair extension look, choose a multi-tonal shade with a least three shades, including a brunette and blonde shade. Shade Safari Sunset from Stranded Hair Group is a stunning mixed shade which will perfectly compliment a bronde hair shade. 

Selena Gomez

The Spanish heritage of Selena Gomez provides her with naturally rich brunette locks which look enviably healthy, but what Selena doesn't have is the super thick texture. This is where her hair extensions come in, Selena opts for slightly lighter brunette shades with her hair extensions to create a balayage effect. Her waistline hair extensions are usually styled down with lots of layers for added fullness. 


Image credit x.com

Stranded 20
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Luxurious, thick and made from 100% human hair, our 20 inch Human Hair Four Piece inspires confidence. Thick from root to tip, this pack contains four hair wefts, each pre-clipped for a quick and easy fit, and can be purchased in either a 16” or 20” length for a believable finish.

Delicately crafted from premium Stranded Human Hair, the Human Hair Four Piece is available in 32 multi-tonal shades. Discover hair colours laced with highlights, lowlights and realistic undertones inspired by real hair, all of which creates a natural and seamless blend when fitted. Plus, as these premium extensions are made from only the finest human hair, you can heat style them with straighteners, curling wands and tongs.

Please note we do not recommend the hair to be sewn in, these extensions should only be worn as a clip in set.

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  • 100% Human Hair
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Hayley Bieber

The wife of Justin Biber and blonde bombshell which is Hayley Bieber is a human hair extension wearer. Hayley is known for changing up her hairstyle from short to long locks, when the time calls for extra length Hayley employs a hair extension specialist. Hayley has been spotted wearing Keratin bonds which are individual bonds made from human hair. Her platinum blonde hair is iconic and looks super glamorous when paired with a backless dress. 


Image credit www.elle.com.au

Kim Kardashian

Kim is rarely spotted without her beloved human hair extensions. Famous for her hourglass figure, gorgeous looks and sleek black hair, Kim is the queen of celebrity culture. She and her stunning sisters are proud hair extension fans, their frequent hairstyle changes keep their faces on the front of glossy magazines and Kim is the ultimate icon in the world of fashion and beauty. The original influencer is a regular on the red carpets with her head-tuning fashion, including an always iconic hairstyle made possible with human hair extensions. 


Image credit US Weekly

Kim's habit of dramatic hairstyle and colour changes knows no bounds. From rocking platinum blonde locks to flaunting a sophisticated bob, she effortlessly sets the next hair trend. However, behind these ever-changing styles lies a secret weapon: human hair extensions. These extensions not only add volume and length to her hair but also give her the flexibility to experiment with different looks without causing damage to her natural hair. With the aid of human hair extensions, Kim continues to captivate and inspire a huge audience with her ever-evolving style.

Arianna Grande

Arianda's legendary XL ponytail would not be possible without the help of human hair extensions. Her recognisable hairstyle is her go-to look for music videos and stage performances. The super long ponytail has been fashioned with hair jewellery, vibrant colours and varying styles from waves to poker straight lengths. 


Image credit Teen Vogue 

Arianna is rarely seen without hair extensions, her actual hair length is a mystery as she always reaches for human hair extensions for any major media event. She uses human hair extensions to enhance her hair into an incredible mane set for the stage. If you are looking for a quick statement hairstyle but not sure about investing in human hair, there are lots of extra-long ponytails available in synthetic hair, the Bodywave Ponytail from Stranded Hair Extensions is a sure-fire way to re-create Arianna's iconic ponytail. 

Human Hair Extensions for Celebs

Celebrities' outlandish hairstyles are only made possible with human hair extensions, the versatility of human hair extensions makes them the perfect choice for creating stunning styles, but also offer celebrities the option to have their hair extensions semi-permanently fitted. Only human hair extensions can be fitted for a longer period, synthetic hair extensions are not suitable for salon-professional fitting. Semi-permanent hair extensions allow celebrities to maintain their flawless looks even on down days. Human hair extensions are the perfect addition to everyday styles that can be seamlessly transformed into a sensational hairstyle when the spotlight falls. 

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