A step-by-step guide to curling synthetic hair extensions

by Emma Howe

A step-by-step guide to curling synthetic hair extensions

Discover our step-by-step guide on curling synthetic hair extensions. Within this article, you'll find a list of the tools you need as well as top tips for making the curls long-lasting and perfectly blended every time. 

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Synthetic hair extensions are a budget-friendly option for switching up your look, they are easy to use and can be found in a range of shades, lengths and styles. Sadly the curls in synthetic hair extensions do not last forever and they may need to be revived from time to time, to refresh the look of the hairstyle. The Synthetic material can be found in varying standards but you can find good quality synthetic fibres that are heat resistant and suitable for curling. Synthetic hair extensions that are heat friendly will be labelled 'heat resistant'.

  • What you'll need for curling synthetic extensions
  • Before you begin
  • Final Look
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What you'll need for curling synthetic extensions:

  • A hair hanger
  • Hair extension brush for detangling
  • Heat styling tool with adjustable heat settings
  • Hair grips or pin curl clips
  • Wide-tooth comb
  • Heat-resistant glove (optional)

Before you begin

Detangle the synthetic extensions with a specially designed hair extension brush, a good quality hair extension brush will remove knots and tangles without causing excessive shedding of the hair. 

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    Step by Step

    Step One 

    Clip the hair extensions to a hair hanger and hang them from a door handle, close to a plug socket for the hot tools. Set your heated styling tool to a low setting, (maximum 180 degrees) to avoid burning or melting the synthetic fibres.

    Step Two

    Take a small section of the hair and wrap it around the heated tool. Hold in place for 5-10 seconds, to avoid excessive heat exposure count the seconds out loud. Some heated tools have built-in timers which can be helpful to use. 


    Step Three

    Gently unwrap the extensions from the heated tool while keeping the curl formed, allowing the curl to cool in your palm. Once slightly cooled, squeeze the curl to embed the style. If needed use a heat-resistant glove to avoid burning your palm.

    Step Four

    Now use a hair grip to pin the formed curl, this will help the curls have long-lasting results. Gently slide in the hair grip, being careful not to disturb the curl.

    Step Five

    Continue curling the rest of the extensions, repeating the process until all of the hair is curled and pinned. The curling and pinning process will lock in the style and hold the shape of the curls for a longer period.


    Step Six

    Once cooled, approximately after 10 minutes, remove the hair grips and gently release each curl. Use a wide-tooth comb to smooth and blend the curls, and keep brushing to a minimum, if you want big bouncy curls, alternatively, comb 4-5 times to create softer loose waves.


    Final Look

    Now the synthetic extensions are ready to be clipped in. Curl your natural hair in the same style of curl, or wave, before clipping in the extension, then brush your natural hair with the extensions to create a seamless blend. The result will be beautiful curls which will last all day long. 

    Top Tip: When the extensions are clipped in hold them at the clip section when brushing and blending the extensions with your hair, to avoid pulling them out of place. 

    Step-by-Step Guides

    If you appreciated this step-by-step explanation on curling synthetic hair extensions you will also enjoy this article; Step-By-Step Guide: How To Put In Clip In Hair Extensions which will walk you through the process of clipping in your hair extensions. 

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