Hair Extensions On Holiday: Top Tips To Protect Your Hair

by Hope Donaldson
Do Hair Extensions Damage Hair?

Hair Extensions On Holiday: Top Tips To Protect Your Hair

Sun-soaked days by the pool, dips in the sea and sticky sun cream; summer holidays can play havoc with your hair extensions. But who said it needs to be that hard work? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about wearing extensions on holiday and how to look after them whilst you’re there…

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Going on holiday with hair extensions can feel quite daunting. Whether you’ve just stepped out of the salon with a fresh set of professional extensions or have a trusty set of clip-ins, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about looking after your hair extensions on holiday, so that you can see it isn’t as bad as it may seem.

At Stranded Hair Group, we aren’t just your favourite clip-in extension brand - we’re also a team of industry professionals, committed to keeping you educated on how to look after your hair and extensions (no matter what brand or method you use). And that’s why we write blogs, just like this one.

In this blog, you will learn what puts your hair extensions at risk whilst on holiday, how to prevent risk and look after your extensions, suitcase must-haves to pack and our holiday top tips for any extension wearer. By the end, you will feel confident in your ability to have the best holiday, without worrying about your hair!

  • What puts your hair extensions at risk on holiday?
  • How should you look after your extensions on holiday?
  • Suitcase must-haves
  • Holiday top tips

What puts your hair extensions at risk on holiday?

Whether you wear clip-ins or professional extensions, synthetic fibre or human hair, going on holiday can put your hair extensions at significant risk. Keep reading as we break down all the factors that can put your hair extensions at risk this summer:


Love taking a dip? Protect the colour and condition of your professional hair extensions and clip-ins by keeping them out of the ocean, pool and hot tub! Saltwater, chlorine and hot water can all cause your hair extensions to dry, discolour, tangle and matt.

Saltwater has high levels of salt content, which can dry out your hair and cause the colour to fade. Chlorine in pools can also dry out your hair, whilst also risking turning blonde hair green. Hot water, on the other hand, opens the hair’s cuticle and can cause the colour to wash out quickly.

Brushing extension hair that has been in water is also incredibly difficult, as it can quickly tangle and matt - especially if it dries without being brushed.

UV Rays

Are you a sun worshipper or just a mum that can’t keep her kids out of the pool? UV rays can be extremely damaging to hair, just as they can be to the skin. Overexposure to UV rays can cause the hair to dry out, make it struggle to retain moisture and result in its colour fading and turning brassy.


Factor 50 forever? Us too! However, did you know that many suncreams, as well as other personal and beauty products, contain a chemical called avobenzone? Whilst avobenzone is amazing at blocking UV rays, when it comes into contact with UV rays on the hair, it can actually turn hair pink or orange!


Getting hot and sweaty in the sun this summer? Whilst sweating isn’t something we can usually avoid, it should be avoided from getting into your hair. Keeping your hair down and sweating can cause your hair to get tangled and matted very easily - especially at the nape of your neck.

Heat styling

Want to elevate your evening look? Whilst all of our extensions can be styled using straighteners, wands and tongs (as can all professional extensions), using heat styling tools every day can have a lasting impact on not only your natural hair, but also your extensions.

Heat styling, especially if it is already being exposed to UV rays on your holiday, can permanently damage hair, causing it to dry, fade and turn brassy.

How should you look after your extensions on holiday?

Preventing risk is always better than trying to remedy it. Keep reading to find our best preventative steps for hair extensions on holiday:

Avoid putting hair in pool or seawater

To prevent water from tangling or matting your hair, or the heat or contents of the water drying your hair out, making its colour fade or changing its colour, the best course of action is to avoid putting your hair into any body of water on holiday.

Instead, tie your hair and extensions into a tight, high bun on top of your hair and simply avoid dunking your hair into the water.

If you do get your hair wet on holiday, look for specific rescue products such as Malibu C’s hair remedies sachet range, so that you can brush and wash your hair as soon as you can. Whilst only human hair requires rescue products, synthetic extensions will need to be washed and brushed immediately too.

If you're wearing clip-in extensions, simply remove them before getting to any type of water (including the bath or shower).

Protect your hair from UV rays

To prevent UV rays from damaging your hair, you have two options that we recommend you use in conjunction with each other.

The first is to protect your hair and scalp by wearing a hat. Hats provide a layer of protection between your hair and the UV rays, whilst also providing shade to keep your head and face cooler.

The second is to apply a UV hair protection spray to your hair, including any human hair extensions you may be wearing. However, synthetic fibre hair extensions do not need UV protection. We recommend using Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil 100ml (RRP £24.50).

Use mineral-based suncream

As some suncreams and other products can contain avobenzone, a chemical known to turn human hair pink or orange, the best way to prevent this reaction from occurring is to check ingredient lists.

As a rule of thumb, suncreams marketed as ‘mineral-based’ or ‘natural’ tend to avoid adding chemicals, such as avobenzone. These products will be the safest for preventing chemical reaction colour change. We recommend Green People Scent-Free Sun Cream SPF30 200ml (RRP £29).

Keep your hair up

Keeping your hair up, out of your face and off your back whilst you’re on holiday is beneficial for several reasons. When you keep your hair up, you’re going to ensure that it doesn’t get wet in water, it doesn’t mix with suncream and other products that contain avobenzone (preventing colour change chemical reaction) and it doesn’t mix with your sweat.

Tying your hair, including your extensions, up will ensure that they do not get tangled or matted when mixed with water, suncream or sweat.

Limit heat styling

As we all know, using heated tools on our hair can leave lasting, permanent damage (including to both synthetic and human hair extensions). When on holiday, as your hair is already exposed to the risk of UV damage, we recommend fully avoiding or limiting heat styling.

If you’re wearing clip-in extensions, simply remove the extensions and wash, before leaving them to air dry. Missing having styled hair? Stranded fibre extensions come pre-styled which lasts even after multiple washes.

If you have professional semi-permanent extensions, you will be required to at least blowdry your hair (to keep up with their maintenance and aftercare). To protect your hair from the risk of heat damage, ensure to always use a heat protectant. We recommend Kevin Murphy Heated Defense 150ml (RRP £30).

Remove your extensions

The best way to prevent any damage to your extensions, whether they be human or synthetic, temporary or professional, is to remove them before your holiday - no extensions, no risk!

If you typically wear professional extensions, such as tapes or wefts, you may feel a little naked without them. Instead, opt for some clip-in extensions. Human hair clip-ins will need to be cared for but can be removed before going in water, whilst sunbathing etc. Synthetic extensions, on the other hand, risk no damage other than getting tangled matted (though we still recommend removing them before getting in the water).

Check out our wide range of clip-in extensions on our website!

Suitcase must-haves

Check out our suitcase must-haves list, ideal for every type of extension wearer:

  • Clip-in extensions - to wear instead of professional extensions (a clip-in ponytail is the most ideal option)
  • Clip-in Extension storage box - to keep your extensions protected and tangle free
  • Salon-friendly sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner - to keep your hair in the best condition possible
  • Salon-friendly moisturising treatments - to keep your hair looking and feeling soft and luxurious
  • Rescue products - to be on hand should you accidentally cause damage to your hair
  • UV protection spray - to protect your hair against UV ray damage
  • A hat - to protect your hair and scalp against UV ray damage and sunburn
  • Mineral-based suncream - to help prevent chemical reaction colour change in your hair
  • Heat protection spray - to protect your hair from heat damage, if you need to use hot tools
  • Detangling spray - to help brush your hair and prevent extreme tangles and matting
  • The right hairbrush - to ensure you brush your hair correctly, not risking damage to your natural hair or extension hair
  • Lots of hair ties - to keep your hair tied up, out of your face and off your back

Holiday top tips

Here are our favourite holiday tips for all extension wearers, whether you’re tight with tapes or clicked with clip-ins:

  • If you’re bringing clip-in extensions on holiday, save precious time by washing, brushing and styling them before you go - remember to store them in your Stranded box!
  • Remove your clip-in extensions before getting in the water, or tie up your professional extensions to avoid them getting wet!
  • Decant your favourite, salon-friendly hair care products into smaller bottles, so that you can bring them with you!
  • Remember to also spray your human hair extensions with UV hair protection, as well as your natural hair! Wearing a hat will also protect your scalp from sun damage!
  • Bring rescue products, should something go wrong with your extensions and natural hair!
  • If you’re concerned about hard water, wash your hair with bottled water instead!
  • Keep your hair off your back and out your face with a quick and convenient ponytail extension, instead of clip-in or semi-permanent extensions!
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Ready to go?

You came to this article worried about how you would manage and care for your hair extensions whilst on holiday. However, since reading, you have learnt about what could damage your hair, how to prevent it, our top suitcase must-haves and our top tips for any extension wearer on holiday.

But what now?

At Stranded, part of our commitment to making our customers feel confident is ensuring that they feel confident in looking after their hair - whether that be their natural hair or their extensions. Good hair days can do a world of wonders for a woman’s self-esteem and we want you to be able to create that feeling for yourself!

Blogs like this one give you the autonomy to create a good hair day, every day of the week.

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