How to Attach a Wrap-Around Ponytail Extension

by Alex Haymes
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How to Attach a Wrap-Around Ponytail Extension

The wrap-around ponytail is an incredibly popular attachment style for a ponytail hair extension, but how do you perfect the application and get the pony of your dreams, everytime? 

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Ponytail hair extensions are one of the few sure-fire ways to achieve the perfect pony every time. They are a quick and easy way to get a more bouncy, voluminous ponytail, no matter the style. 

The wrap-around ponytail extension is particularly well-suited to people with thicker hair types as you don't need to fit your hair inside the extension piece or into a claw clip. so, let's take a look at how to achieve the ponytail of your dreams with a wrap-around ponytail extension, and dive into some of our top tips for using one.

Wrap around ponytail extensions
  • How to colour match your hair extensions
  • How to prep your hair for wrap-around ponytail extensions
  • How to attach a wrap-around ponytail extension

How to colour match your ponytail extensions

A huge part of achieving the perfect ponytail through using an extension piece is getting that seamless blend between your natural hair and the synthetic hair fibres of your pony, and the biggest factor in getting that blend is colour.

Finding the perfect shade match for your extensions can be daunting, which is why at Stranded Hair Group, we offer a free colour-matching service where you send us a photo of your own hair colour, and our team will work to find you the closest match possible. 

Not a selfie fan? Don't worry! If you'd rather see the hair in person and make the decision yourself, Stranded Hair Group offer sample pieces of our synthetic hair range for £1 each. 

How to Prep Your Hair for Wrap-Around Ponytail Extensions

I personally find that a wrap-around ponytail is best suited to a sleek, high ponytail in the same vein as Ariana Grande. It can bring the bounce and volume to your pony while getting such a close connection to your natural hair that it's practically seamless. 

Using extension pieces like these isn't just about putting the piece on your head and going about your business. The best way to get the most out of your ponytail extension and to achieve your desired look is to make sure that you aren't skimping on the prep work. 

  • Brush through your natural hair, taking time to tease out any tangles. 
  • Using a hair-extensions-friendly brush, do the same to the hair piece.
  • Brush your hair up and back into a ponytail at whichever height you'd like, but I'd recommend a high one for this piece. 
  • Secure this with a soft hair tie.
  • Pull out any face-framing pieces or loose strands, depending on the look you want to achieve. 
  • TOP TIP: When trying to achieve a sleek high pony, use some hair gel or a conditioning treatment to brush your hair back. 

Bonnie wears our Bounce Wrap Ponytail in shade #8 Hazel Princess.

How to Attach a Wrap-Around Ponytail Extension

So, now your natural hair is prepped and ready, it's time to attach the ponytail extension. 

  • Unfold and separate your pony piece.
  • Take the built-in comb and insert that into the front of your natural ponytail. 
  • Then, take the wrap-around velcro strap and wrap that around the base of your ponytail, making sure to connect the two opposing velcro pieces as you do so. 
  • Take the excess strands on the end of the velcro base, and wrap those around the base of the ponytail too, hiding the velcro wrap on the attachment. 
  • Take some bobby pins and secure this into place.
  • Add any finishing touches with hair products or accessories. 

How to Make Your Wrap-Around Ponytail Feel More Secure

If you've attached your pony and feel like it's not quite secure enough, here are some of Stranded Hair Group's tips to make sure your pony can go all night!

  • Bobby pins are your best friend! Use them to secure the wrap attachment at the base of your ponytail. 
  • Applying a hair product like mousse to the length of the wrap attachment can give it some more grip and structure. 
  • Using a bungee bobble instead of a traditional hair elastic allows you to get a tighter natural pony, giving your wrap extension piece a bit less wiggle room, and a bit more security. 
  • Super sleek, super quick, super easy! The perfect high ponytail with that extra bit of oomph, in just a matter of minutes. Want to give one a go? Take a look at our Ariana Grande-esque Bounce Wrap Ponytail!

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