How to Attach a Drawstring Ponytail Extension

by Alex Haymes
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How to Attach a Drawstring Ponytail Extension

The claw-clip ponytail extension is one of the easiest attachment methods and allows you to get the perfect pony in just a few minutes, but what is the most fail-safe approach to this method?

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Ponytail extensions are incredibly popular right now, and with good reason.  They are a quick and easy way to give some extra bounce and volume to your natural ponytail, allowing you to achieve the perfect pony in just a matter of minutes. 

There are different attachment methods that ponytail extension pieces can use, but the drawstring application is a lighter, more comfortable option, and it's perfect for those of us with finer or shorter hair types. So, let's have a look at how to attach a drawstring ponytail extension.

  • How to colour match your hair extensions
  • How to prep your hair for drawstring ponytail extensions
  • How to attach a drawstring ponytail extension 

How to colour match your hair extensions

A huge part of using an extension piece to give the illusion of fuller hair is having that seamless blend between your natural hair and the synthetic hair fibres, so the shade you pick and use is incredibly important. 

Finding the perfect match doesn't have to be down to guesswork and dumb luck. At Stranded Hair Group, we offer a range of samples in all of our shades, for £1 each, for you to try at home and take the time to make your decision.

We also offer a free colour-matching service, in which you send us a picture of your hair and tell our team which product you're interested in, and they will work to find you the closest match to your natural hair colour in our range. 

How to Prep Your Hair for Drawstring Ponytail Extensions

In order to get the most out of your drawstring pony and achieve your desired look, it's important that your natural hair is prepped and ready for your perfect ponytail to arrive. 

  • Brush through your natural hair, teasing out any tangles. Ponytail pieces work best with a smooth base. 
  • Brush your hair back and wrap it into a bun, at your desired height. I'd recommend a mid- or high bun for a drawstring attachment. 
  • Using a hair-extension-friendly brush, gently brush through the ponytail piece, ensuring it's as smooth as possible.
  • Once your bun is secured with a hair tie, use some bobby pins to secure it in place if you have stray strands poking out. 

How to Remove the Claw Clip Attachment 

Now, you may notice that your drawstring pony has come with a claw clip attachment style. Don't worry, the claw clips can usually be easily removed by loosening the drawstring on your ponytail, pulling it apart, and unpacking the teeth of the claw clip until it becomes free.

However, if you feel that the claw clip attachment might be better suited to your hair type or might just be the easier option, tips and tricks on how to attach your ponytail using the drawstring method can be found here.

How to Attach a Drawstring Ponytail Extension 

Bonnie wears our Medium Wand Wave Ponytail, which is the lightest weight ponytail in our range, in shade #8 Hazel Princess. 

Now that the prep work is done, it's time to grab your extension piece and bring your perfect ponytail to life. 

  • Take the two combs on the inside of your pony piece, and slot them into either side of your bun. 
  • Once this is secured, pull the adjustable drawstring so that it's snug against the bun. 
  • Tuck the drawstring away into the ponytail, or underneath the pony. 
  • Use some hair pins to secure the ponytail in place, and to ensure that the drawstring stays hidden. 
  • Add the finishing touches by adding hair accessories, a hint of product, or pulling out some face-framing pieces to add texture. 

It really is that simple. The drawstring method allows you to get a more seamless blend and a more natural-looking ponytail in a matter of minutes, and at Stranded Hair Group, we have a range of drawstring ponytail products. So, now that you know how, why not give one a try? 

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