Your Ultimate Guide to Ponytail Extensions

Are you tired of struggling to grow your hair long enough for that perfect ponytail? Or maybe you want to add some extra volume and length to your current ponytail style? Look no further than ponytail extensions! These versatile hair accessories are a game-changer when it comes to achieving the glamorous, effortlessly chic look you desire. In this ultimate guide, we will delve into everything you need to know about ponytail extensions, from choosing the right type to application techniques and maintenance tips.
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Used this ponytail for years and get a new one every four months because I love it so much, highly recommended.

Medium Flicky Pony, Gaby W, UK

Easy to wear, very glamorous. Colour matching service brilliant and most of all made me feel 1 million dollars also great value for money!

Medium Wand Wave Pony, Fiona, UK

I love this clip in, not too dressy, perfect for day to day, work etc. just love this brand.

Medium Flicky Pony, Sarah L, UK

Premium Stranded Ponytail Extensions

Colour that works with your hair

Selecting the appropriate colour can be the most difficult aspect of purchasing hair extensions. Our unique range of shades has been extensively researched and developed to meet the highest quality standards. Individual colours are handcrafted into our ponytail extensions to offer a seamless blend with true-to-life colours. We provide a free colour-matching service to ensure your confidence in your colour choice. All you need to do is upload a photo, and one of our colour experts will match your colour accurately, we have a 99.6% success rate and offer free returns if the colour is still not right. Customers also have the option to purchase colour samples and benefit from free delivery, allowing them to conveniently match colours in the comfort of their own homes.

Expert customer care

We're passionate about our brand delivering an exceptional for all our customers. To our team, hair is personal and your satisfaction is extremely important to us. We're in full control of our distribution and customer service operations, allowing us to react quickly to requests. Our team has over 17 years of experience in the hair extension industry and can provide expert technical advice and support. We are a friendly and close-knit team that you can rely on.

Unrivalled quality

We're 100% committed to quality. Our manufacturers operate in accordance with the strictest quality procedures and we design, develop and test all ponytails in the UK. Our ponytails have been developed in collaboration with our customers. We've listed to their extensive feedback to develop our brand and we continue to engage with the as we innovate and bring new products to market.

Our Top Ponytail Articles

Clever Fibre vs Other Fibre

Cheaper Synthetic Fibre

  • Made from cheap plastics
  • Looks shiny and fake
  • Tangles & Knots Easily
  • Unnatural looking shades
  • 1-2 weeks

Stranded Clever Fibre

  • Expertly made to mimic human hair
  • Looks natural and realistic
  • Remains smooth and untangled
  • Multi-tonal shades that blend
  • 15-30 wears

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Before and afters

Medium Flicky Ponytail

This chic and sophisticated Clip-in Ponytail suitable for every occasion.

Bounce Wrap Ponytail

This thick and voluminous Pony attaches with a a wrap around attachment, creating a seamless blend.

Wand Wave Ponytail

This modern, loose wave, ponytail will elevate your look into a flawless style in seconds.