How to: Easy Plaited Updo Using Hair Extensions

by Gary Howe
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How to: Easy Plaited Updo Using Hair Extensions

The easy plaited up-do is a sophisticated and elegant look which is easy to create in the comfort of your own home. Use hair extensions to give the look extra thickness and volume for a fuller bun.

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The beauty of a plaited updo lies in its simplicity and elegance. It is a hairstyle that is easy to achieve and can complement any outfit or look.

  • What is a plaited up do?
  • Why use hair extensions?
  • What you will need to create a plaited updo?
  • Simple steps to create a plaited updo
  • Tips & tricks for making your up do last longer

What is a plaited up do?

A plaited-up do is a hairstyle that typically features ponytail hair looped and pinned up and then wrapped with a braid. This style is popular among professional hair stylists and bridal stylists, but can easily be done at home. For added length and thickness, hair extensions are highly recommended.

What are the risks of sleeping in clip-in hair extensions?

Whether you have long or short hair, adding hair extensions can enhance the volume and length, giving you the perfect option for creating a more luxurious updo. Hair extensions also allow you to experiment with different hairstyles, from simple updos to beachy waves, giving you endless options to express yourself.

What you will need to create a plaited updo?

Plait extension accessory - Used to cheat the look without actually braiding your own hair.

One Piece Clip-in hair extension - The easiest of hair extensions with one simple section to attach with 5 clips to secure, you can easily add volume and length to your natural locks and make your updo look fuller.

Bobby Pins - These handy little pins are perfect for securing your hairstyle in place and ensuring that it stays put throughout the day.

Hair Elastics/Hair Bobbles - Choose elastic bands or hair ties for your updo, opt for ones that match your hair colour for a more discreet look.
Additionally, consider using thicker or stronger bands for added security, especially if you have thicker or heavier hair extensions.

Hair Brush/Comb - Whether you're dealing with tangles, creating volume, or smoothing out your hair extensions, having the right brush or comb can make a world of difference. A Stranded Smooth Finish Extension Brush is expertly designed to work with natural hair and extensions.

Tailcomb - Use to create sections and backcomb areas where Clip-in extensions meet the sectioned hair.

Hair Clip/Sectioning Clips - They are useful for sectioning off sections of hair for easy plaiting and styling. They can also help to keep stray hairs from getting in the way during styling.

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Simple steps to create a plaited updo

Step 1

Separate off the top section of your hair and clip it up to keep it out of the way. Attach the One Piece Clip in extension to the hair that's down. If necessary, you can backcomb the roots of your hair a little to allow the clips to grip more securely. You can then let down the top section of your hair and brush through to blend the extension with your natural hair.

Step 2

Section off the front part of your hair on either side, roughly from where your ear is. These front sections will be used later to finish the look.

Step 3

With the remainder of your hair, gather it together and tie it in a low ponytail using a hair elastic or hair tie.

Step 4

With your hair that's in the ponytail, take about an inch of hair at a time, now loop each section over the ponytail and pin it down using a hair grip. Continue to build these layers of loops making an effort to cross over each other to create a more interesting look.

For this particular look, our model is wearing an 18-inch Clip-in, so when pinning each loop around 1-2 inches of the ends were left free, however, this may differ depending on the length of your natural hair and your extensions.

Step 5

As you pin more and more of the pieces, a lot of those loose ends should have ended up covered or hidden within the bun. However, for any that are left, hide them in the hair loops to create a neat bun.

Step 6

Take your plait accessory, wrap it around the bun, and fasten it in place underneath. This helps conceal any messy sections at the base and adds a lovely element to the hairstyle in a quick and easy way.

Step 7

Now it's time to attack the front pieces. For each side, take the hair, twist it from the middle section towards the ends (twisting towards your head), then place it so it sits just on top of the plait, and pin once the hair reaches the opposite side. Do this for both sides. Then the ends of those front sections can be tucked underneath the plait and pinned if necessary. If you usually like to have some of your hair out to frame your face, you can always leave a little out when you twist back those front sections.

Step 8

And there you have it! This plaited up-do is such a stylish and sophisticated look, it doesn’t require any heat, and is nice and easy to create yourself!

Tips & tricks for making your up do last longer

Want your plaited updo to last all day and night? We've got you covered! Here are some tips and tricks to help your fabulous hairstyle stay in place for hours:
It's the best practice to remove your clip-in hair extensions before you go to bed and store them correctly. Wear your natural hair to bed in a style that is both comfortable and protective, especially if you have a finer hair type.

  • Quality hair extensions: Invest in high-quality hair extensions that blend seamlessly with your natural hair. Get extensions that match your colour, at Stranded we offer a free colour-matching service.
  • Hairspray for hold: Use a light-hold hairspray to lock in your hairstyle and prevent any flyaways. Spray lightly and let it dry before touching your hair.
  • Avoid touching and playing with your hair: Constant touching and fussing with your updo can cause it to loosen and fall apart. Be mindful and try to leave your hairstyle untouched as much as possible.

By following these tips and tricks, you can ensure that your plaited updo stays stunning and intact throughout the day. So go ahead and rock your beautiful hairstyle with confidence!