Top 5 Hacks To Blend Clip In Hair Extensions with Short Hair

by Emma Howe
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Top 5 Hacks To Blend Clip In Hair Extensions with Short Hair

Discover our secret hacks for flawlessly blending clip-in extensions into your short hair. Our honest guide can help you identify which hair lengths are not suited to clip-in extensions and which hair lengths can make extensions work, providing you stick to the hacks!

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Clip-in hair extensions are a quick-fix solution to instantly get the length and volume you desire, they are commitment-free and often a more budget-friendly option to gaining the hair of your dreams. Clip-in hair extensions can be acquired in different set sizes from one piece to eight pieces, they are also available in different weights, shades, lengths, and materials, such as human hair extensions and fibre hair extensions, all these variables should be researched before choosing the perfect extensions to blend with your short hair.

  • Understanding your hair type to choose the correct extensions
  • The 5 Hacks To Blending In Your Extensions
  • What is too short for clip-in extensions?
  • Professional Help for Blending Extensions with Short Hair
  • Summary: What are my options?

Understanding your hair type to choose the correct extensions

You'll need to know your hair type before embarking on your mission for longer locks. Choosing the wrong extensions for your hair type can result in fake-looking hair extensions.

Your hair type: Short & thin hair

Short thin hair is easier to blend than short thick hair. Thin hair will not need as many extension sections, as your natural thickness is not too heavy, and extensions can be blended with fewer pieces to create dreamy locks.

However, you may need to consider a set with a seamless attachment, if you have thin hair you will need enough hair to cover the clip area and a seamless attachment like the 100% Human Hair Seamless. Seamless Sets are specifically designed for women with thin hair, they have a very discreet finish making the clip-in extensions unnoticeable, even underneath thin hair.

Your hair type: Short, thick & bluntly cut hair

This hair type is the most difficult to blend. The thickness plus the blunt cut can create a harsh and obvious line between your hair and the extensions, disguising this line to create a smooth transition is essential, but it will require some carefully placed sections, you should also be aware that extensions may just not an option for you, particularly if you are not comfortable wearing lots of extension pieces.

The 5 Hacks To Blending In Your Extensions

We have summarised our favourite hacks for natural-looking, and well-blended hair extensions, these tips and tricks will help you to blend your extensions seamlessly.

The Layering Technique

When it comes to blending extensions with short hair, the layering technique is key. A layered style not only adds dimension and depth to your hair but also helps create a seamless blend with your extensions and your natural locks.


By adding strategic layers throughout your short locks, you can frame your face and create natural movement. This technique is particularly effective for those with shorter hair, as it helps to seamlessly integrate the extensions.

 When blending extensions with layered hair, there are two options to consider. One option is to trim the ends of the extensions to match the existing layers of your hair. This ensures a seamless transition and prevents any awkward lengths that may be visible. Alternatively, you can create new layers with the extensions, strategically placing them throughout your hair to blend seamlessly with your natural layers.

Hide the bottom of your hair

For short thick hair which is bluntly cut, an absolute must to avoid hair blend issues is concealing shorter pieces of hair at the nape of your neck. This meticulous step will reduce the weight of your hair, which will allow the extensions to blend more seamlessly and allow you to use fewer sections.


To hide the section you will need to follow these basic steps, you will also need a hair extension brush, tail comb, a small elastic band, a hair tie, and some Bobby Pins.

  • Gather a section of your hair from ear level.
  • Use the hair tie to section off the top layer out of the way.
  • Braid the bottom section, tie it with the small elastic band then use the Bobby Pins to pin it in place and spray with hairspray.
  • Now you are ready to strategically add your extensions and brush them out using a hair extension brush.

Short Hair Extensions: Everything You Need To Know

Add wave and curls

A top tip for blending extensions into short hair is curling, or waving your natural hair and the extensions. This will soften the connection between your hair and extensions, cleverly disguising the tell-tale signs that you're wearing clip-in extensions.


Curling or waving also adds volume, texture, and dimension to your hair, all of which are super helpful when aiming to create the perfect blend. Straight styles are less forgiving, when your hair and the extensions are straight, it's easier to identify the extensions from your hair.

You can purchase faux hair One Piece extensions that are pre-curled and pre-waved for your convenience or you can purchase a real hair multi-piece set such as this 100% Human Hair Clip-in Set which can be styled to your liking before fitting.

Colour Matching

Colour matching is crucial when blending clip-in hair extensions with short hair to achieve a seamless and natural blend. When the colour of the extensions matches the natural hair colour, the extension's placement becomes undetectable, making it appear like natural hair and creating the perfect colour blend.

When colour matching, several factors should be considered. Understanding your hair undertones is essential. Whether your hair colour has warm, cool, or neutral undertones, finding extensions in a corresponding undertone is key for a harmonious blend. Additionally, factor in any highlights or lowlights in your hair and select extensions that mimic these shades.

To add an extra dimension and create a natural-looking blend, consider using balayage hair extensions. These extensions incorporate a graduated colour technique, with darker roots that gradually transition to lighter ends. Balayage hair extension colours can enhance the natural hair colour, creating depth and movement and helping the blending process.

You can request a professional colour match from many hair extension brands by uploading a clear photograph of your hair colour, the colour matching service is usually free, and quick, and ours has a 99% success rate from matching via a photograph.


Achieving a seamless blend between natural hair and extensions is essential for a flawless look. By carefully colour matching, considering undertones and highlights, and incorporating balayage extensions for added dimension, anyone can achieve the perfect blend, even with shorter hair.

Use multiple sections

Using multiple-piece clip-in hair extensions for short hair will undoubtedly help with the blend of your hair extensions. Multi-piece sets can range from 2 to 8 pieces, these pre-cut and pre-clipped wefts of hair can be staggered around your scalp and intermingled with your natural hair.

Multi-piece sets are particularly helpful if you have thick hair as well as short, a clever placement technique will distribute the extensions all around your head, creating a flawless blend that is undetectable.

What is too short for clip-in extensions?

 In our opinion, anything around the length of a Pixie cut is too short for clip-in hair extensions, you'll need at least 5-6 inches of length for clip-in hair extensions to look natural. We'd suggest an ear-level bob is the minimum length for clip-in extensions to look good.

Professional Help for Blending Extensions with Short Hair

If clip-in extensions would not work for your hair length you may want to explore other options to achieve a hair transformation, such as a professional semi-permanant application, which can blend more easily with very short hair.

A professional stylist has the expertise and knowledge to assess your hair type and choose a semi-permanent extension type that will seamlessly blend with your natural hair. An expert stylist will understand the different types of professional hair extension methods available such as Tape, Micro-Bead, Nano-Beads, and Hair Weft extensions, and can determine which one will work best for your short hair.

Another advantage of seeking professional help is the long-lasting results you can achieve, semi-permanant styles can be worn for up to 12 months with proper maintenance appointments, allowing you to enjoy your new hairstyle for a prolonged period, whereas clip-in hair extensions will need to be removed daily.

Summary: What are my options?

Flawlessly blending clip-in extensions with short hair is possible but requires you to follow these clever hacks. It's also possible that your hair length is just too short to achieve a perfect blend with clip-in extensions.

In this case, exploring professional help could be an option for you to get luscious locks. Don't hesitate to consult a professional to help you achieve the perfect blend of extensions with your very short hair.

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