How To Use A Scrunchie Bun 

by Hope Donaldson

How To Use A Scrunchie Bun

Wait… you’re telling me that you can get a hair scrunchie made of hair? Heck yeah! Hair scrunchies are the best kept secret in creating instant, voluminous, messy buns - literally, in seconds. Keep reading as we break down how to use a scrunchie bun and everything else you need to know about them…

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With 2023 being the year of the slicked-back updo, it’s no surprise that you’ve decided to invest in bun extensions! Still relatively a niche in the hair industry, bun extensions, and specifically scrunchie buns, instantly elevate your natural bun from small and lifeless to vast and voluminous.

However, because they are so unique, there isn’t much information on scrunchie buns - even information on how you actually use one…

At Stranded Hair Group, we know that hair gives you an aura of confidence; knowing that when you look good, you feel good about yourself too! Knowing how to take control and be able to instil this confidence in yourself, without the need for a hairdresser, is a huge part of what we do to support our customers.

From hair extensions to hair care blogs, here at Stranded, we are committed to giving women back autonomy over their hair and the confidence that they have the power to make themselves feel beautiful, whenever they want, wherever they are.

In this blog, you will learn about what a scrunchie bun is, our different Stranded styles, how to install it, wear it with thin hair and our top tips to keep it looking perfect every time. After reading, you will be clicking ‘buy now’ for an instant bun transformation.

  • What is a scrunchie bun?
  • Different styles of scrunchie buns
  • How to install a scrunchie bun
  • Can I wear a scrunchie bun if I have thin hair?
  • Top tips for using a scrunchie bun

What is a scrunchie bun?

A scrunchie bun is a hair accessory made of synthetic fibre extension hair, that is used to create a new, voluminous hairstyle with minimal time, effort or skill. Scrunchie buns are designed to match your natural hair colour, looking indistinguishable from your natural locks, which work just like your favourite satin scrunchie!

Different styles of scrunchie buns

At Stranded Hair Group, we have two different styles of synthetic fibre scrunchie buns:

Curly Messy Bun

For the easiest updo you’ll ever attempt, discover the Stranded Fibre Curly Messy Bun Scrunchie (RRP £15). Designed in an easy-fit scrunchie style, you can create a curly messy bun in seconds with this super simple hair extension.

The Fibre Curly Messy Bun is made with Stranded Clever Fibre, available in up to 33 multidimensional shades and weighs only 64 grams (despite their impressive volume).

Flicky Messy Bun

Master the ultimate messy bun with our Stranded Fibre Flicky Messy Bun (RRP £15). Uber relaxed, this easy scrunchie bun takes minimum effort and skill to fit, yet offers maximum impact for a super quick and easy, voluminous extension bun.

The Fibre Flicky Messy Bun is also made with Stranded Clever Fibre, available in up to 33 multidimensional shades and weighs only a minimal 54 grams (despite their impressive volume).

How to install a scrunchie bun

For the perfect, instant messy bun, it is super important that you know how to correctly install your scrunchie bun:

Step 1: Tie your hair up

Pull your natural hair into a ponytail, keeping it tight enough to stay inside the hair tie but loose and bumpy enough to create your desired, unpolished and messy look. Tie your natural hair into a ponytail (or bun, depending on the length and volume of your natural hair).

Step 2: Apply the Messy Bun

Place the scrunchie bun over your natural pony or bun, wrapping the scrunchie around your natural hair. Twist over the bun at least two times, until it is as tight and secure as you need it to be - the fewer times you twist, the looser and messier the bun will look.

Step 3: Secure your bun

Using hair pins, secure any stray hairs down to the sides and, if needed, pin the scrunchie hairs into your natural hair for a stronger hold. You can also add a light layer of hairspray for additional security, before leaving as is or styling with your favourite hair accessories.

Can I wear a scrunchie bun if I have thin hair?

Yes - you can wear a scrunchie bun if you have thin hair!

Scrunchie buns are the perfect extension and hair accessory for creating instant volume, style and shape to any type and texture of natural hair; including thin hair.

If your hair is particularly thin, you may want to tie your scrunchie bun over your natural hair in a small, tight bun and add more security measures, such as hair pins and hairspray, to keep the bun in place.

Top tips for using a scrunchie bun

Scrunchie buns are the quickest and easiest hair extension method to use, and yet give maximum impact to the style and volume of your natural hair. Follow these top tips and you’ll never go wrong:

  • Ensure your scrunchie bun matches your natural hair colour for an indistinguishable and undetectable finish.
  • When colour-matching your scrunchie bun, do so in natural lighting to your hair’s roots and mid-lengths.
  • Store your scrunchie bun in its original, Stranded packaging between wears - ensuring it is dry and out of direct sunlight.
  • Always fit your scrunchie bun in front of a mirror.
  • Gently wash your hair scrunchie occasionally to keep it in the best condition.
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Get your bun on!

You came to this blog ready to embrace updo and add instant volume with a scrunchie bun. Since reading, you have learnt about the Stranded Curly and Flicky style scrunchie buns, how to install them and keep them secure in thin hair, along with top tips to keep them looking perfect.

But what now?

At Stranded, we believe that good hair days can change the world. So whether a clip-in makes you feel like your most confident self, or having the information to look after your hair does, know that Stranded is here!

Flicky or Curly?

Which scrunchie bun will you be going for? The Flicky Messy Bun or the Curly Messy Bun? Better yet, why choose? Buy the Messy Scrunchie Bun - Duo Pack for just £22!

Did you know that we also offer free expert colour-matching? Never stress about finding your perfect shade - let our experts match you to one of our 33 multidimensional colours, instantly.

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