How To Wear a Bun Extension

by Hope Donaldson

How To Wear A Bun Extension (And Everything Else You Need To Know)

Everyone loves a bun! Not only are they the most functional hairstyle, keeping your hair up and out of your way whilst you face the day, they’re also incredibly stylish. But have you ever considered extending your bun? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about bun extensions…

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Whether you’re a mum who never stops or a student with a hatred for her hair down, updos are not only incredibly functional, but are also a staple, stylish hairstyle.

Whatever your reason for loving your hair up, hair bun extensions can elevate any updo from drab to fab in literally seconds. But what are they? How do you wear one?

At Stranded Hair Group, we’re committed to making all of our customers feel like their most confident selves. We have developed an extensive range of clip-in hair extensions, ponytails and buns to suit every type of customer’s looks and lifestyle, so that they can install instant luxury and confidence; no matter who they are or where they’re going.

In this blog, you will learn what hair buns are, how to wear and secure different Stranded styles, and how to care for bun extensions without causing damage to your natural or extension hair. By the end, you will feel confident to clip-and-go instant confidence with maximum functionality for the day ahead.

  • What is a bun extension?
  • How to wear a bun extension
  • How to secure your bun extension
  • Do bun extensions damage your hair?
  • How to care for your bun extension

What is a bun extension?

Hair buns are relatively unique to the hair extension market. Like clip-in extensions give your natural hair a boost when it’s down and ponytail extensions lengthen your natural ponytail, bun extensions add style and volumize your natural bun!

Despite having a variety of attachment methods available, all bun extensions wrap around your natural hair bun and give it an instant boost - literally within seconds.

Hair bun extensions are perfect for women who love having their hair up or prioritise functional hairstyles, but never want to compromise on looking stylish and feeling their best when they do.

Stranded bun extensions are available in 3 styles, 2 attachment methods and up to 33 multi-dimensional shades to find your perfect colour-match!

Long straight ponytail extension

How to wear a bun extension

Loving our Super Easy Clip-in Mum Bun?  Or maybe you're more into our scrunchie range?

All you need is your hair bun extension, 1 hair elastic, a few bobby pins and some flexible hold hairspray.

How to wear a Mum Bun

Follow these simple steps to make installation a breeze!

Step 1: Tie your hair up

Using a hair elastic, wrap your hair into a small, high bun on or around the crown of your head.

Step 2: Put the bun on

Place the Super Easy Clip-in Mum Bun over the top of your natural bun, pushing the internal combs into the base of your bun.

Step 3: Tighten and secure

To tighten the Super Easy Clip-in Mum Bun, pull the drawstring and move the toggle inwards. Then, conceal the drawstring by tucking it into the base of the bun.

Step 4: Wrap into the perfect Mum Bun

Taking the loose section of hair, wrap it around the base of the bun and use the bobby pins to secure it into place. Apply a little coat of hairspray for extra hold.

How to wear a scrunchie bun

Follow these easy instructions to get your instant bun boost!

Step 1: Pull it up

Pull your natural hair into a messy bun - the messier the better - and tie it with a hair elastic.

Step 2: Twist, Twist

Twist the scrunchie bun over your natural bun, as you would with a hair elastic. The more you twist, the tighter the scrunchie will be against your natural bun.

Step 3: Pin and secure

Use a few bobby pins to secure the bottom of the scrunchie to the base of your natural bun. A flexible hold hairspray will help keep the style in place.

How to secure your bun extension

No matter what style of extensions you use, if they do not feel safely secure in your hair, you’re not going to trust wearing them out. As bun extensions are a relatively unique concept, here are our Stranded top tips to make our bun methods feel more secure:

How to make your Mum Bun feel more secure:

 Making your Super Easy Clip-in Mum Bun feel more secure is all about the application. When the Mum Bun is placed over your natural bun, through the hole.

Once the Mum Bun is fully covering your natural bun, you need to ensure to push the internal combs deep into the base of your natural bun (as this is where the hair will have the most tension, helping grip into the extension).

When securing the Mum Bun, you need to pull the drawstring tightly and move the toggle firmly, so that the drawstring does not re-expand and the tightness stays in place.

Finally, after you’ve wrapped the loose section of hair around the bun, you need to secure this section with bobby pins - again pushing into the base of the bun. The more bobby pins you use, the more secure it will feel.

How to make your scrunchie bun feel more secure:

Depending on the look you’re going for with your scrunchie bun, we have different tips to make it feel more secure.

If you like small, tighter messy buns, then we recommend twisting the scrunchie around the natural bun as much as you can (without it feeling like the scrunchie could snap). The tighter the scrunchie is, the more secure it will be on your natural bun.

If you prefer a larger, looser messy bun, then bobby pins will be your best friend. Twist the scrunchie to your desired size around your natural bun and then use bobby pins to secure the scrunchie around the base of your natural bun - the more pins, the more secure it will feel.

Bounce wrap ponytail

Do bun extensions damage your hair?

Hair buns themselves do not damage your hair - they are incredibly safe to wear.

However, if you do not install or wear your extensions properly, you can risk causing damage to both your natural hair and the extension hair.

Can you wear bun extensions every day?

Yes, you can wear bun extensions every day.

However, you may start to feel scalp tension if you have your hair tightly tied up every single day. No matter what type or method of extensions you choose to use, it's always good to give your hair a break and either switch up your style or use nothing at all.

Can you sleep in bun extensions?

No, you cannot sleep in bun extensions.

Sleeping in bun extensions will not only damage the extensions, but it can also damage your natural hair. You should always remove your temporary extensions before you go to bed, and store them safely in their Stranded box or a dedicated dustbag.

Can you shower in bun extensions?

No, you cannot shower in bun extensions.

Showering in your bun extensions will get them wet unnecessarily, as you cannot wash them whilst they are in your hair. Steam from the shower can also loosen the bun’s pre-styled look. You should always remove your temporary extensions before getting into the shower, and store them safely in their Stranded box or a dedicated dustbag.

Medium flicky ponytail

How to care for your bun extension

A bun extension could last you several months or longer, depending on how well you look after it. Treating your bun extension gently and actively keeping it in the best condition possible will help your bun last longer and look fresher. All Stranded products have care instructions inside the box!

How often should I wash my bun extension?

You do not need to wash your bun extension after every time you wear it. A general rule for washing any type of synthetic fibre extensions is to wash them every couple of weeks or 15-20 wears. We recommend washing your bun extensions, as this will help keep them in the best condition.

However, depending on how often you wear, style and use products around them, they may need washing more regularly. Product or oil buildup on the extensions can make them more difficult to work with and affect the overall appearance, including the pre-styled look.

How to wash and style your bun extension:

  • Fill a sink with lukewarm water.
  • Submerge the extension into the water and rinse.
  • Apply a gentle shampoo and massage it into the hair.
  • Rinse out.
  • Apply a gentle conditioner to the hair and leave for a couple of minutes.
  • Wash out using clean, lukewarm water.
  • Leave it to dry naturally.
  • Brush through before your next wear, using our Smooth Finish Extension Brush.

We recommend avoiding heat on extension buns. Though they can be tweaked with hot tools up to 180℃ (thanks to being made of Stranded Clever Fibre), using heat on such short hair can end up ruining the style. Fear not - the style will still return after leaving your bun extensions to dry naturally and brushing them out.

TOP TIP: If you like to keep your hair up, why not switch your style up with a clip-in ponytail?

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You came to this article looking to learn everything you can about bun extensions, starting with ‘What are they?’. Since reading, you have learnt what bun extensions are, how to wear and secure different Stranded bun styles, and how to care for your bun extension without causing damage to your natural hair or the extension hair.

But what now?

At Stranded, we know the importance of positive self-confidence and high self-esteem. Often, this can be helped by looking and feeling good on the outside, which we believe our vast hair extension range can support.

However, sometimes you need some internal self-confidence. For this, we prescribe reading our blogs and increasing your knowledge on all things hair and extensions!

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Get your bun on!

Ready to invest in a Stranded bun? Pick your style between the Super Easy Clip-in Mum Bun, the Curly Messy Hair Bun Scrunchie and the Flicky Messy Scrunchie Bun.

Did you know that we also offer free expert colour-matching? Never struggle again and get matched with your ideal colour from up to 33 multi-dimensional shades to choose from.