Trendy 2024 Braid Hairstyles

by Hope Donaldson
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Trendy 2024 Braid Hairstyles

With 2024 being the year of the updo, it only seems right that we find you some braid inspiration if buns and ponies just aren’t your thing! Make you face your main statement and find your perfect braid inspo!

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Let’s be honest - a lot of the time, when you think of plaits and braids, your mind instantly switches to six-year-old school girls with French plaited pigtails. Often, the internet thinks you want that too and so your Pinterest board is far from mature.

However, here at Stranded Hair Group, we know (and you know) that plaits and braids can be incredibly stylish, functional and mature - they just need the right style. That’s why we create inspirational hairstyle blogs, just like this one!

So whether you’re a busy, working mum or searching for a style to spice up your next formal event, we have all the inspo you could need to find your next adult, braided hairstyle. Keep reading to find the perfect look for you…

  • Casual Braid Hairstyles
  • Day-To-Night Braid Hairstyles
  • Occasion Braid Hairstyles

Casual Braid Hairstyles

Once you’ve hacked the technique to perfect a braid (if you didn’t already do so on your friends in primary school), a braided hairstyle can be a quick and easy go-to for any busy morning; whilst still looking casual and effortlessly put together.

Sometimes you just need a style that’s going to help you rush out the door. Braid-wrapped ponytails are a great way to secure your pony, whilst still looking effortlessly stylish. You can create this look using our Stranded Bounce Wrap Ponytail (RRP £28).

Boho braids are such a casual way to create a half-up half-down style, whilst still looking so casually put together. This style can be elevated for volume and length with our luxury, five-piece Instant Bouncy Blowdry Extensions (RRP £39).

Messy, faux fishtail braids are the perfect look for a busy mum on the go - simply because they look so perfectly imperfect and require no fishtail braiding skills! Add instant volume to this hairstyle by installing our One Piece Flicky Clip-in Hair Extensions (RRP £32).

Coffee dates or casual business meetings all day long? Keep your hair up and out of the way with a chunky side plait. Give your braid some instant life by first installing our One Piece Straight Clip-in Hair Extensions (RRP £32).

Day-To-Night Braid Hairstyles

One of those days where your daytime is filled with work and errands, and you just know you’re going to have no time to redo your entire look ready for your evening plans? We’ve been there! You need a braided hairstyle that’s going to get you out the door and last you until the early hours - without ever slipping out of place.

An elevated version of the ‘rush out the door’ braid-wrapped ponytail, with softer definition and face-framing features, this is perfect for the pre-office coffee run all the way to post-work drinks. Add movement to your pony with the Medium Flicky Clip-in Ponytail (RRP £26).

Bubble braids are sweeping the internet, and with the right styling, can still be functional, stylish and mature. This half-up look can be softly volumised with our One Piece Wand Wave Clip-in Hair Extension (RRP £34).

Whether you’re a nurse on a night out or hitting up fresher’s week straight after lectures, purposely messy fishtail braids are both stylish and functional, making them the perfect day-to-night look. Thicken your braid out with our One Piece Curly Clip-in Hair Extension.

Occasion Braid Hairstyles

Updos for special occasions are a classic move to make. And whilst braids can sometimes seem bridal, the right style can omit poise and elegance, whilst still keeping its ideal functionality (i.e. keeping your hair out of your face whilst you bust out your favourite dance moves).

Big braids are so bridal! Faux fishtails and bubble braids are an elegant way to create maximum attention with a beautiful, minimal-effort look on your special day. Create a statement on your wedding day with our One Piece Flicky Clip-in Hair Extension.

Formal event coming up? Don’t allow your love of style to prevent you from a functional look! Create a cascading braid and make your face your statement feature with a side braid like this one. Make it big and wispy using our One Piece Curly Clip-in Hair Extensions.

This look is the ultimate show-stopper, ready to steal attention at any occasion. If you’re a little extra (like me) and ready to amaze a crowd, then this look is for you. Give your half-up look additional length by installing our One Piece Straight Clip-in Extension.

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Brace yourself for braids…

You came to this page searching for mature, adult braid hairstyle inspiration - styles that are both functional and stylish (and that don’t make you look like you should be wearing a school uniform). Here you have found a variety of different braid inspiration in a range of different styles, covering almost every occasion you could want for them.

But what now?

At Stranded, we believe that your hair should make you look and feel good! A great hair day can help set the tone for how you choose to face the day, and a bit of added confidence can never go amiss - a huge reason why we have dedicated such development to our line of luxury quality clip-in extensions.

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