16 Ponytail Hairstyle Ideas To Elevate Your Next Updo

by Hope Donaldson
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16 Ponytail Hairstyle Ideas To Elevate Your Next Updo

Get your pony on with these 16 inspiring looks! From high ponies to low ponies, never miss a beat when it comes to functional and stylish hair…

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Finding inspiration for your next hairstyle can feel like a slog - spending hours scrolling and scrolling through Google Images, Instagram and Pinterest, yet not finding exactly what you’re looking for or figuring out how to achieve it.

At Stranded Hair Group, we know that inspiration should feel like a spark of excitement - not a chore. Your next hairstyle should fill you with confidence and pride, as well as excitement, and we are committed to helping our customers feel that way!

Whether it’s by purchasing our hair extensions or reading our blogs, if we help you achieve a good hair day, we feel like we’re winning! And that’s why we publish content, just like this one…

In this blog, you will find 16 different ponytail hairstyle ideas to help spark that much-wanted inspiration, along with learning how to create the looks and how to elevate them. By the end, you will feel confident and excited about achieving your next ponytail hairstyle at home, without the need for a hairdresser!

  • Why should you wear a ponytail?
  • High ponytail ideas
  • Low ponytail ideas
  • How to upgrade your ponytail

Why should you wear a ponytail?

Why shouldn’t you wear a ponytail? Not only are ponytails super stylish and constantly, in one form or another, on-trend, but they’re also incredibly convenient, practical and functional. Whether you’re a busy mum on the go or getting ready for that long-awaited girls’ night out, ponytails have your back!

High ponytail ideas

A high ponytail is a classic! Perfect from day to night, high ponies give your hair length and volume in the most effortless way possible. We love the versatility of high ponies too - high ponies are the ultimate hairdo for any age and any occasion.

Can’t get enough of this high pony? Create a sophisticated and professional style with a tight high pony and flawless wrap-around. Why not volumise this look with our 20” Bounce Wrap Ponytail (RRP £28)?

This look just screams ‘girls’ day out’! Keep your high pony soft and youthful with effortless, voluminous waves - paired with your favourite pair of sunnies! Get the look with our 24” Wand Wave Clip-in Ponytail (RRP £30).

Who said your high ponytail had to be anything less than extra? Style the heck out of your ponytail with large, crimp-style waves. Add incredible lengths to your dramatic high pony with our 26” Body Wave Wrap Ponytail (RRP £30)!

Did someone say business in the front, party in the back? Combine a bit of slicked-back sophistication with post-work drinks curls - perfect from day to night! Give your high ponytail long-lasting movement by adding curls to our 20” Straight Clip-in Ponytail (RRP £28).

Create some everyday glam with this high ponytail! Soft waves with dramatic lengths and incredible volume are the perfect way to elevate your updo. Keep building on the look with our 24” Wand Wave Clip-in Ponytail (RRP £30).

Someone said summer was calling, with this high ponytail! Tie your hair back with a satin scrunchie into a youthful, voluminous ponytail with soft cascading curls. Turn the volume up with our 24” Wand Wave Clip-in Ponytail (RRP £30)!

This high ponytail just shouts elegance! Perfect for work or a special occasion, give your pony some slick and flick, with a smoothed-back application and flicked-out ends. Attach our 16” Flicky Clip-in Ponytail (RRP £26) for an all-day flick!

Occasion season is calling! Conquer prom and wedding season with this youthful, bouncy high ponytail, with wispy face framing and statement hair accessories. Make your style last all night with our 16” Flicky Clip-in Ponytail (RRP £26).

Low ponytail ideas

Low ponytails are the epitome of style, whether it’s for bottomless brunching with the girls or a 9 AM lecture. Low ponies are effortlessly on trend, with a style suitable for everyone - no matter who you are or where you’re going!

No one ever said a quick, easy hairstyle had to be boring! With soft, face-framing pieces, you can elevate your low ponytail from casual to classy in seconds. Why not add to your length and thickness with our 20” Straight Clip-in Ponytail (RRP £28).

This low(er) ponytail is so on trend! The slicked-back look gives the ultimate ‘clean girl aesthetic’ with ultimate floof and volume on the mid-section to ends. Give your low pony more volume with our 24” Wand Wave Clip-in Ponytail (RRP £30).

Keep your low(er) pony looking professional, whilst being extremely low maintenance, with this hairstyle! Slicked back with additional lengths, this look is perfect from day to night! Extend your length and add some definition with our 26” Body Wave Wrap Ponytail (RRP £30).

This low ponytail is the epitome of elegance and class, especially this occasion season! The wrapped-around element really brings this look together, with cascading waves and movement down incredible lengths. Create this hairstyle with our 26” Body Wave Wrap Ponytail (RRP £30).

Looking for some everyday, soft glam? Then look no further than this low ponytail! The delicate hair pieces fame the face, allowing it to be the main attraction. The long lengths and subtle waves take the pony from drab to fab in an instant. Never let the style drop with our 24” Wand Wave Clip-in Ponytail (RRP £30).

Who said low ponytails had no volume? This formal hairstyle is perfect for work or a night out on the town. With wispy volume and soft waves, this style couldn’t look classier. Add more volume to your pony with our 24” Wand Wave Clip-in Ponytail (RRP £30)!

Need an everyday low ponytail? We have you covered! Keep it messy and casual with this low ponytail hairstyle. Why not add length to your pony with our 20” Straight Clip-in Ponytail (RRP £28)?

We can’t get enough of this wispy low ponytail! Perfect for occasion season, whether that be proms or weddings, this look is ideal for any age. Extend the length and volume with our 24” Wand Wave Clip-in Ponytail (RRP £30).

How to upgrade your ponytail

Want to give your ponytail some extra pizazz? Ponytail extensions are the way forward!

At Stranded, we have a wide range of ponytail extensions for every look and every occasion! Clip-in ponytail extensions are the perfect addition to your collection, whether it be for everyday wear or an addition to that Insta-inspired updo you’ve been desperate to create for that special night.

All of our ponytail extensions are made of Stranded Clever Fibre - synthetic hair that has been ingeniously created to mimic natural hair in both look, texture and behaviour. Our fibre hair comes pre-styled for your convenience, is heat resistant up to 180℃ and is available in up to 32 multidimensional shades.

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What now?

You came to this blog, desperate for inspiration and ideas for your next ponytail hairstyle. Since reading, you have seen 16 different high and low ponytails, along with learning what makes them unique, how to create them and how to elevate them, using Stranded ponytail extensions.

But what are your next steps?

At Stranded, we’re committed to making our customers feel confident - whether that be through our clip-in extensions or through our online content. Good hair days can make a world of difference to your self-esteem, and we feel like we’re winning if we can help you with that!

Ready to get the look?

Jump in the saddle and enhance that ponytail hairstyle with a Stranded ponytail extension! Made of our Stranded Clever Fibre and available in up to 32 multidimensional shades, we have extensions ranging from 16 to 26 inches in a variety of styles!

Did you know that we also offer free expert colour matching? Take the hassle out of finding your perfect shade with our on-hand team of industry experts!

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