What colour of hair is best for my skin colour?

by Emma Howe

What colour of hair is best for my skin colour?

Finding the best hair colour for your skin tone is vital for a natural look and a believable blend into your natural hair colour. Learn how to correctly identify your skin tone and what shades of hair are best suited to your complexion within this article. 

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Understanding your skin tone is essential when it comes to making hair colour choices. It can greatly impact how certain colours of hair extensions look on you. By identifying your skin's undertones, you can determine whether you have a cool, warm, or neutral undertone, which can guide your options.

To identify your undertones, start by observing the colour of your veins. If your veins appear blue or purple, you likely have cool undertones. If they appear greenish, you most likely have warm undertones. If it's difficult to determine the colour, you may have neutral undertones. Another method is to try on silver and gold jewellery. Silver tends to look better on cool undertones, while gold looks better on warm undertones.


Cool undertones are typically associated with blue or grey eyes, a tendency to burn easily in the sun, and difficulty in achieving a tan. Warm undertones are usually linked to brown or hazel eyes, a tendency to tan rather than burn, and the ability to achieve a deep tan. Neutral undertones, as the name suggests, have characteristics that fall in between cool and warm undertones.

Understanding your skin tone and undertones can greatly assist you in enhancing your natural features. By paying attention to these subtle characteristics, you can select hair extensions that complement your skin and make you feel confident.

Warm undertones vs. Cool undertones

Undertones refer to the underlying pigments present in your skin, which can be categorised as either warm or cool. Understanding whether you have warm or cool undertones will help determine the most flattering shades of hair extensions to choose from, as well as guide you in matching them to your existing hair colour. Whether you have warm undertones, characterised by hints of yellow, peach, or golden hues, or cool undertones, characterized by pink, blue, or red undertones, this guide will provide you with valuable insights into how to select the perfect hair extensions to enhance your natural beauty.


Best hair colours for warm skin tones

When it comes to finding the best hair colour for warm skin tones, it's important to consider hues that complement and enhance these undertones. Warm skin tones typically have hints of yellow, peach, or golden undertones, and choosing the right hair colour can help bring out their natural glow. Whether you have a fair, medium, or deep warm skin tone, there are a variety of hair colours that can complement your complexion and bring out your best features. From rich golden browns to coppery reds and warm honey blondes, there are endless options to choose from. By selecting a hair colour that works harmoniously with your warm skin tone, you can create a stunning and vibrant look that flatters your complexion and enhances your overall appearance.

Golden brown shades

Golden brown shades are a popular hair colour choice for those seeking a warm and vibrant look. This shade pairs beautifully with warm skin tones and can instantly give the hair a sun-kissed appearance. 


Gabrielle wears shade 8/10 Baby Bronde from Stranded Hair Extensions

Golden brown shades have several characteristics that make them a desirable choice. This hair colour adds warmth and dimension to the hair, creating a natural-looking sunlit effect. It can also make the hair appear glossy and healthy, enhancing the overall appearance. Whether you have straight, wavy, or curly hair, golden brown shades can complement and enhance your hair's texture.

Warm copper tones

Various shades of warm copper can complement fair skin and warm undertones beautifully. Golden copper is an excellent choice for those looking for a subtle yet stunning change. This shade adds a touch of warmth and brightness to the hair, giving it a sun-kissed glow. Rich red mahogany, on the other hand, delivers a more intense and striking look. This deep copper shade brings out the warmth in fair skin and can make a bold statement.


Paris wears shade 6/27 Honey Blush from Stranded Hair Extensions

Rich chocolate browns

Rich chocolate browns are the ideal hair colour for individuals with dark skin and warm undertones. These shades not only perfectly complement their deep complexion but also offer a sun-kissed natural look. The richness of chocolate brown hues brings warmth and dimension to dark skin tones, creating a stunning contrast and enhancing their natural beauty.


Chloe wears shade 6 Daylilies from Stranded Hair Extensions

Try brunette balayage or ombré styles with chocolate brown as the base colour to achieve a sun-kissed natural look. These techniques involve gradually blending lighter hues such as blonde or gold into dark chocolate brown, creating a seamless transition and adding depth to the hair. Brunette balayage gives a hand-painted, effortless feel, while an ombré style provides a gradual fade from dark roots to lighter ends.

Stranded Fibre Colour Sample #2/5 Azalea
Stranded Fibre Colour Sample #2/5 Azalea
Stranded Fibre Colour Sample #2/5 Azalea
Stranded Fibre Colour Sample #2/5 Azalea

Stranded Fibre Colour Sample #2/5 Azalea


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Best hair colours for cool skin tones

For individuals with cool skin tones, which typically have undertones of blue, pink, or red, choosing the right hair colour is crucial to creating a harmonious and flattering appearance. 

Ash Blonde

Ash blonde hair colours, with their cool, smoky undertones, are an excellent choice for those with cool skin tones. This shade complements the cool undertones of the skin, creating a harmonious and balanced look. The lightness of ash blonde can add brightness to your complexion, making it an ideal option for those who want to achieve a fresh and youthful appearance.

Platinum Blonde


Gigi wears shade 1001 Polar Star from Stranded Hair Extensions

Platinum blonde hair colour is a bold and stunning choice for individuals with cool skin tones. This icy shade can provide a striking contrast against the cool undertones of the skin, creating a captivating and edgy look. The vibrant and cool-toned effect of platinum blonde can make your features pop and give you a unique and stylish appearance.

Cool Brown

Cool brown hair colours, such as cocoa or chestnut, are an excellent choice for cool skin tones. These shades have cool undertones that complement the blue, pink, or red undertones of the skin. Cool brown hair colours can add depth and richness to your overall look, bringing out the natural beauty of your cool complexion.

Ginger Hair

Ginger hair colour, with its rich and deep red tones, can be a striking choice for those with cool skin tones. This shade complements the cool undertones of the skin, creating a bold and eye-catching look.


Imogen wears shade 30 Primrose from Stranded Hair Extensions

Ginger hair colour can add warmth and vibrancy to your appearance, making it an excellent option for those who want to make a statement.

Best hair colours for neutral skin tones 

For individuals with neutral undertones, several hair colours work particularly well. When it comes to hair colour options for those with neutral skin tones, it's all about finding the perfect blend of cool and warm hues to enhance features and make them stand out. Neutral skin tones have the advantage of being able to pull off a wide range of shades, as they are not overly cool or warm in their undertones.

Cherry Hair

Deep cherry is a popular choice, as it adds depth and richness to the hair while still complementing the neutral skin tone. Plum hair is another great option, as its warm tones can bring out the glow in neutral skin and add a vibrant touch.


Shades 118 Cherry Blossom & 99J Plum Blossom are available from Stranded Hair Extensions

Soft red browns

Soft red browns are also a fantastic choice for those with neutral skin tones. They add a subtle warmth to the hair, creating a natural and effortless look. 

Rich blacks

Rich blacks can be incredibly striking on individuals with neutral skin tones. The deepness of the black shade adds a dramatic effect and can make features pop.

Matching your shade at home

Overall, the key to finding the perfect hair colour options for neutral skin tones is to strike a balance between cool and warm hues. Experiment with shades like plum, copper, soft red browns, icy dark browns, and rich blacks to find the perfect complement to your complexion.


Take advantage of professional advice, sourcing your perfect shade can be overwhelming, but expert advice can be helpful if you're unsure where to start and want some professional guidance. Shade images can often look different online as opposed to real life so experienced assistance can help determine the best hair colour options to blend with your natural hair and skin tone effortlessly. Some hair extension companies also offer the ability to purchase colour samples from their colour collection, this can be a great option to view the shades in real life before you commit to the full product. Stranded Hair Extensions offers free UK delivery when you purchase x3 shade samples.

Key Information

Using the information in this article can help you identify the best colour of hair for your skin tone and provide helpful advice for adding hair extensions seamlessly to your look, unrealistic blends and bad colour choices are a telltale sign you are wearing hair extensions which is not ideal. Our top takeaways are listed below;

  • Identify your skin tone
  • Lean towards complimentary hair shades for your skin tone
  • Add depth and dimension with warm shades which are no more than 1-2 shades warmer than your hair colour for a sunk-kissed look
  • Get advice from colour experts
  • Buy colour swatches to check the hair extensions in real life against your hair