How To Colour Match Hair Extensions

by Hope Donaldson
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How To Colour Match Hair Extensions

Whether you already have a piece in mind or you’re just starting out on your clip-in extension journey, finding the perfect colour-match seems like such a daunting task. With so many shades to choose from, how will you find the one that's right for you? Keep reading to find out …

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Buying a set of extensions is such an exciting feeling! You’ve done your research, you have the style in mind and you’re ready to buy… but then you get stuck at the final hurdle, asking yourself ‘Why are there so many colours to choose from?’.

When you decide to invest in hair extensions, you want them to look perfect, and a huge part of that comes from finding your perfect colour match. But how do you do it?

At Stranded Hair Group, we know the confidence you feel from having a good hair day. We love what a self-esteem boost our clip-in extensions are - giving our customers the power to make every day a good hair day, in an instant!

And with Stranded clip-ins, we have up to 33 multidimensional shades to choose from, ensuring your extensions are nothing less than perfect.

In this blog, we will teach you how to find your perfect colour match, whether you do it yourself at-home or use an online colour-match service, and answer any colour choosing questions you may have. By the end, you’ll be ready to get matched and place your new clip-in extension order!

  • How to colour match with a colour sample
  • How to colour match online
  • How do you choose the right colour?
  • Is it better to go lighter or darker?
  • Can you blend extensions that don’t match?
  • Will hairdressers dye extensions?
  • Can you tone hair extensions?

How to colour match with a colour sample

Colour swatches or colour samples are the best way to feel reassured that your extensions will blend naturally with your hair. Whilst some companies offer free colour-matching or virtual colour try-ons, you may want peace of mind that your colour match is perfect for your natural shade by doing it yourself.

Most extension companies sell these colour swatches at a small price. Our Fibre Colour Samples cost £1 each, with free delivery (though we do not offer returns on colour samples).

For the perfect at-home colour match, follow these simple steps:

  • Order colour samples that you believe best match your natural hair’s colour
  • Take each sample, one at a time, and blend it into your natural hair (with natural hair under and over the sample)
  • For length extensions (one-piece and multi-piece extensions), you want to match your mid-length to ends. For ponytail or bun extensions, match with your roots and the top of your hair
  • Check the sample in 3 types of lighting - natural sunlight, bathroom lighting and normal room lighting
  • Compare all the samples until you find your closest match in all 3 lights - take pictures if you need reminding when you compare

How to colour match online

At Stranded Hair Group, we offer free expert colour-matching through a dedicated page on our website. We are proud to have a 99% accuracy rate with our colour-matching expert, Emma, and offer free returns and exchanges on all our products, should you not be happy with the result.

Find more information on our return and exchange process, here.

Simply take a picture of your hair and fill out our quick and easy form to find out your perfect shade. Make sure to tell us what type of product you are interested in purchasing, as our colour match may vary depending on whether you want fibre clip-ins, human hair clip-in, ponytail extensions or buns.

Follow our step-by-step guide for taking the perfect colour-match selfie:

  • Put all your hair down, pulling it towards the front
  • Stand facing a window, showing your hair in natural daylight
  • Don’t use any filters or photo editing software
  • Take a selfie showing all your hair, from root to ends

How do you choose the right colour?

The right colour is a colour that blends into your natural hair colour, matching so that it looks indistinguishable. Your perfect colour-match should look realistic in all different types of lighting and blend seamlessly with not only your natural colour, but also your natural highlights and lowlights.

Stranded Clever Fibre was designed to mimic natural, human hair. Not only does the fibre hair look like human hair in terms of shine and texture, with up to 33 multidimensional shades to choose from, our colour blends are made with realistic highlights and lowlights as your own hair would.

Is it better to go lighter or darker?

When in doubt about what hair colour you may be, even with colour samples or colour-matching services, we recommend opting for the lighter shade between the choices you have.

Often we believe our hair to be darker than it is and as our hair is usually lighter on the ends compared to our roots, the lighter colour option will help your hair extensions blend more naturally into your hair. Darker extensions may create a block line between your natural hair and the extension hair, making them look noticeably different and unrealistic.

TOP TIP: Whether you use a colour-match service or colour samples at home, you should always colour-match your hair in (at least) natural daylight

Can you blend extensions that don’t match?

Blending hair extensions that do not match can be a very difficult task, hence why we recommend taking all steps possible to find your perfect match.

If the extensions are a near-perfect match, but slightly off, with proper installation and styling the extensions will look far better.

However, if the shade is completely off (way too light, dark or the wrong colour), they will not blend. If you have received hair extensions that are completely the wrong shade for you, most hair extension brands (including us at Stranded) offer free returns or exchanges.

Will hairdressers dye extensions?

Whilst some hairdressers are happy to dye professional extensions (though most will have colour matched the extensions to their client’s hair beforehand, so will have no need to do so), many hairdressers will not dye clip-in extensions.

Synthetic clip-in extensions cannot be dyed, at all. This is because the extensions are made of a pre-dyed, synthetic fibre made of acrylic and nylon plastics.

Human hair clip-in extensions, on the other hand, can be dyed, though we do not recommend doing so, as they have already been processed. If you were to attempt to dye your human hair clip-in extensions, we cannot guarantee what the outcome would be.

Can you tone hair extensions?

Similar to the answer above, many hairdressers will not tone your clip-in hair extensions.

Synthetic clip-in extensions cannot be toned, as they are made of acrylic and nylon plastics. Human hair clip-in extensions technically can be toned, however, we do not recommend you do so, as you cannot be guaranteed of the outcome as they have already been processed.

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Ready… Set… Go!

You came to this blog excited about buying a pair of extensions, but totally unsure on how to correctly colour-match your hair for the perfect blend.

However, since reading, you have learnt how to colour-match your hair with samples at home and how to use the Stranded free expert-colour matching service, alongside tips on how to choose the best shade and answers to some frequently asked questions.

But where do you go from here?

At Stranded, we want you to get the best, most perfect colour-match possible. We do this by providing you with two options to choose from, which you can use together or pick the best one for you. That’s why we offer free expert colour-matching, alongside selling colour swatch samples.

With over 33 multidimensional shades to choose from, we know that finding the best option can feel like walking through a minefield. Take the hassle out of finding your perfect shade and use our free expert colour-matching service, with a 99% accuracy rate!

Want to double-check our match? Stranded Fibre Colour Samples cost only £1 each, with free delivery (no matter how many shades you order)!

Ready to jump in?

Once you’ve found your perfect match, it’s time to order those extensions!

Shop Stranded now to find a wide range of clip-in extensions, ponytails and buns that turn every day into a good hair day, instantly!

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