How to choose the right shade of blonde hair extensions

by Emma Howe

How to choose the right shade of blonde hair extensions

Blonde hair extensions are notoriously difficult to match. The overwhelming amount of blonde hair extensions can make choosing the perfect blonde shade a monumental task, but fear not our comprehensive advice will guide you through the most popular blonde shades and tips on where to start. 

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  • Consider Your Skin Tone
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Blonde hair is probably the most unforgiving shade to match to hair extensions, there are hundreds of blonde shades to choose from and the slightest discrepancy of colour can be an obvious giveaway that you are wearing hair extensions. Before you begin to explore the world of blonde hair extensions we'd recommend taking some time to understand your current hair colour and skin tone, this will help narrow down your options of blonde shades and help you find the most seamless match of blonde hair extensions.

Determining your current hair colour

Blonde hair can have warm, cool or ash undertones, to identify which undertone your hair has, you'll need to examine your hair in natural daylight. This will provide you with the most realistic representation of your hair colour, artificial lighting can add warmth or cool tones to your hair, making it look different to how it is. 


You'll also need to identify any dimensions you have in your hair, highlights and lowlights in your hair require a multi-tonal hair extension colour to ensure the blend of extensions from your hair is seamless. Hair extension brands offer single-tone and multi-tonal shades, some blondes may have 3 to 4 different tones in their hair, if you can pick out the dimension in your hair, this will significantly help you when searching for the perfect blonde shade. 

Finally understanding the depth of your blonde colour is also important, are you a light, medium or dark blonde shade? The level of darkness will often be linked to the tone, darker blondes are usually warmer, while lighter blondes can be warm, cool or ash. 

Consider Your Skin Tone

When considering your skin tone for choosing a hair colour for your extensions, it is important to choose a shade that complements and enhances your complexion. By taking your skin tone into account, you can create a harmonious and natural-looking hair colour.

The easiest method of identifying your skin tone is to look at your veins, blue or purple veins indicate fair skin tones, green veins indicate a darker skin tone and if you struggle to identify your vein colour either way, you probably have a neutral skin tone. 

Different shades of blonde hair extensions

When it comes to finding the best hair colour for warm skin tones, it's important to consider hues that complement and enhance these undertones. Warm skin tones typically have hints of yellow, peach, or golden undertones, and choosing the right hair colour can help bring out their natural glow. Whether you have a fair, medium, or deep warm skin tone, there are a variety of hair colours that can complement your complexion and bring out your best features. From rich golden browns to coppery reds and warm honey blondes, there are endless options to choose from. By selecting a hair colour that works harmoniously with your warm skin tone, you can create a stunning and vibrant look that flatters your complexion and enhances your overall appearance.

Honey Blonde

Honey blonde is a gorgeously indulgent shade, it has depth and warmth and can be found in multi-tonal shade options. Often paired with lighter blonde highlights, which creates dimension in the hair, making it look thicker and healthier.


Fliss wears the shade Honey Blush from Stranded Hair Extensions

The shade suits warmer skin tones, or women with darker features such as olive skin or brown eyes, and eyebrows.

Platinum Blonde 

Natural, platinum blonde hair is uncommon in the UK but many women choose to dye their hair this classic hair shade. Hair coloured into platinum blonde often resembles warmer yellow undertones,  especially if using home dye kits, if you'd like a cleaner, fresher platinum blonde you will need professional colouring.


Gigi wears shade 1001 Polar Star from Stranded Hair Extensions

Some natural hair colours may be unsuitable to dye their hair a platinum blonde shade due to hair condition or the level of lift that is possible on their natural hair shade. Platinum blonde hair extensions are available with warm or cool undertones, this shade does not usually have highlights which means the blend to extensions must be impeccable for a realistic look. 

Sandy Blonde 

Sandy blonde hair is a popular hair colour that combines the warmth of sandy brown with the sun-kissed hues of blonde. This unique colour is often associated with a beachy, effortless vibe and can instantly brighten up any complexion. Whether you have naturally light hair and want to enhance it or you're looking to change up your brunette locks, sandy blonde offers a versatile and natural-looking option. 


Beth wears shade 10/16 Vanilla Bomb from Stranded Hair Extensions

Balayage effects can work amazingly with a sandy blonde shade, if you'd like to use hair extensions to help you create this look, you'll need to opt for a blonde shade slightly lighter than the ends of your hair, this will create a balayage illusion without the need of hair dye. 

Ash Blonde 

Ash blonde hair has become very popular over recent years. Removing warm tones from blonde hair is a desirable look made popular by hair fashion trends. The use of purple shampoo and toners can help women with blonde hair remove any signs of yellow pigmentation. Ash blondes can vary from light to dark hues, sometimes bordering on a silver hair colour. 


Kayleigh wears shade 111 Pearl Moon from Stranded Hair Extensions

Finding the perfect ash-blonde shade of hair extensions can be difficult, especially if you're looking for human hair extensions, as the origin of human hair is from regions where women have naturally very dark hair, lifting black/dark hair to a very ash shade is more difficult and there are fewer options to choose from. Women with very fair features and light eyebrows are more suited to ash blonde shades, as this is much more realistic for women with lighter skin tones. 

Matching Your Hair Extensions to Your Natural Hair Color

Matching your hair extensions to your natural hair colour is crucial to achieve a flawless and natural-looking blend. It is essential to find a close match that seamlessly blends with your natural hair, creating a cohesive and beautiful hairstyle.

The first step in the process is to take a colour match quiz provided by the hair extensions brand. This quiz usually asks questions about your natural hair colour, such as shade, undertones, and highlights. It helps to narrow down the options and suggests suitable shades for your blonde hair.

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After taking the colour match quiz, it is recommended to order swatch samples from the hair extensions company. Swatch samples are small hair strands that allow you to compare the colour directly to your natural hair. It is essential to compare the swatch to your natural hair in natural lighting to get an accurate colour match.

When you receive the swatch samples, hold them against your natural hair in good lighting to see how well the shades match. Keep in mind that natural lighting provides the most accurate representation of your hair colour.

To ensure a seamless blend, blend the swatch sample into your hair and observe how well it integrates. This step allows you to see how the extension colour will blend into your natural hair, ensuring a flawless and cohesive look.


By following these steps of taking a colour match quiz, ordering swatch samples, comparing them to your natural hair in natural lighting, and blending the samples into your hair for a comparison, you can achieve a perfect colour match for your blonde hair extensions. This close match will result in a seamless blend, enhancing your overall hairstyle perfectly.