Creating trendy hairstyles with synthetic hair extensions

by Emma Howe
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Creating trendy hairstyles with synthetic hair extensions

Take your hair game from moderate to mega in a matter of minutes! Whether you're an extension novice or a seasoned pro these trendy hairstyles look amazing with the help of synthetic hair extensions.

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Synthetic hair extensions are amazing when used to enhance or create trendy hairstyles. They are versatile and can be incorporated into a wide range of hairstyles, from intricate braids to voluminous blow-outs and extra-long ponytails.

  • What styles can be done with synthetic hair?
  • 'The Pammy' Hairstyle
  • The curly bouncy blow-dry
  • The seamless ponytail
  • The Iconic Mum Bun
  • The salon blow-dry
  • The Twist half-up hairstyle
  • The deep side part

What styles can be done with synthetic hair?

Synthetic hair extensions are amazing when used to enhance or create trendy hairstyles. They are versatile and can be incorporated into a wide range of hairstyles, from intricate braids to voluminous blow-outs and extra-long ponytails. Natural hair often lacks the length and volume needed for on-trend hairstyles, but with synthetic hair extensions, you can achieve anything! 

'The Pammy' Hairstyle

The iconic 'Pammy' hairstyle, made popular by Pamela Anderson in the 90's is flirtatious and feminine. The stunning look has seen a comeback since 2023, featuring loose strands of hair, which elegantly fall around the face paired with a voluminous updo. A synthetic hair extension can be added to create extra volume in the messy bun. 


Top Tip: Use a texturising spray to add effortless texture to the hairstyle

The curly bouncy blow-dry

No collection of trendy hairstyle inspiration would be complete without a curly bouncy blow-dry. Cascading loose waves never go out of fashion and look fabulous on a variety of hair colours and hair lengths. However, if you need extra volume and length to perfect this style, look no further than a synthetic clip-in piece for glamorous full-bodied curls.


With a pre-styled synthetic extension, you can instantly add masses of volume and length in just a few clicks! Look for a multi-piece set for the biggest hair volume hit.

Top Tip: Use dry shampoo at the root to help add texture and create extra grip when clipping in a synthetic hair extension. 

The seamless ponytail

Extend the length of your ponytail and create a trendy 'clean girl aesthetic' with a seamless ponytail piece. A wrapped base ponytail creates a seamless blend between your hair and the ponytail hairpiece. The perfect colour match is vital for a realistic ponytail, order colour samples or get a professional colour match from an expert. 


Synthetic ponytails are available in many styles, including straight, wavy, crimped and curly ponytails.

The Iconic Mum Bun

Once a no-effort hairstyle, it is now a trendy look in its own right. The Mum Bun maintains an effortless vibe and is suitable for all occasions, from day-to-day errands to a glam night out, this style can be dressed up or down with ease. 


A mum bun requires enough hair to wrap and twist into the typical mum bun style. A synthetic bun can help create the style, and a Super Easy Mum Bun can be incorporated with your hair for a seamless finish. 

The salon blow-dry

Transform straight hair into a sleek salon blowout with synthetic hair extensions. The salon blow-out is perfectly styled with an elegant flick at the ends of your hair, this adds bounce and movement to limp hair. A flicky-styled hairpiece can replicate the salon blow-out, it's available in a range of colours and suitable for most hair types.

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The Twist half-up hairstyle

A timeless half-up style looks especially effective when paired with long locks. Combine the length of a synthetic hair extension with this easy-to-achieve half-up hairstyle. The top section can be twisted or braided and secured with a small hair elastic and bobby pins. The classic style can be enhanced by choosing a synthetic extension which blends with the ends of your hair, this creates a balayage effect on hair colour.


The deep side part

The deep side part often seen on the red carpets of Hollywood looks super glamorous, this look is all about the volume. The look gives off Jessica Rabbit vibes and is sexy and confident, use a 16" Flicky One Piece extension to add the extra volume this look requires.


Top Tip: Use a volumising spray on damp hair before blow drying your hair upside down, this will increase the volume at the root and provide the biggest impact. 

Need more hairstyle inspiration?

Faux hair extensions and pieces are a game changer, they are pre-styled, easy to use and budget-friendly making them an excellent choice for a wide variety of trendy hairstyles. Always choose high-quality products made with realistic fibre and a brand with a vast range of shades to ensure your perfect colour match is possible.

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