10 Trendy 2024 Ponytail Hairstyles For Every Occasion

by Emma Howe

10 Trendy 2024 Ponytail Hairstyles For Every Occasion

If you're looking for ponytail inspiration to take you into 2024 you've come to the right place. Keep reading to see our top 10 trending ponytail hairstyles for every occasion you have planned for the upcoming year! 

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The humble ponytail is a hairstyle that has been used for centuries, gathering the hair away from the face has always been a simple but effective hairstyle for practical reasons, but it has also been adapted for fashionable statements. The modern age of ponytails has seen a wide variety of styles and trends, influenced by celebrity culture and high-end fashion, there are unlimited ways to style your ponytail, here are the current top 10 trendy ponytail styles for 2024.

  • No.1 The Bardot Ponytail
  • No.2 The Wrap Ponytail
  • No.3 The Mermaid Ponytail
  • No.4 The High Ponytail
  • No.5 The Layered Ponytail
  • No.6 The Low Ponytail
  • No.7 The Wavy Ponytail
  • No.8 Bubble Ponytail
  • No.9 The Braided Ponytail
  • No.10 The Embellished Ponytail

No.1 The Bardot Ponytail

This retro-inspired ponytail is making a comeback for 2024, the perky ponytail is full of bounce and sass, and it can be dressed up or worn as an everyday style. The Bardot Ponytail is a chic hairstyle and looks great with a subtle wave and a glossy finish. Unable to create this style with your hair? Opt for a pre-styled bardot style with the new Short Swoop Ponytail from Stranded Hair Group. 


No.2 The Wrap Ponytail

A wrapped base ponytail, often used by high fashion hairstylists, is easy to achieve with your hair, by taking a small section of your ponytail and wrapping it around the base then pinning it in place with a hair grip, alternatively, you can purchase a ready to wear wrap- ponytail. Wrap ponytails can be purchased in a wide variety of styles from curly hair to soft waves, they can also be braided into unique styles such as a fishtail braid. 

No.3 The Mermaid Ponytail

Styled with soft set waves the mermaid ponytail looks the most on-trend when paired with long length. Use a wide barrel waver to create perfectly styled waves, and a shine spray for a polished finish, dry hair will benefit from using hair oil towards the ends. The slight waves are often spotted on celebs such as Kim Kardashian at formal occasions. If you struggle to create waves or need extra length the BodyWave pre-styled ponytail can help you achieve this look. 

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No.4 The High Ponytail

A ponytail worn high is a real statement style, the high placement creates a power ponytail that can be paired with a side-swept fringe for a defining look, perfect for special occasions. Women with natural curls can also achieve this statement look but may need to tame some of their natural texture with hair products for a smooth finish. 


No.5 The Layered Ponytail

Add layers for a volume-packed ponytail, to create this look you'll need to ask your hairstylist to add lots of layers that can be visible when your hair is pulled up into a ponytail. Use some light-hold hairspray to help define the layers, and tease some loose strands to frame your face. You could also use hair straighteners to flick out the ends of the layers for added definition. Not ready to go for the chop? Choose a heavy layered ponytail like the Medium Flicky Ponytail. 


No.6 The Low Ponytail

This girly ponytail style is a favourite of Meghan Markle, the low ponytail is a stylish and sophisticated look, this ponytail looks best when super thick, use clip-in extensions to add volume or use a ponytail extension for a thicker-looking result.  This ponytail is probably the easiest to recreate and can be dressed up or down depending on what vibe you're going for. 


No.7 The Wavy Ponytail

The super feminine wavy ponytail is perfect for a romantic date night look, flowing waves cascade from mid-height to create a soft and elegant ponytail. Popular prom hairstyles often use a wavy claw clip ponytail to create this pretty-girl style. 


No.8 Bubble Ponytail

The bubble ponytail has been updated for 2024, with a significant rise in the popularity of adding metallic elements such as chrome elastic hair ties, give this simple twist on the bubble ponytail a try, for a super modern hairstyle. Use a mist of hairspray to maintain a sleek finish. 


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No.9 The Braided Ponytail

There are unlimited ways to create the braided ponytail, from intricate mini braids to simple at-home braids, but the half braid is a current ponytail trend, similar to a regular braid but finished at a halfway point, it's a very easy-to-do hairstyle that is becoming an increasingly popular style. The half-braid ponytail is best complemented with wavy hair, although it is not suitable for all hair types, as the short braid can become lost in certain hair types such as tight curls. 


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No.10 The Embellished Ponytail 

Hayley Bieber's iconic Met Gala ponytail was a perfect hairstyle, adorned with an oversized bow Adding a hair accessory to your ponytail will instantly elevate your hairstyle. Diamonte hair accessories, chains, bows and glitter hair art can all be used to add some glamour to a classic ponytail. These finishing touches create an elegant hairstyle perfect for occasions and events when you want to feel super glamorous. Adding hair jewellery to your hairstyle suits all hair types, including curly and straight hair but looks especially effective in sleek ponytails. 


Which trending ponytail will you choose?

Incorporating one of these hairstyles for your next event or occasion will ensure your hair looks on-trend and stylish. From weddings to proms and birthday celebrations, choosing an on-trend ponytail suitable for your hair type is a sure-fire way to help you feel super-confident, if you need extra length or volume we'd recommend selecting a faux ponytail to help you perfect your chosen ponytail style. 

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