Your Simple and Easy Guide to the Perfectly Messy Bun

Step 1: Tie your hair up in a high ponytail

Gathering all of your hair away from your face and neck and holding it up at the top of your head is the first step in creating any messy bun. Flipping your head downward and tying your hair that way might sometimes help you get the desired level of security. If you'd like, pull back a few ponytail strands to frame your face. Keep the high ponytail knotted loosely and omit the brush depending on how messy of a bun you want to achieve; a few bumps will add to the unpolished appearance.

Step 2: Apply the Messy Bun

The most important element is right here. Wrap the Messy Bun scrunchie around your already created bun. Twist over the bun until it is taut if you want extra security. You are allowed to wrap as tightly or loosely as you like.

Step 3: Hold down your bun

Use bobby pins to secure stray hairs around the sides. In order to personalise it and make it your own, you can also jazz it up by adding a playful scrunchie, a flirtatious ribbon, or a patterned hair elastic. There are countless alternatives!

Tips for messy buns with curly hair

There are a few modifications you may make to your preferred sloppy bun technique if your hair is curly or thick. Use a leave-in cream first.

Then, try a Curly Messy Bun, made for curly hair types. For a chic messy bun that secretly takes little work, place the Curly Messy Bun around the base of your ponytail on top of your head and wrap your hair around it.

For a particularly adorable version of the messy bun, leave out a few wayward curls.

Straight hair advice for messy buns: If you have straight hair, you may need to give your strands more texture to help them remain in place in a messy bun.

A powerful hair spray can be your greatest friend, depending on how sparsely your hair is woven. As you twist and style your pony, mist one all over. Apply a texturizing spray next to give any appearance a soft textured finish. Skip the moldable lacquer and simply finish with a few pumps of hair spray for a looser sloppy bun.

Messy bun tips for medium-length hair

You don't think you have enough hair for a Messy bun, do you? Think again. With shoulder-length hair, all you need for a flawless messy bun is a little dry shampoo, hairspray, and bobby pins.

Increasing volume is the key to a flawless messy bun for short hair. Add our tried-and-true messy bun technique as normal, but use a volumising dry shampoo before step one.

After using the twist-and-wrap technique in step one, secure any loose strands with pins and tuck them under your other strands to conceal them. Finally, use hair spray to keep everything in place.

Messy bun tips for extra-long hair

The challenge with long hair is getting it all into a messy bun without having it fall out of the top of your head. Follow our tried-and-true techniques, but for more support and grip, add a strengthening hair care product.

The best option for maximum control is hairspray: When creating your bun, simply spritz it on your hair for day-long hold.

Lastly, use bobby pins for quick touch-ups and flyaway fixes to smooth out any additional bumps or stray hairs that pop out of your untidy bun.

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