Summer Hair Care Essentials: 6 Products to Protect Your Hair Extensions from Sun and Chlorine

by Emma Howe
Protect Hair Extensions From Sun and Chlorine

6 Summer Hair Extension Care Essentials: 

Products to Protect Your Hair Extensions from Sun and Chlorine

A summer holiday is the perfect opportunity to flaunt beautiful long and thick hair styles, created with your hair extensions. But did you know there are many potentially damaging effects on your hair extensions when enjoying the sunshine? Learn more by reading this blog and you can limit and even avoid any damage to your hair extensions.

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Taking hair extensions on holiday is common for many women, especially if you want to feel your best during the hot sunny days exploring, sunbathing or partying the night away. However the sun and chlorine can cause significant damage to your synthetic and human hair extensions, it's important to be prepared and take essential products and precautions to avoid or limit any damage to your precious hair extensions.

Summer Hair Extension Essential No.1 :: Hair Extension Brush

Tangles are the enemy of hair extensions, especially synthetic material extensions, which can be prone to knotting, when exposed to the sun, sea and sand the tangling can become much worse. However, you can maintain the soft and smooth texture of your extensions by regularly brushing them with a specially designed-hair extension brush. We recommend brushing before and after wearing the extensions to keep tangles under control. Gently brush the extensions starting from the ends and working your way to the top of the piece.


We highly recommend avoiding swimming in your hair extensions. Clip-in extensions should be removed before entering the sea or swimming pool. The water can make the tangles extremely difficult to remove, and often completely damage the extensions. If you have semi-permanent extensions which can't be removed we recommend braiding the extensions before going into the water, this will avoid the hair becoming tangled.

Stranded Smooth Finish Extension Brush
Stranded Smooth Finish Extension Brush
Stranded Smooth Finish Extension Brush
Stranded Smooth Finish Extension Brush
Stranded Smooth Finish Extension Brush
Stranded Smooth Finish Extension Brush

Stranded Smooth Finish Extension Brush



Glide through your hair extensions with the Smooth Finish Extension Brush. Anti static boar bristles smooth and tame flyaway hairs, to create a flawless tangle-free finish. The ergonomically designed handle is soft and comfortable to hold.

It’s a must have product if you have hair extensions.

Main features

  • Natural bristle fibres
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic handle
  • For natural hair & hair extensions
  • Eco-Friendly packaging
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    Summer Hair Extension Essential No.2 :: Heat Protection Spray

    A heat protection spray is a must-have holiday essential for human hair extensions. Since you are likely to be styling and using heated tools on your human hair extensions, you must protect the hair from the intense heat caused by these appliances on holiday.

    Purchase a travel-size heat protection spray which offers superior protection against heated tools. GHD bodyguard heat protection spray offers advanced thermal protection for all human hair types, including human hair extensions. This professional formula creates a double barrier of protection against heated appliances. Effective heat protection is vital during exposure to hotter weather where your extensions may already be feeling dry from the warmer temperatures.


    Summer Hair Extension Essential No.3 :: Hats & Scrunchies For Hair Protection

    Shielding your extensions from the intense sunshine is a great way to avoid damage to your hair extensions. The intense sunshine can dry out your hair extensions, making them feel brittle, dry and coarse. The hot sun combined with the chemicals found in sun creams can even discolour your extensions. Protecting your hair extensions with a cute summery accessory can ensure your beloved extensions look fabulous all holiday long.

    How to stop chlorine damaging hair extensions in summer

    Fliss wears shade 10/16 Vanilla Bomb in 16" One Piece Flicky

    Pack a colourful sun hat or choose a fashionable scrunchie to keep your hair extensions protected as you enjoy the sunshine while still looking good.

    Summer Hair Extension Essential No.4 :: Conditioning Hair Mask

    If you're wearing your extensions every day on holiday you will benefit from hydrating the hair with an intense conditioning mask. Hot weather is renowned for drying your hair, and the extensions are no different. A soothing mask can help revitalise the hair and inject much-needed moisture into the hair cuticle. Since hair extensions are not grown from the root they do not benefit from natural oils which are created at the scalp, which means they are often damaged quicker than natural hair in the heat.

    Conditioner for hair extensions

    Summer Hair Extension Essential No.5 :: Storage for your Hair Extensions

    Keeping your hair extensions stored correctly is a great way to prolong the life of your hair extensions while on holiday. A great hair extension storage solution would be the packaging your hair arrives in, this is the perfect size to comfortably fit your extensions and hair pieces in.

    How to store hair extensions without damaging them

    You can also purchase specially designed hair extension storage bags which are perfect for ensuring your extensions are well protected from spillages, dust and dirt while travelling and when they are not in use.

    Summer Hair Extension Essential No.6 :: Hair Colour Correction for Emergencies

    Now we do not recommend swimming in the sea or the swimming pool when wearing hair extensions, however, sometimes you have no choice, for example, if you have semi-permanent extensions, or you feel very uncomfortable and self-conscious without wearing your hair extensions. If you do enter the water and get your hair extensions wet you might not be aware of the potential colour damage which can occur.

    The chlorine in the water can cause a chemical reaction and turn your hair extensions pink, peach and green-toned. To avoid this outcome we recommend immediately rinsing your hair extensions when you get out of the water, this will help wash off some of the chlorine on the hair. Drench your hair extensions in clean cold water to flush off any chemical residue left on the hair. Then wash the hair with a good quality sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner.

    Hair extension protection from summer sun

    However, if the hair has changed colour due to the chemical contact you can take on holiday an emergency solution to help reverse the reaction. Malibu C Swimmers will remove the chemicals from the hair and reverse any colour damage. This product can be purchased in a small sachet which is ideal for packing in your toiletry bag and throwing in your suitcase.

    Now you've read our top essential products hair care advice for keeping your hair extensions protected on holiday you can confidently flaunt your beautiful long thick hair feeling assured you have the knowledge to keep your hair looking beautiful even in soaring temperatures. If you are planning your summer getaway with hair extensions, you may also find this blog useful: Hair Extension Hacks: Keeping Cool in the Summer Heat