Guide to Ponytail Extensions for Thick Hair

by Hope Donaldson
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Guide to Ponytail Extensions for Thick Hair

Your thick hair should never hold you back from the hair style of your dreams. Want that perfect up-do? Go for it! Ponytail extensions are the best way to elevate your pony, regardless of your hair type. Keep reading to find out more…

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Whilst thick hair may feel like a blessing to some, we know that when you have a whole mane of hair, it can feel unmanageable, impractical and downright impossible to style just the way you like it.

Ponytail extensions can be a way forward; a way to master the perfect updo without making your hair any thicker than you want it to be. With different attachment styles suitable to your volume of hair, ponytails are quick and easy… they’re just not marketed to your hair type.

So how does a thick-haired woman use a ponytail extension? How can she make it feel secure? How can she make it look natural? Well, that’s what this blog will answer.

At Stranded Hair Group, we are committed to making our customers feel like their most confident selves, regardless of what hair type they may have. Whether your hair is thick or thin, we’re committed to not only having the right extensions for you, but the right information on how to manage and style your hair too!

 Keep reading to find out how you can transform your thick pony into an Insta-worthy up-do with ponytail extensions…

  • Can I use ponytail extensions if I have thick hair?
  • What length ponytail is best for thick hair?
  • What weight ponytail is best for thick hair?
  • Which attachment style is best for thick hair?

Can I use ponytail extensions if I have thick hair?


Ponytail extensions are a great way to add length and style to your thick hair, even if you typically struggle creating a smooth, natural pony! Temporary ponytails and buns are super secure in thicker hair, as the attachments have more hair and texture to grip onto, and can easily disguise your natural hair.

What length ponytail is best for thick hair?

In short, whatever length you want!

The major selling point of ponytail extensions is that the texture or thickness of your natural hair doesn’t play a part in what length you need in your extensions. Ponytail extensions are instantly disguisable in your natural hair and require little blending to make them look natural and realistic.

When purchasing a ponytail extension, your extension needs to be the same length or longer than your natural pony. You can do this very easily, by yourself, by tying your natural hair in a ponytail and measuring the length from hair tie to end. Remember to convert to inches, if working in centimetres.

Our extensive range of ponytail extensions comes in 16”, 20”, 24” and 26”, meaning you have the pick of the litter when it comes to length. From natural beauty to fairytale princess, the length you choose is truly up to you.

Want to make a statement? Check out our 26” Wrapped Around Body Wave Ponytail (RRP £30). Available in up to 32 multidimensional shades for your perfect colour match, the Body Wave is pre-styled and made of Stranded Clever Fibre, making it natural-looking and heat resistant up to 180℃.

TOP TIP: Use hair pins to help secure either the wrap or drawstring around the base of your natural ponytail, for extra hold!

What weight ponytail is best for thick hair?

Once again, it’s up to you!

The great perk of having thick hair is that the ponytail extensions have more hair and texture to attach onto. Whilst all hair is at risk of tension damage, which the weight of any type of extension can cause, thicker-haired women are at far less risk than their thinner-haired counterparts.

Ponytail extensions pose even less risk of tension damage, as not only do they weigh less than your typical clip-in extension, but they also have larger attachment methods to hold onto your hair and a better surface area grip onto. Our Stranded ponytails range from 170 to 204 grams, depending on their length, style and attachment method.

If you have thicker hair but not much of it, we’d recommend a lighter weight. Stranded’s lightest weight, 138 grams, comes as the 16” Medium Wand Wave Clip-in Ponytail (RRP £28). This product a pre-styled, made of Stranded Clever Fibre and comes in up to 32 multidimensional colours to choose from.

However, if you have thicker hair and a head-full of it, you should have no issues at all pushing the boat out with a heavier weight. Why not check out our 24” Wand Wave Clip-in Ponytail (RRP £30), which weighs 198 grams? Like all our ponytails, the Wand Wave is made of Stranded Clever Fibres, pre-styled and comes in up to 32 shades for the perfect colour match.

Which attachment style is best for thick hair?

At Stranded, we have 3 different attachment styles to choose from, giving you options to find your most comfortable fit - regardless of the thickness of your natural hair. Some methods may work better for your hair than others, however, with the right technique and a little practice, you shouldn’t have an issue using any.

Keeping your ponytail extension secure is all about the method you use and what extra support you put in place to keep it there - important, even with thick hair!

Clip-in ponytail extensions

Our clip-in style ponytail extensions come with two different attachment styles - a bulldog clip and a drawstring.

Even with thick hair, these attachment methods can work, however, it will depend on how much thick hair you have. If your hair is short, you may struggle to use the bulldog clip attachment. In that case, you should remove the clip and use the drawstring method instead, which should be able to stretch around your natural hair.

How can I make this feel more secure?

The bulldog clip method works by simply opening the clip up and then letting the large tooth grips close above the base of your natural ponytail. If you have thick and long hair, using this method should be enough security to hold the ponytail extension in place. This is also the quickest method for all Stranded ponytails.

The drawstring method, on the other hand, uses a drawstring and toggle which is pulled and tightened around the base of your natural ponytail - next to your hair tie. Many customers feel that the drawstring provides more security when holding the ponytail extension in place. It may also be easier to use and more comfortable if you have short, thick hair.

To make the drawstring method feel even more secure, we have two different hair tips for you to try:

  • If you have thick hair but it’s short or you generally don’t have much of it, you can tie your natural hair in a very tight, small bun and tighten the drawstring around that.
  • You can secure the drawstring with hair pins pushed between the string into the hair, all around the base of your natural pony or bun.

Wrapped around ponytail extensions

Our wrapped around ponytail extensions work completely differently to clip-in ponytails. This method involves a strip of small clips, known as a comb, and a long piece of hair with velcro.

We recommend this method as being the easier and more secure option for thicker-haired customers.

How can I make this feel more secure?

First, you would tie your natural hair into a ponytail. You would then place the comb in front of your ponytail, by the hair tie, and push it into the base. To check the security of the comb, give your head some slight movement to ensure the comb isn’t coming loose. Then, with a bit of tension, wrap the long piece of hair around the whole pony, sticking the velcro down.

For women with thick hair, you should push the comb deep into the base of your natural pony and wrap the hair tightly, ensuring the extension is completely wrapped in your natural hair.

Here are two hair tips to make your wrapped ponytail feel more secure, even in thick hair:

  • Secure the extension with multiple hair pins around the base, pinning the wrapped hair into the base of your natural ponytail (into your natural hair). You could also use a holding product, such as gel or strong hold hairspray, to freeze the wrap in place (though this should be washed out carefully after use).
  • If you have thick but short hair, you can tie your natural hair into a small, tight bun. You would then push the comb around the base of the bun, in front of the hair tie, before wrapping the long piece of hair around it. Be cautious that this could look bulky with thick hair.
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So what now?

You came to this article because you didn’t know if ponytail extensions were even an option when it comes to thick hair. You want a stylish, manageable updo without all the bus, but you just weren’t quite sure how to get there.

Since reading this blog, you have learnt that ponytail extensions are a great way to elevate your thick natural hair, with huge options when it comes to length, weight and attachment method.

But what now?

Stranded ladies can’t get off our website, with most customers claiming to have two or more of our products. This is because our high-quality clip-ins and commitment to making women feel confident is what keeps our patrons coming back for more.

We want our thick-haired customers to be a part of this confidence movement and the pony effect we see all over social media! This blog has shown you that your hair type doesn’t limit your options, whether it comes to embracing a new style, lengthening your locks or just making it feel a little more manageable.

Get back in the saddle with Stranded

Shop our extensive ponytail range and join the pony effect!

Our Stranded ponytail extensions come in a range of five different styles, giving you the option to match any look you’re going for, with length, weight and attachment options galore! Our lengths vary from 16 to 24 inches and weights range from 170 to 204 grams.

All of our ponytail extensions are available in up to 32 multidimensional shades for your perfect, ultra-realistic colour match, and are always made of our Stranded Clever Fibre for ultimate hold and heat protection up to 180℃.

Shop our Clip-in Ponytail Extensions for the drawstring and bulldog clip attachment methods or our Wrapped Around Ponytail Extensions for comb and velcro security.

Still not so sure?

I get it! I’m the worst at needing to learn everything I can about a product before purchasing it. Luckily, our Stranded Blog is the perfect place for anxious buyers, just like us!

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