Summer Hair Inspiration Using Hair Extensions

by Hope Saxton Howes
summer hair ideas 2024 using hair extensions

Get These 4 Trending Summer Hair Styles Using Hair Extensions

Of course in summer, everything just seems BETTER, meaning naturally we want to get out and elevate our usual look and style. Hair can play a huge part in. Boosting our self-confidence, a good hair dad is a GOOD DAY.. am i right?

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Summer is here and depending on the heat and humidity in the summer months you may want your hair up some days and down other days. Of course in summer, everything just seems BETTER, meaning naturally we want to get out and elevate our usual look and style. Hair can play a huge part in. Boosting our self-confidence, a good hair dad is a GOOD DAY.. am I right?

If you want to switch up your daily hairstyle and add a little bit of glam to your looks we will delve into summer hair ideas you can do this summer with your hair extensions to add the extra WOW factor that you might feel you need. These will be easy and some may take a little more patience but all will leave you feeling 10/10.

Summer Hair Idea No.1 : Princess half up half down

This gorgeous half-up-down hairstyle is such a beach holiday hair look for the evenings when you want to impress. The soft waves give a lived in effortless look. Completing this look with hair extensions you could either use human hair extensions of a synthetic one piece.

how to get the princess half up half down hairstyle

A pre-styled synthetic one-piece would make this hair look so easy because the hair is pre-styled if you don't want to add too much heat to your hair. Or using human hair extensions you can apply them to your head and curl them with your natural hair. The stranded Wand Wave One Piece will mimic this look perfectly.

How to?

Apply your extensions and take your top section of hair and gather hair from the sides of your head just below where you have clipped your extensions so that they don't become on show. Leave some small sections of hair out if you want a relaxed look.

Once the hair is gathered to the back, twist it and clip the hair up with a claw clip. this is what will give the half-up section volume at the root.

Summer Hair Style Idea No.2 : Messy Bun

The messy bun is one of the more protective styles you can do for your hair in the summer to keep yourself cool and if you have blonde hair you can protect it from the sun as long exposure may change the colour of your bleached hair over time. It is also a go-to if you're having a bad hair day. If you want to be extra protective with your hair you can apply a hair mask to your natural hair and apply the bun hair extension piece over it.

how to get the messy bun hairstyle

Credit to: Electra

To achieve this look you are best off having textured hair. If you have natural curls then you don't have to do anything to as your natural texture will contribute to this look. If you have naturally straight hair try adding some texture by adding some curls with a curling wand. If you have finer hair you can add an extension bun. The stranded curly messy scrunchie bun would be perfect for this look as it is styled and you do not have to add heat to your hair.

How To?

Gather your hair up into a small bun, it doesn't have to be perfect as we want this to be effortless and a bit messy. Take the scrunchie extension piece, place it over the bun and tie it around the base of your bun as you would with a normal bobble. There you have a perfectly messy bun in seconds, literally!

Top Tip: Pull any loose hairs out as this will give the look a softer, elegant appearance.

Summer Hair Style Idea No.3 : Mermaid Waves

Mermaid waves have been one of the biggest summer hair trends for many summers and tell you what? They aren't going ANYWHERE. This hairstyle is the pinnacle of beachy holiday hair and gives total island girl vibes. You can create heatless beach waves for this look or use a heated styling tool.

get the mermaid waves look using extensions

Stranded Human Hair Lace Clip-In

The best extensions to use for this look would be human hair extensions. This way you can perfectly style the hair to match your natural hair.


To create this style with no heat, apply your extensions to your head and plait your hair on either side incorporating the extensions into the plaits. Leave in the plaits for a minimum of 2 hours and release. Now you will have heatless beach waves. Alternatively, you can plait your human hair extensions while not attached to your hair and plait your hair on its own. Once your hair and the extensions have finished setting you can release the plaits and then apply the human hair extensions.

How to..HEAT?

Simply apply your human hair extensions to your head and you will need the heat styling tool the "mermaid waver". Take about 2-inch sections of hair and clamp the waver over the hair and leave it on for a few seconds. Release the hair and continue to clamp the length of the hair. This method will last in your natural hair and human hair extensions longer than the heatless method.

Top Tip: Use sea salt spray to add texture to these mermaid waves!

Stranded 16
Stranded 16
Stranded 16
Stranded 16
Stranded 16
Stranded 16
Stranded 16
Stranded 16

Stranded 16" Lace Clip-in Human Hair Extension (140g)



Luxurious, thick and made from 100% human hair, our 16 inch Human Hair Four Piece inspires confidence. Thick from root to tip, this pack contains four hair wefts, each pre-clipped for a quick and easy fit, and can be purchased in either a 16” or 20” length for a believable finish.

Delicately crafted from premium Stranded Human Hair, the Human Hair Four Piece is available in 29 multi-tonal shades. Discover hair colours laced with highlights, lowlights and realistic undertones inspired by real hair, all of which creates a natural and seamless blend when fitted. Plus, as these premium extensions are made from only the finest human hair, you can heat style them with straighteners, curling wands and tongs.

Please note we do not recommend the hair to be sewn in, these extensions should only be worn as a clip in set.

Main Features

  • 100% Human Hair
  • Heat style into your desired finish
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Summer Hair Style Idea No.4 : Big and Bouncy

Complete you summer vibes with big and bouncy undone waves that will have you looking centre stage. Bouncy beachy curls can be created using no heat at all and in summer adding heat will only dry out your hair and your hair extensions.

get big and bouncy hair style using hair extensions

Stranded Human Hair Lace Clip-In

How to?

Use a heatless curler to create this look. If you don't have a heatless curler you can use a dressing gown belt too! Attach your extensions to your head and wrap your hair and the extension's hair around the heatless curler. Every time you have fully wrapped a small section of hair fully around the curler add another small section of hair to that section and wrap it around again. You are adding hair like you would with dutch or french braids.

Leave in the hair for around 2 hours or longer and release. You will then have amazing heatless curls.

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