Tips for achieving a perfect blend with Ponytail Extensions

by Emma Howe
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Tips for achieving a perfect blend with Ponytail Extensions

The key to a realistic-looking ponytail is all about the blend! But what are the best blending tips? Our years of experience have placed us as industry experts, learn everything you need to know about blending with us!

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You've decided a ponytail extension can give you the hairstyle you've always wanted, but you have a fear that it will look obviously fake! Well, you've come to the right place, learn the best tips for creating a perfect blend with a ponytail extension.

  • What are Ponytail Extensions?
  • Choosing the Right Ponytail Extension
  • Preparing Your Hair for a Perfect Blend with Ponytail Extensions
  • Attaching Different Types of Ponytail Extensions
  • Does a perfectly blended Ponytail Extension Exist?

What are Ponytail Extensions?

Ponytail extensions are the perfect solution for creating a voluminous ponytail. They come in a variety of styles from loose waves, bouncy curls and poker straight options. They can also be made from human hair extensions or synthetic fibres.


The materials can be purchased to suit a wide range of budgets and requirements to create versatile hairstyles. They are usually quick and easy to apply and can instantly transform your entire look, making you feel super sexy, confident and stylish. 

Benefits of Using a Ponytail Extension

Adding a ponytail extension can help you create the length and style of your dreams, they provide extra volume, and you can dramatically re-invent your ponytail with multiple style and length choices. The expansive choice means you could literally achieve any look your heart desires with a ponytail extension, they are super versatile and provide a fast and effortless way to change your look. 

Choosing the Right Ponytail Extension

Before selecting your perfect ponytail you will need to consider some variables to ensure the blend is as seamless as possible. The below factors could be challenging at first but determining the right colour, texture, length and style for your hair type is paramount to creating a perfect blend. 

How to Find the Perfect Hair Colour 

A perfect blend would be nothing without the perfect match of shade. The colour must be as close to your natural hair as possible.

This is probably our No.1 tip when it comes to achieving the perfect blend. You can consult your local hairdresser or the customer service department of your chosen brand to help you find the ideal shade to match your hair. It's important to identify the tone of your real hair (warm/cool) and pick out some of the high and low lights that could be mirrored in your ponytail colour.

Finding the right shade often means matching the colour of the ponytail to the root of your natural hair colour rather than the ends, this is because the ponytail extension meets your hair towards the roots, and it's crucial that the blend is good for the ponytail to look natural.

It's a good idea to experiment with different shades as the colours can look different on the web than they do in real life, some companies offer shade samples which are a great help to finding your perfect shade before committing to buying a full ponytail extension product.

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Will My Hair Type Blend with a Ponytail Extension?

Your hair type should be considered when choosing your ponytail extension, very fine hair would be better suited to lighter and shorter ponytail styles, this is because you wouldn't want to put excessive weight on your natural ponytail which may cause too much tension on fine hair types, that could possibly lead to hair loss or breakage. 

Your hair type should be considered when choosing your ponytail extension, very fine hair would be better suited to lighter and shorter ponytail styles, this is because you wouldn't want to put excessive weight on your natural ponytail which may cause too much tension on fine hair types, that could possibly lead to hair loss or breakage. 

Thicker and longer hair types would need to be wary of the chosen ponytail attachment method, some attachments such as drawstring ponytails, require the natural hair to be concealed inside the ponytail, very thick long hair would be more difficult to fit inside these types of ponytails.

Once the hair is inside, you don't want a bulk at the start of the ponytail, this could look unnatural or fake. Thicker hair types would be better suited to wrap a ponytail where the ponytail extension sits over your hair, with no need to tuck it inside. 

Matching the Texture of Your Hair

Your hair texture could impact the ponytail extension options available to you. The ponytail extension should reflect the same texture as your natural hair for a natural-looking result. Ponytails can be purchased in different styles, which will help create a perfect blend, you can find tight curly styles and sleek straight styles but you could also adapt your own hair texture to reflect the ponytail style you want to achieve. For example, frizzy hair could be tamed with hair products such as gel and anti-frizz products if you wish to match your hair to a smooth and sleek ponytail style.   

Selecting the Most Natural-Looking Ponytail Extension

There is a wide variety of hair trends that can be re-created with a ponytail extension, they can be made using a variety of different materials and fittings which means they are always at risk of being cheaply made with poor-fitting attachments. A cheaply made ponytail extension will undoubtedly not blend well, very cheap synthetic material can be overly shiny and fake-looking, poor quality attachments can make the ponytail feel unstable and will be easily identified as a fake.

To avoid receiving something which is low quality we highly recommend reading the reviews and customer comments before embarking on purchasing a ponytail extension. 

Deciding on a Length Which Works For You

Length is an important factor to consider if you want a seamlessly blended ponytail extension. An unnatural extra-long length may not result in a realistic natural appearance for you. Ponytails which are excessively long or are an over-the-top style will be harder to disguise as your own hair and ultimately be less natural looking. 


A realistic ponytail appearance should be styled with a natural cut, layered hair and finish in order to provide a perfect blend with your own hair. 

Preparing Your Hair for a Perfect Blend with Ponytail Extensions

Preparation is key in fitting a well-blended ponytail extension. Although the overall process is fairly quick you will need to make some time to prepare your hair for a ponytail extension. 

Brushing Out Any Tangles or Knots

A ponytail extension should be fitted to tangle-free hair, gently brush your hair to remove any knots before moving on to the fitting. This will always tame shorter hairs and provide a neat and smooth finish.

If your ponytail has been worn before it's important to also detangle any knots in the ponytail before fitting, it will be much harder to detangle the ponytail once it is attached as pulling and tugging of the ponytail will loosen the attachment. Specially-made hair extension brushes are the best type of brush to use on ponytail extensions, they are much better at removing knots without damaging the ponytail. 

Securing the Hair Away From the Face With Elastics or Clips

Creating a secure base for your ponytail to be clipped onto will help towards a good blend. An unsecured attachment will feel loose and unstable, and at risk of slipping or failing out completely over the course of the time it is being worn. 

A firm base will also provide a closer attachment, the closer you can fit the ponytail the better the overall result will be. You'll need to ensure the connection between your own hair and the ponytail is seamless for a perfect blend. 

However, avoid tying your ponytail too tightly, intense pulling and tension could damage your hair. The ponytail should not be painful but secure and comfortable.  Use firm-hold hairspray to help secure the base for your ponytail extension. 

Attaching Different Types of Ponytail Extensions

You can purchase a ponytail extension with different fitting methods, such as a drawstring, wrap-around or a claw clip ponytail. You'll need to understand how each method works in order to determine which fitting technique will provide the best blend for your hair type. 

How to Attach a Drawstring Ponytail

  • Tie your natural hair into a mid-height ponytail with a hair band.
  • Braid the ponytail, then wrap around the base into a secure bun and use another hair tie to hold the bun in place. 
  • Loosen the drawstring of the ponytail fitting, and place it over your bun.
  • Push the combs into the base of the bun then tighten the drawstring.

This attachment method is suited to women with fine to medium hair thickness and length

How to Attach a Wrap-Around Ponytail

  • Tie your hair into a low, mid or high ponytail. 
  • Take your wrap-around ponytail and insert the comb at the top of your ponytail base.
  • Use the wrap feature to wrap around the base.
  • Seal the velcro feature and pin the loose section with a hair grip.

This style of attachment is suited to women with average to thick hair types

How to Attach a Clip-in Ponytail Hair Extension

  • Tie your hair into a mid-ponytail, then secure it into a compact bun, and use a hair elastic for a secure hold.
  • Squeeze open the claw clip and place it over the base of your bun.
  • Tease away some face-framing sections to soften the look.
  • This Ponytail method is suited to women with thin to medium hair thickness

Does a perfectly blended Ponytail Extension Exist?

Yes! You can achieve a perfectly blended ponytail but your options on style, colour and length may be limited in order to provide the most seamless ponytail blend. Careful consideration of the above points will help find the ideal ponytail solution for you, you could also get support and advice from industry professionals such as a hairstylist or the customer service desk of your chosen company where you are purchasing the ponytail. 

We'd recommend taking advantage of insider knowledge as this will allow you to reduce time wasting and encourage you to confidently purchase a ponytail which will provide you with the perfect blend. 

For advice on blending a specific ponytail extension with short hair visit our blog Top 5 Hacks to Blend Clip-In Extensions with Short Hair

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