Which Is The Best Messy Bun Hair Extension: Scrunchie or Drawstring?

by Hope Donaldson
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Which Is The Best Messy Bun Extension Method: Scrunchie or Drawstring?

Trying to decide which messy bun extension method is best for you? Look no further than this blog, as we compare the differences between scrunchie and drawstring bun extensions…

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With two distinct attachment methods for messy bun hair extensions, it’s hard to decide which one will be the best for you. Whilst ‘messy bun hair extensions’ may seem like they’re all the same, this comparison blog will show you that that’s not the case at all.

At Stranded Hair Group, we’re committed to making our customers feel confident, and a large part of that comes from helping them feel confident in their purchases from us.

With such a wide range of everyday luxury synthetic and human hair extension products available, we’re here to educate you on everything you need to know about everything we offer, so you can make the best decision for you. And that’s why we write blogs, just like this one!

In this blog, you will learn the difference between Stranded scrunchie and drawstring bun extensions, including about; colour, style, weight, price, attachment method, overall look, suitability and care.

By the end, you will feel confident in picking the perfect messy bun hair extension for you - ensuring your messy bun meets the needs that matter the most to you!

  • Colour comparison
  • Style comparison
  • Weight comparison
  • Price comparison 
  • Attachment method comparison 
  • Overall finished look comparison 
  • Suitability comparison 
  • Caring for your bun extension comparison

Colour comparison

Both styles of Stranded messy bun hair extensions, Messy Bun Scrunchies and the Super Easy Mum Bun, come in up to 33 multidimensional shades - with an exclusive grey shade only available in bun extensions.

These shades are:

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Style comparison

Messy Bun Scrunchies come in 2 different styles, whereas the Super Easy Mum Bun (with drawstring attachment) comes in 1 more customisable style.

The Messy Bun Scrunchies come in 2 distinct styles, which can be bought separately or in the duo pack. These styles are the Flicky Messy Bun Scrunchie, which adds effortless body to your natural bun, whereas the other style is the Curly Messy Bun Scrunchie, which increases the volume of your natural bun with loose ringlet curls.

Alternatively, the Super Easy Mum Bun, with clip and drawstring attachment, only comes in one style but can be styled in various ways by the wearer. Generally, women wear the Super Easy Mum Bun as a loose, wrap bun.

Weight comparison

All three of the Stranded messy bun extensions weigh different amounts. This is due to the attachment methods and volume of synthetic hair in the extension.

With the Messy Bun Scrunchies, the Curly Messy Bun Scrunchie weighs 65 grams, whereas the Flicky Messy Bun Scrunchie weighs 55 grams. The Curly style visibly has more volume compared to the Flicky style, as the weight difference reflects this.

The Super Easy Mum Bun, on the other hand, weighs far more than both of the Messy Bun Scrunchies. This method weighs 78 grams, which is reflective of both the different and more complex attachment style and the additional synthetic hair volume.


Price comparison

Both bun extension methods are priced differently, though there isn’t a huge gap in price difference between the two.

The Messy Bun Scrunchies are priced at £15 each, or can be bought in the duo pack for £22 (making each bun extension £11 each). Scrunchie messy buns are usually cheaper, as the attachment method is much more simple to manufacture.

On the other hand, the Super Easy Mum Bun is priced at £19. This makes this messy bun extension method £4 to £8 more expensive than the Messy Bun Scrunchies (depending on whether you purchase them individually or as a pair). Drawstring buns are usually more expensive, as it will cost more to manufacture the double attachment method.

Attachment method comparison

The two different bun extension methods majorly differ in their attachment method.

Messy Bun Scrunchies are designed like a hair tie, with synthetic fibre hair wrapped around them like how fabric is wrapped around a scrunchie - hence the name. They are extremely simple to use, simply requiring the wearer to wrap the extension around their hair, like they would using a hair scrunchie.

The Super Easy Mum Bun, on the other hand, uses a clip and drawstring attachment method, which is a little more complex. The wearer needs to place the extension over their natural bun, pinning the clips into the base, before pulling the drawstring taut to secure and wrapping the excess hair around.


Suitability comparison

Whilst messy bun hair extensions are suitable for all types of women and their different hair types, some women will be more suitable for one bun extension method compared to the other.

Women with fine and/or shorter hair would benefit more from the Messy Bun Scrunchies. This is because they’re a lighter weight compared to the Super Easy Mum Bun, which will create less strain on the wearer’s natural hair.

Women looking for a more defined, formed bun, rather than an effortlessly messy look, will be more suitable to the Super Easy Mum Bun. This is because this style of bun extension has more hair and weight, so it can be shaped and moulded to look exactly how the wearer wants it to. We do not recommend the Super Easy Mum Bun for women with particularly thick and/or long hair, as this may be difficult to disguise under the extension. 

Overall finished look comparison

Our Stranded Flicky Messy Bun Scrunchie is described as ‘effortlessly relaxed [...] with maximum impact. Designed with tumbling flicky strands that are made from our signature Stranded Fibre Hair material, the Fibre Flicky Messy Bun looks just like your natural hair, with a touchably-soft feel and healthy-looking finish.’

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Whereas we would describe our Stranded Curly Messy Bun Scrunchie as ‘the easiest updo you’ll ever attempt: [...] you can create a curly messy bun in a matter of minutes with this versatile hair extension. Elevate an everyday hairstyle or create something special – without the time or fuss – with this messy bun.’

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And our Stranded Super Easy Mum Bun is described as ‘for the mamas (and non-mamas) who want to elevate the everyday. The super flattering Super Easy Mum Bun adds natural-looking volume and effortless style to your hair for chic, off-duty vibes’

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Caring for your bun extension comparison

Caring for your Stranded bun extensions, regardless of what style you have or which method you use, is always the same. This is because both methods are made of heat-resistant Stranded Clever Fibre.

However, as the Super Easy Mum Bun has more and significantly longer hair, this style will need more brushing to maintain. We recommend brushing your messy bun extensions using our Smooth Finish Extension Brush.

So which is the bun for you?


You came to this blog looking to learn which Stranded messy bun extension method is best for you, comparing our Messy Bun Scrunchies and our Super Easy Mum Bun with drawstring attachment.

Since reading, you have learnt all the differences between all 3 products (the 2 Messy Bun Scrunchie styles and the Super Easy Mum Bun), including comparing; colour, style, weight, price, attachment method, overall look, suitable and care.

But what now?

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