How To Attach A Crown Boost Hair Piece

by Hope Donaldson

How To Attach A Crown Boost Hair Piece

Struggling with thinning hair truly is a thing of the past. The hair industry is constantly expanding, with so many products designed specifically to help women like you and me. Keep reading as we share everything you need to know about crown boosting hair pieces…

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Experiencing thinning hair or hair loss can leave a lot of women lacking confidence - myself included. However, the hair industry is constantly innovating new ways to rebuild women’s self-esteem, in the form of hair extensions!

Crown boosting hair pieces are just one way in which women can add some instant volume and boost their confidence back up. These hair pieces have been around for years, and with how effective they are, we don’t see them going away any time soon.

At Stranded Hair Group, women feeling confident is the foundation of everything we believe in. Sometimes, confidence can come from clipping in their favourite extensions, but other times it comes from gaining a better understanding of who they are and how they can gain control over the things that they feel they lack.

In this article, we’re giving women back their power! Here, you will learn what crown boosting hair pieces are, how to wear them, where you can buy them and alternative products that will work just as well. By the end, you will feel confident in taking back control over your insecurities, by finding a hairpiece that makes you feel like yourself again!

  • What are crown boosting hair pieces?
  • How to install a crown boosting hair piece 
  • Where can I buy a crown hair piece in the UK?
  • What are alternative extensions to crown hair pieces?

What are crown boosting hair pieces?

Crown boosting hair pieces are clip-in hair extensions uniquely designed to add volume and coverage to the crown area of the head. The specially designed cap sits comfortably, securely and discretely upon the crown, providing an instant boost of volume to what was a thin and sparse area of hair.

How to install a crown boosting hair piece

Whilst it may look complicated, installing a crown boosting hairpiece is, in fact, incredibly easy. Follow these simple steps to add instant, yet discrete, volume to your previously thin and sparse crown:

Step 1: Part the hair

First, you need to make a parting from ear to ear over the top of the head (imagine the parting like a headband). To keep the front section separate, use a claw clip or hair tie to secure the hair forward and out of the way.

Step 2: Prepare the extension

Then, you want to measure the curve of the crown boosting hairpiece against the back section of hair you have parted away - will the extension sit where you need it to? To prepare the crown boosting hairpiece, open each of the clips ready for attachment.

Step 3: Install the extension

To prepare the natural hair for installation, backcomb or tease the hair along the parted line and use hairspray to add additional texture - focusing on the back section of hair (not the front). Next, push the clips into the teased parting, securely fastening them down once in place.

Step 4: Style your hair

Finally, release the previously tied front section and blend it backwards, across the piece. Use our Stranded Smooth Finish Extension Brush (RRP £9) for a soft and subtle blend. For a sophisticated look, tuck your hair blended behind your ears.

Where can I buy a crown hair piece in the UK?

Crown pieces may be considered a little dated, but many women still love to use them to instantly transform their thin hair - especially as the crown area makes thin and sparse hair incredibly noticeable.

At Stranded Hair Group, we no longer stock crown boosting hair piece, but here are other brands which produce the same or similar product to what we did:

Synthetic fibre hair:

Human Hair:

  • BeautyWorks Remy Human Hair 18" Hair Enhancer (RRP £130.98) available in 8 colours.
  • Additional Lengths 100% Human Hair 16” Top Volumiser (RRP £250) available in 13 colours.

What are alternative extensions to crown hair pieces?

Whilst we no longer stock crown boosting hair pieces, our entire range of clip-ins, ponytails and buns will provide instant volume boosts to thin and sparse hair.

However, if worn slighter higher and closer to the crown, our Synthetic Clip-in One Piece Hair Extensions can provide a similar volume boost to your hair, just as a crown boosting hairpiece could.

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Give yourself that much-needed boost!

You came to this article looking to learn how to attach a crown boost hairpiece. However, since reading, we’ve explained exactly what these extensions are, how to wear them, where to buy them and even given you alternative options to products that may work better for you.

But what now?

At Stranded, we know the effect that hair can have on a woman’s confidence and we’re committed to being part of the change! From everyday luxury hair extensions to confidence-affirming blogs, we’re here to give you the boost that you need!

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Whilst we no longer stock crown boosting hair pieces, our wide range of synthetic fibre and human hair extensions has something for everyone.

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