How To Install A Half Wig

by Hope Donaldson

How To Install A Half Wig

Half a wig?! What do you mean by that? How does it even work? Half wigs seem to be a thing of the past, but with more women searching for it every day, we think this hair piece could be making a comeback! Keep reading as we share everything you need to know about half wigs…

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Wigs! Wigs! Wigs!

Forget Halloween costumes and the Kardashian-Jenners - many women across the globe wear wigs and large hair pieces for a variety of different reasons; for fashion, for managing their natural hair, and for disguising thinning hair and hair loss.

Half wigs (or half-head hair pieces) are products not many women talk about these days, but used to be the craze when it came to quick and easy hair transformations. However, these days, they seem to have lost momentum in the hair industry.

But we think that’s about to change!

At Stranded Hair Group, we’re seeing an uprising in women searching for information about what half wigs are and how to effectively wear them. Our commitment to helping women feel confident, whether that be through our everyday luxury hair extensions or through our educational and informational articles, led us both here today.

Every day, women around the world put on a hair piece to help make themselves look and feel more confident. This includes women who choose to wear half wigs.

In this article, we want to support more women who choose to wear half wigs and other larger hair pieces. Here you will learn what half wigs are, how to install them, where you can buy them and more current, alternative hair products you could try instead.

By the end, you will feel that you know everything you need about half wigs, and are ready to make the next move in your hair confidence journey!

  • What is a half wig? 
  • How to install a half wig 
  • Where can I buy a half wig in the UK?
  • What are alternative extensions to a half wig?

What is a half wig?

Half wigs, also known as half-head wigs, half-head hair pieces, ¾ wigs and instant weaves, are specifically designed to create extra volume and length, with minimum effort. Half wigs are popular across all hair types, but especially for women with thin or textured hair.

How to install a half wig

If it's your first time fitting a half wig, it may seem incredibly confusing. However, half wigs are actually one of the easiest kinds of hair pieces to fit. Keep reading as we break down installing a half wig into 4 simple and easy steps:

Step 1: Part the hair

Firstly, with your fingers, draw a circular line to section off the back of your hair starting from behind your ears. With a hair tie, bring this section into a small, compact bun towards the nape of your neck. With another hair tie or a claw clip, section the front piece of hair out of the way.

Step 2: Prepare the wig

Measure the curve of the inside of the half wig against the area of sectioned hair at the back, ensuring that you have sectioned the right amount of hair away. Then, open the half wig and adjust the drawstring (if included) to the approximate size of your head.

Step 3: Install the wig

Next, use the combs at the front and back of the wig to grip into the top and bottom of your back sectioned area. Then, tighten the drawstring again (if needed) to ensure the wig fits and is secure.

Step 4: Style your hair

Finally, release the front section of hair and seamlessly blend it into the half wig by gently brushing it together. Use our Stranded Smooth Finish Extension Brush (RRP £9) for a soft and gentle blend.

Where can I buy a half wig in the UK?

These days, half wigs are being replaced with other hair replacement pieces or extensions - such as U-part wigs or multi-piece clip-in extensions. As such, here at Stranded, we have stopped stocking them.

However, many women still love and rely on half wigs to boost their natural hair and their confidence. Here are other brands that stock reasonably priced, synthetic half wigs:

Synthetic fibre hair:

  • Hair Rehab London Synthetic 20” Instant Half Wig (RRP £29.99) available in 12 colours.
  • Annabelle’s Wigs Half Wigs (RRP £29.99-£79) available in multiple colours and styles.

What are alternative extensions to a half wig?

Whilst we no longer stock half wigs, or half-head wigs as we used to call them, all Stranded hair extensions, including clip-ins, ponytails and buns, can instantly boost and revitalise even the thinnest of hair!

As an alternative to a half wig, we recommend trying our Synthetic 22” Five Piece Instant Bouncy Blow Dry Extensions, which will add instant length and volume around your whole head and blend far easier into your natural hair.

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Give your half-head the full works!

You came to this blog looking to learn to attach and install a half wig. However, since reading, you have learnt exactly what half wigs are, how to install them, where to buy them and alternative products to try instead, for the same effect.

But what now?

At Stranded, our commitment to making women feel confident drives everything we do. Whether that’s by continuously developing our line of everyday luxury hair extensions or keeping you constantly updated on the latest hair trends via our blog, we’re here to help you feel like the best and most confident version of yourself!

Shop Stranded confidence

Whilst we no longer stock half wigs (or head-half wigs, as we used to call them), our continuously growing range of synthetic fibre and human hair extensions has something for everybody - whatever your hair type or need!

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