How Many Hairs Are On Your Head? 10 Interesting Facts You May Not Know About Hair

by Hope Donaldson

How Many Hairs Are On Your Head? 10 Interesting Facts You May Not Know About Hair

Is learning about your hair a priority of yours? Well, it should be! Keep reading as we tell you 10 super interesting, bite-sized facts that you probably don’t know about your hair…

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Think you know a lot about your hair, just because it’s attached to you? Pfft. Think again.

Hair is so much more than hairstyles, dyes and extensions. There are so many things scientists are working on daily to discover about our hair, and we think that it is so important to learn all we can about it.

At Stranded Hair Group, we know how confident and knowledgeable you feel when you learn something new; especially something that you can apply to your daily life. Whether it’s how to clip in your new favourite extension or how to wash your hair correctly - knowledge truly is power!

And that’s why we write educational blogs and articles, just like this one! In this blog, you will learn 10 super interesting facts, backed by science, that you may not know about your hair.

Keep reading and prepare to blow your mind as we jump straight in…

  • How many hairs are on your head?
  • What is hair made out of? 
  • Is hair alive? 
  • Does cutting your hair make it grow quicker? 
  • Can hair stretch?
  • What natural hair colour is the most rare?
  • How much does a strand of hair weigh?
  • Why does hair naturally curl?
  • How quickly does hair grow?
  • How much hair do you lose a day?

How many hairs are on your head?

100,000 hairs!

According to information backed by Healthline, the human head has approximately 100,000 hairs on it at one time - with a similar number of hair follicles. This hair protects us from external factors in our environment, helps regulate our temperatures and supports how we perceive sensations throughout our body.

What is hair made out of?


As found in research published in the National Library of Medicine, hair is mostly made up of a protein called Keratin - which is also found in our skin and nails. Keratin found in hair is a helical protein, meaning it is made up of amino acids, structurally twisted together into a coil.

Is hair alive?

No - in fact, your hair is mostly dead!

According to information shared by Visible Body, hair is made up of two parts; the root and the shaft. The root of the hair is the living part, which actually sits underneath the skin. The shaft, the hair that you see, is all hair that has died once it is cut off from nourishment after breaking through the layer of skin.

Does cutting your hair make it grow quicker?

Technically, no, but also kind of?

As you know, hair grows from the root, which is underneath the skin of your head. Therefore, cutting the ends of your hair will not make the root grow. However, hair growth can be halted due to split ends, which can end up splitting all the way up the hair shaft - therefore suggesting that regular trims will ensure that your hair grows healthily.

Can hair stretch?

Yes, your hair can stretch!

This is called ‘hair elasticity’. Hair elasticity, according to The Hair Routine, is the overall strength of the hair and how it stretches but then returns back to its original state. If your hair is extremely stretchy, this is because your hair lacks protein, whereas if it doesn’t stretch at all, it lacks moisture.

What natural hair colour is the most rare?

Red hair!

As found in research collected by Rarest, the rarest hair colour is Red. Only 1-2% of the population have red hair, which includes shades like; deep burgundy, bright copper, auburn, burnt orange, red-orange, and strawberry blonde. Red hair is often found in the Northern and Western fringes of Europe, but also in small numbers in Eastern and Southern Europe.

How much does a strand of hair weigh?

It varies!

As shared by Essie Button, a strand of hair can weigh anywhere between 0.2 to 0.5 milligrams. With an average of 100,000 strands on someone's head, their entire hair could weigh 20 to 50 grams - more or less depending on length and volume.

Why does hair naturally curl?


Research found by James MacDonald suggests that it is genes that cause some people to have curly hair, whereas others have straight hair. Curly hair is down to keratin structure, but the type of keratin structure is passed down through genetics.

How quickly does hair grow?

It depends!

According to Keihl’s, hair grows around half an inch per month or roughly 6 inches per year. However, age, gender and genetics can all have a part to play in hair growth rate. For example, men’s hair typically grows quicker than women’s, and textured hair typically grows slower than straight.

How much hair do you lose a day?

50 to 100 strands!

The NHS says that it is normal to lose around 50 to 100 strands of hair per day, and often, people don’t even notice it. However, experiencing excessive hair shedding isn’t normal. If you’re worried about your hair loss, check out our blog ‘Why Am I Shedding So Much Hair?

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Knowledge truly is power!

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