2023 Halloween Costume Inspiration

by Hope Donaldson

2023 Halloween Costume Inspiration

Halloween 2023 is right around the corner… Do you have your costume yet?! Keep reading as we break down what we think we will be the top 8 trending Halloween costumes this year…

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With Halloween 2023 just around the corner, we’re all starting to get excited about Spooky Season! Whether you’re out on the town with your friends or off to a Halloween party with the kids, you’ve got to have a costume!

Halloween 2023 costume trends are quickly filling our feeds, so here at Stranded Hair Group, we’ve compiled our list of Halloween costumes we think are set to trend this year.

Keep reading as we announce the top 8 2023 Halloween costumes and how to pair them with your favourite Stranded hair extensions…

  • Barbie Halloween Costume
  • Angel Halloween Costume
  • Wednesday Addams Halloween Costume
  • Devil Halloween Costume
  • Tinkerbell Halloween Costume 
  • Witch Halloween Costume 
  • Playboy Bunny Halloween Costume 
  • Dead Bride Halloween Costume 

Barbie Halloween Costume

Image credits: @odettecrystal (Instagram)

Thanks to this year’s blockbuster hit, The Barbie Movie, there is absolutely no doubt that Barbie will be the Halloween costume of 2023! With so many different outfits to choose from, there’s a Barbie look for everyone!

Our favourite look from the film is Cowgirl Barbie. Cowgirl Barbie has long, effortlessly blown-out hair - making it the easiest hairstyle to imitate. Not blonde? Not a problem! If you’ve seen The Barbie Movie, you know that all Barbies look different.

You can add dramatic, natural length to your Barbie Halloween costume hairstyle by adding in our Stranded 20" Lace Clip-in Human Hair Extension (RRP £165).

Angel Halloween Costume

Image credits: @kelseyrae_mua (Instagram)

A classic, girly-girl Halloween costume, gracing us every year, is the angel. Whether you spook it up or keep it pretty, this costume creates a statement wherever it goes.

The whole point of this Halloween costume is to look innocent and ethereal, and the hair for the costume is no exception. Soft, cascading waves add a gentle elegance to this look - even if it ends up being covered in fake blood.

Add some salon-inspired waves to your angel Halloween costume hairstyle using our Stranded 20" One Piece Wand Wave Clip-in Hair Extension (RRP £34).

Wednesday Addams Halloween Costume

Image credits: @gweniiebear (Instagram)

Another blockbuster hit, which graced our Netflix accounts just after last Halloween, is the Wednesday series - based on The Addams Family. And nothing says Wednesday Addams like this costume idea above!

The classic Wednesday Addams hairstyle is the two pigtail plaits on either side of your face with a full, blunt fringe. Wednesday is a very uptight character, and as such, you cannot expect to get away with a single piece of hair out of the place.

Need to lengthen your Wednesday Halloween costume pigtail braids? Install and plait in our Stranded 20" One Piece Straight Clip-in Hair Extension (RRP £32).

Devil Halloween Costume

Image credits: @nitzan_klein (Instagram)

Would it be Halloween without seeing some devils running around? Another classic, Devils are definitely a Halloween costume we should be expecting to see this year - maybe with inspiration from Lil Nas X and Doja Cat’s infamous music videos.

For a devil costume, your hairstyle really is up to you. Some women may go super dramatic and create horn-shaped space buns, whereas others may keep it simple like the image above!

We’re suckers for keeping it simple, and your devil Halloween costume hairstyle will thank you for it. Add some pre-styled curls into your hair with our Stranded 16" One Piece Curly Clip-in Hair Extension (RRP £29).

Tinkerbell Halloween Costume

Image credits: @charlene_westfall (Instagram)

Disney’s Tinkerbell and other fairy-inspired costumes are definitely a trend looking to follow us to Halloween 2023. This youthful, spirited look allows any woman to live out a little more of the childish fantasy, whilst still looking fun and fashionable.

Fairy costumes are incredibly playful, so we would expect nothing less from the hairstyles to go with it. Here you’d be looking for tight, bouncy curls or mermaid wave crimps.

Add extra length and volume to your fairy Halloween costume hairstyle, with the ability to style like your natural hair, with our Stranded 18" Seamless Five Piece Clip-in Human Hair Extension (RRP £105).

Witch Halloween Costume

Image credits: @kelsielockard (Instagram)

Keeping with the Halloween costume classics, we have the witch. Witch costumes are a staple, and we can expect to see a lot of them for Halloween 2023. This costume is perfectly adaptable for all age groups, from girls to grannies.

When styling your hair for a witch costume, you really don’t have a set style you need to follow - we would just recommend keeping your hair down, so that it is not taken over by your pointy hat!

Why not add some long, luscious curls to your witch Halloween costume hairstyle, by installing our Stranded 20" One Piece Curly Clip-in Hair Extension (RRP £32)?

Playboy Bunny Halloween Costume

Image credits: @misspoppylocks (Instagram)

Heading to an adults-only event this Halloween 2023? Playboy bunnies are the ultimate Halloween costume, heading out to every event after dark. Popularised by Mean Girls and well-liked lingerie brands, you should expect to see bunnies in every bar and party.

The whole aesthetic of a Playboy bunny is to look sexy, glamorous and effortlessly put together - meaning, a bouncy blowdry is the perfect way to go when styling your hair!

Let us do the styling for you, when you install our Stranded 22” Instant Bouncy Blow Dry Extensions (RRP £39).

Dead Bride Halloween Costume

Image credits: @jennyc_dj (Instagram)

Whether you have decided to go drop-dead gorgeous or Tim Burton-inspired, the dead bride is another classic Halloween costume we can expect to see in 2023.

Once again, the hairstyle for this look is completely up to you - what do you consider to be bridal hair? If you’re all about the fun you’re going to have, we suggest not worrying about your hair and just doing something simple.

Install our Stranded 16" Lace Clip-in Human Hair Extension (RRP £115) and style your hair the way you want to!

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Get ready for Spooky Season!

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