Top 10 2023 Christmas Hairstyles

by Emma Howe
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Top 10 2023 Christmas Hairstyles

Finding festive hairstyle inspiration can be a time-consuming task. Luckily we have done the hard work for you, we've rounded up the top 10 Christmas hairstyles for 2023. These hairstyles are sure to make you feel all the festive vibes and boost your hair confidence this Christmas season.

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The festive season is the perfect time to showcase your style and look your best. With New Year's Eve and Christmas just around the corner, it's essential to have the perfect hairstyle to complement your festive outfits and add a touch of glamour to your overall look. Here are the top 10 stunning hairstyles for 2024 to make you feel a million dollars at a New Year's Eve party or Christmas event.

  • Star-Shaped Christmas Hair Accessory
  • Pony with A Christmas Ribbon
  • Half Up Half Down Hair for Christmas
  • Retro Influences
  • Effortless Curls for Party Nights
  • Cowgirl Copper at Christmas
  • Christmas Headbands
  • The Sleek Bun for New Year's Eve
  • Festive hairstyle High Updos
  • A Glitter Finish

Star-Shaped Christmas Hair Accessory

A star-shaped Christmas hair accessory is a versatile and charming addition to any holiday hairstyle. Its significance lies in its ability to instantly add a festive and dressy touch to your look. There are several ways in which this accessory can be used to enhance and elevate different hairstyles.

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For those opting for loose curls, a star-shaped hair accessory can be pinned above the ear for a whimsical and celestial touch. This simple addition can transform a casual hairstyle into a more elegant and season-appropriate look. It adds a touch of sparkle and magic to your locks, making you ready to shine at any holiday gathering.

A constellation of stars can also be incorporated into the hair look. This option allows for a more whimsical and playful style. A constellation of stars adds depth and texture to the hair, creating a mesmerizing visual effect.

Pony with A Christmas Ribbon

Adorning your ponytail with Christmas ribbons rather than party hats adds a bold accent and creates one of the best Christmas party hairstyles. It instantly transforms a simple ponytail into a festive and eye-catching hairstyle. So, this holiday season, give your ponytail a cheerful upgrade by incorporating a Christmas ribbon as a stylish accessory.

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Here is how to do it; gather all the necessary materials: a Christmas ribbon of your choice, a hair elastic, and some bobby pins.

If your ponytail is feeling a little thin adding a clip-in ponytail to boost the volume and length will elevate the overall look and make you feel a little extra confident during a festive event. 

Half Up Half Down Hair for Christmas

Achieving a stunning half up half-up-half-down hairstyle for Christmas is easier than you might think. This versatile hairstyle not only keeps your strands out of the way but also showcases luxurious hair, making it the perfect option for those with difficult-to-style cuts or super straight hair.

To add an elegant touch to this festive hairstyle, consider curling the loose hair with a curling iron or adding loose waves with a flat iron. This will give your locks a luxurious, voluminous look that is perfect for any holiday celebration and a feminine twist.

What makes the half-up half-down hairstyle even more appealing is that it works well with a variety of hair textures and lengths. Whether you have short, shoulder-length, or long hair, this style can be easily customised to suit your needs, but if you're looking for extra length a clip-in hair extension can easily be added to this look.  

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Retro Influences

Spotted on countless celebrities, you can also create a chic holiday twist on a retro hairstyle. If you struggle to create this type of bardot-style ponytail, opting for a pre-styled clip-in ponytail is the perfect opportunity to take the hassle out of styling, allowing you more time to enjoy the party season.

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Retro volume has been a huge hit throughout 2023, heavily layered styles often with curtain bangs, create lots of volume and thickness and flatter a variety of face shapes. The Farah Fawcett-inspired layers often referred to as butterfly layers have proven to be extremely popular amongst hair influencers who often showcase 'What I ask for at the hairdresser' videos on their social media channels to help their followers re-create the 70s volume for themselves. 

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Effortless Curls for Party Nights

To achieve a natural and minimalistic hairstyle, consider going for curly hair. The bouncy curls exude a pretty and effortless vibe, perfect for Christmas day. The bouncy blowout look can add gorgeous texture and extra oomph, try creating this look at home or you can opt for a salon blowout. 

Add extra length to your curls with a pre-curled clip-in hair extension such as the One Piece Curly Clip-In, the conveniently pre-curled pieces can be quickly clipped in and an instant length to your locks and can work well with your natural texture and waves. Use dry texture spray to add extra dimension to the curls.

Cowgirl Copper at Christmas

The Cowgirl Copper colour trend has become a significant player in the current hair colour scene. Its popularity stems from the warm and glossy copper tones that deliver a stunning and eye-catching look, the high and low lights can be made more noticeable with voluminous curls. This trend has quickly gained traction due to its versatility in different hair types. If you're feeling brave changing your hair colour from blonde hair to cowboy copper is a perfect holiday hair choice.

Christmas Headbands

Christmas headbands are a fun and festive alternative to the traditional Santa hat. They come in various shapes, colours, and materials, offering a unique and stylish way to celebrate the holiday season.

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When it comes to colours, Christmas headbands offer a wide array of choices and work well with popular hairstyles. Traditional colours such as red and green are often found, but there are also headbands in more unconventional colours like silver, gold, or even rainbow. This allows individuals to match their headbands to their style or outfit. Headbands complete a simple hairstyle and often look their best when paired with subtle texture; such as a loose wave.

The Sleek Bun for New Year's Eve

The Sleek Bun hairstyle is a stunning and elegant choice, it has gained popularity among celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Paris Hilton, who have effortlessly rocked this timeless hairstyle.

The chic style can be described as a polished and sophisticated updo that perfectly accentuates your features and highlights your natural beauty. The hair is sleekly pulled back and secured into a tight bun, creating a clean and refined look. Use hairspray to tame baby hairs. This hairstyle is well-loved for its ability to exude an air of grace and simplicity, it can be paired perfectly with a black tie event outfit on New Year's Eve.

Creating the sleek bun is simple if you have voluminous hair, however, if you're lacking in the volume department, extra volume in your bun can be achieved with hair extension pieces, such as the Super Easy Mum Bun. 

Festive hairstyle High Updos

High updos are a popular choice for festive occasions as they add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit. The key characteristics of a high updo hairstyle include height, volume, and a polished yet effortless look.

To keep the high updo in place and maintain its height and volume, it is recommended to use a volumising hairspray. This will provide hold and control, preventing the hairstyle from falling flat and losing its shape throughout the day or evening.

A Glitter Finish

In the realm of Christmas-themed hairstyles, one trend that stands out is the use of glitter. This sparkling touch adds glamour and festivity, perfectly complementing the joyful spirit of the Christmas season.

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A high ponytail with added sparkle at the root, perfect for NYE. When it comes to a bit of sparkle, glitter can instantly make any look more festive and feel special and be the finishing touch to your hairstyle. Glitter will not only enhance the overall look but also exude a super glamorous look when worn with a high ponytail. For pre-styled ponytail options check out the clip-in ponytail collection here. Why not try adding a statement earring to double the sparkle effect?

What will you be choosing?

Glitter, festive bows, and Christmas headbands all make fantastic options as festive accessories and are sure to elevate a simple style for a holiday party. Creating a style with your hair, such as a sleek bun, effortless curls or a high updo can take more time but will help you achieve a more glamourous hairstyle.  You could also choose a more transformational look this Christmas by changing your hair colour to an on-trend cowboy copper.  Whatever you choose making a little extra effort at Christmas time is sure to make you feel special and beautiful.