10 Timeless Bridal Hair Trends for the Modern Bride

by Emma Howe
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10 Timeless Bridal Hair Trends for the Modern Bride

Looking back at your wedding day and cringing at the faddy hairstyle of choice can be a source of embarrassment. Opting for a bridal hairstyle that doesn't go out of fashion is key to ensuring your wedding photographs look timeless for years to come. Adding a modern twist to a timeless style can keep your bridal hairstyle on trend but classic, discover our top 10 timeless bridal hairstyles for the modern bride of the 21st Century. 

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When it comes to bridal hair, timeless styles are the go-to choice for many brides. These classic looks never go out of style and have been popular for decades. Timeless bridal hair trends are elegant, sophisticated, and effortlessly beautiful, making them a perfect choice for any bride on her special day. Whether it's a sleek updo, soft waves, or a timeless chignon, these styles stand the test of time and can complement any wedding dress and theme. A timeless bridal hair trend exudes grace, simplicity, and timeless beauty, ensuring that the bride looks timeless in her wedding photos for years to come.

  • 1. Textured Wedding Braids 
  • 2. Elegant Ponytail
  • 3. Set Hollywood Waves
  • 4. Extra Long Braid
  • 5. Loose Romantic Braids 
  • 6. Oversized Bridal Headbands
  • 7. Twisted Chignon Hairstyle
  • 8. Sleek Twisted Bun
  • 9. Textured Updo
  • 10. Bridal Hairstyle with Flowers

1. Textured Wedding Braids 

Textured braids first saw a rise in popularity from the boho-style era of brides in the 90's. This boho wedding hairstyle is usually adorned with living foliage and delicate flowers for a rustic and romantic feel. Fresh flowers can be used to create a flower crown, choose natural make-up and a lace wedding dress to complete this bridal style. This Boho style is best suited to outdoor weddings with a relaxed and informal theme. 


2. Elegant Ponytail

Bridal ponytails are a super sophisticated hairstyle choice for brides. The understated style works with most hair types but longer hair lengths work best, the ponytail can be elevated with loose curls and natural texture. Face-framing pieces of hair can be left loose to enhance the effortless style. Statement drop earrings are particularly suited to this hairstyle as they are not covered by loose hair and provide a modern twist to this timeless look. 


3. Set Hollywood Waves

Add a touch of glamour to your wedding hairstyle with Hollywood-inspired set waves. Made popular by red-carpet trends, pristine waves are perfectly held in position with lots of hairspray and clever styling techniques which ensure the hair does not budge throughout the wedding day. The loose waves are a classic bridal hairstyle which never seems to go out of fashion. Add extra length to your Hollywood waves with hair extensions, we recommend choosing 100% human hair if you are hoping to achieve this style as human hair can be heat-styled to re-create this look. 

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4. Extra Long Braid

An extra-long braid looks truly stunning paired with a modest dress. Natural curls can be tamed within this hairstyle and there are a wide variety of braid options to choose from, including simple Dutch braids and French braids to fishtail braids for a more intricate braid. Styling the hair away from your face can also enhance your natural beauty, while the extra-long length makes this the perfect wedding hairstyle. For a finishing touch embellish your braid with diamonte hair accessories.  


5. Loose Romantic Braids 

Soft curls are the go-to option for many brides, this is because voluminous waves instantly look like a romantic hairstyle, they are simple to achieve and often just need a bridal hair accessory to create a wedding day hairstyle. This perfect bridal hairstyle can be worn even if the bride has shorter hair or medium-length hair, just enough hair will be needed to create a few romantic curls. If you have fine straight hair bouncy waves instantly add thickness and volume, making your hair look thicker. This classic style is often paired with a half-up half-down style, which also helps to make your hair look thicker and creates an ideal spot to add a bridal accessory. 


6. Oversized Bridal Headbands

Headbands have always been a classic addition for brides to add to their hairstyle, but for a more modern twist, we'd recommend opting for a larger oversized headband. These headbands can be found decorated with pearls, velvet and diamontes, you can even get a custom headpiece made, to enhance your personal style. Effortless curls look best when wearing an oversized headband, as they balance out the statement accessory, keeping the overall look feminine and romantic. 


7. Twisted Chignon Hairstyle

A Chignon has been worn on wedding days for decades but they are classically tight and neat. Bring your chignon hairstyle into the 21st century on your wedding day by requesting a loose less refined style. This will create a softer romantic wedding hairstyle, professional hairstylists will use hairspray and hair pins to keep the delicate twist in place. Loose pieces of hair look especially effective with this hairstyle, ask for gentle waves that are carefully placed around the face to create a modern wedding hairstyle. 


8. Sleek Twisted Bun

A timeless twisted bun is a classic choice, maintain a modern style by adding fashionable hair accessories, strategically placed around the twisted bun. This sleek style is perfect for formal weddings. If you have thin or short hair a One-Piece Hair Extension can be used to add extra volume to the bun. One Piece extensions are perfect for an updo wedding hairstyle and they can be fashioned into a variety of buns and twists while looking very natural. 


9. Textured Updo

You'll need lots of volume to create this textured updo, the texture and gentle twists are a huge trend for a bridal updo. Effortless waves are twisted and pinned in place, and sections of the style and teased out to enhance the loose effect and add texture. Dark hair, mid-tones and blonde hair are all suited to a textured updo, incorporate bridal hair clips to complete this beautiful hairstyle. 


10. Bridal Hairstyle with Flowers

Fresh flowers and floral hair pins have often been used to enhance the femininity of bridal hairstyles. Delicately add a subtle amount of flowers to your bridal hairstyle, most popular amongst boho brides for a whimsical look. Flowers have been traditionally used in wedding ceremonies for centuries, modern fashion has made realistic and intricate flower accessories readily available for many brides to be. Floral crowns, individual flowers and floral clusters can be purchased to suit all budgets, allowing brides to create their perfect floral tribute in their hair on their wedding day. 


We hope you feel inspired to choose a timeless bridal hairstyle with a modern twist for your wedding day. Whatever your dream wedding hair is there is a style to suit your desired look, we highly recommend considering your wedding dress choice when looking at wedding hairstyles and also booking a wedding hair trial with your chosen stylist, as what you think you like might not be exactly what you are looking for. Most hairstylists include a trial in their booking and are usually flexible to adjust the hairstyle to achieve the perfect option for you. 

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