Hair Extensions Weight : Explained

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Do Hair Extensions Damage Hair?

How much do hair extensions weigh? and why does it matter?

Are you thinking about taking the next step in your hair extension journey and coming across a load of information you just don’t understand? We get it. Investing in hair extensions means trenching through a minefield of information that's hardly ever explained.

Do you know that if you collected all the hair from an average woman's head, it would only weigh 100 to 200 grams?

At Stranded, we’re the experts on all things hair and extensions, with customers like yourself coming to our blogs for the most relevant and questions-answered advice. And whilst you may just see us as a clip-in extension brand, we have a dedicated team with industry experience who ensure we never miss the mark.

One of the things you will come across, when learning about all the different methods of hair extensions, is weight. But what does it mean? How relevant is it to your purchase and experience?

In this blog, you're going to learn everything you need to know about weight in hair extensions, including the difference between synthetic and human hair weight, why weight matters, and why extensions can sometimes feel heavy - along with a weight comparison of different types of extensions.

By the end of this blog, you will be able to use your newfound knowledge on the next step of your hair extension journey; whether that’s jumping straight to purchase or learning more.

  • Which is heavier? Synthetic vs Human Hair
  • Why does weight in hair extensions matter?
  • Why do my hair extensions feel heavy?
  • Simple guide to hair extension weight

Which is heavier? Synthetic vs Human Hair

These days, most extension methods come in human hair, as the market is heavily focused on professional, semi-permanent extensions. However, halo and clip-in extensions are still widely available in both human and synthetic hair.

But what does the type of hair have to do with weight? Synthetic hair is heavier than human hair - some brands are up to 2 to 3 times heavier. This is because synthetic hair is made from smart fibres - typically acrylic and/or nylon. Human hair, on the other hand, is completely natural.

Why does weight in hair extensions matter?

So synthetic hair is generally heavier than human hair, but why does that matter?

If synthetic hair is heavier than human hair, this means you could potentially be purchasing less hair than what you are expecting. For example, 100 grams of synthetic hair may be less hair by volume, compared to 100 grams of human hair. If this is the case, you may need to purchase heavier synthetic hair extensions to accommodate the lack of volume.

See a comparison of our Synthetic 20" One Piece Straight Clip-in (Left -160g) vs. our Human Hair 20” Luxury 4 Piece Clip-in (Right - 170g). Despite the 10g difference, you can see that the human hair clip-in set has significantly more volume than the synthetic clip-in set has. 

Weight is also an important factor to consider because your extensions will strain your hair follicles and scalp. If you have particularly thin hair or a sensitive scalp, the weight of hair extensions could cause breakage or even headaches.

are hair extensions light or heavy?

Why do my hair extensions feel heavy?

Hair extension material

As previously mentioned, your extensions can be heavier, depending on if they’re made of synthetic or human hair. Some brands’ synthetic hair is heavier than human hair.

Volume of hair extensions 

If you purchase 100 grams of extensions, regardless of if it's synthetic or human hair, it's going to weigh 100 grams. However, you may end up purchasing less volume of synthetic hair, compared to if you were to get human hair.

If this is the case, you may end up purchasing more synthetic hair to increase volume, which will increase the weight applied to your follicles and scalp. Providing you can, try to compare different extensions in-store to see the weight-to-volume ratio.

Natural hair type

Your natural hair type can have a huge influence on which extension attachment method you use and how they feel on your head.

If you have thin hair, extensions may feel heavier because they have less hair to attach to and therefore increase tension. Look for light extension methods that provide little tension and distributed weight.

Attachment method 

Attachment methods can have a large role to play in tension headaches, pain and weight caused by hair extensions. Clip-in and halo extensions that come as one large piece can feel a lot heavier than tape extensions all around the head - simply because the weight isn’t evenly distributed.

If you have a sensitive scalp or are worried about weight, look for extension methods that evenly distribute the weight around your head. Our Seamless Human Hair 5 Piece Clip-in has 5 sections, allowing you to distribute the weight around your head.

Simple guide to hair extension weight

Still confused about what the weight means? Have a look at our fruity weight comparison:

20g-70g (Approximately 6 Cherries)

Extensions which weigh between 20 and 70 grams are usually made of human hair and are an addition to a full set of extensions, or for someone wanting a little more hair for styling. Smaller pieces, like hair scrunchies, are also in this weight category.

The Stranded Synthetic Flicky Messy Bun weighs 54 grams, ‘designed with tumbling flicky strands that are made from our signature Stranded Fibre Hair material, the Fibre Flicky Messy Bun looks just like your natural hair, with a touchably-soft feel and healthy-looking finish’. Available in 33 multidimensional shades, RRP £15.

100g-140g (Approximately 1 Lemon)

Extensions weighing between 100 and 140 grams are suitable for most women. Hair of this weight is usually sold in various lengths, but the weight is always the same. The only difference will be the hair’s volume.

We offer two products within this weight range; the 18" Seamless 5 Piece Human Hair Clip-in and the 18” Original Human Hair Weft.

Our 18" Seamless 5 Piece Human Hair Clip-in weighs 105 grams and is available in 16 natural colours. We would describe this product as ‘Ultra-discreet. Gorgeously soft. Seamless wear even on fine hair.’. RRP £105.

Our 18” Original Human Hair Weft is also 105 grams and available in 16 natural colours. We would describe the weft as ‘ideal for thin and fine hair types, this adaptable set can be cut and fitted to create a bespoke look just for you’. RRP £105.

140g-190g (Approximately 1 Avocado)

Extensions which are between 140 and 190 grams are super thick; perfect for adding a boost of volume and length. Women with very thick hair may require this sort of weight to balance out their hair, or some women just prefer a dramatic hair transformation.

Stranded’s newest product, 20” Synthetic Wand Wave One Piece, weighs 167 grams and comes in up to 33 multidimensional shades. This product is ‘the ultimate salon-worthy look’. RRP £34. Read more on the Wand Wave collection, here.

200g+ (Approximately 3 Kiwi Fruit)

Extensions weighing 200 grams or more per pack are extremely thick, especially for women with thick or coarse hair. Women who desire fuller volume but have very thin hair may need something like this, to ensure their results look natural and evenly distributed.

Stranded wouldn’t recommend wearing extensions above 200 grams if you have very thin hair, as more weight means more risk of tension and damage - especially with little hair to distribute the weight onto.

TOP TIP: Consider how your hair is cut, if you have a blunt cut you will need a lot more weight.

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