How To Care For Your Hair Extensions

by Hope Donaldson
Do Hair Extensions Damage Hair?

How To Care For Your Hair Extensions

So you’ve just purchased your new favourite clip-in extensions and you’ve been wearing it around town for weeks, but now they’re starting to look a little off. Caring for your hair extensions is paramount to ensuring they last longer and look their best! Keep reading to find out how to properly look after your extensions…

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Looking after your clip-in hair extensions and keeping them healthy is essential to making them - regardless of whether they’re made of synthetic fibre or human hair. Just like you care for your own hair, your clip-in extensions need to be properly cared for as well.

At Stranded Hair Group, we’re committed to making our customers feel confident. A large part of that is helping them look and feel their best, and our wide range of luxury quality clip-in extensions can support that. However, if you don’t know how to look after your extensions, then what’s the point?

In this article, you will learn how to brush, wash, style and store your clip-in extensions, whilst also learning what products to use and what things to avoid. After reading, you will feel confident in your abilities to care for your extensions, making them look better and last longer!

  • How to brush your hair extensions
  • How to wash your hair extensions
  • What products should you use on hair extensions?
  • How to style your hair extensions
  • How to store your hair extensions
  • What will damage your hair extensions?

How to brush your hair extensions

You should be brushing your clip-in extensions before and after every wear.

Brushing your extensions will not damage, loosen or tangle the extension hair (regardless of whether it’s made of synthetic fibre or human hair) - brushing your extensions will actually prevent this.

When brushing your clip-in extensions, you need to gently start from the bottom and move upwards (as you would with your natural hair). You should also always use a soft-bristled extension brush, such as our Stranded Smooth Finish Extension Brush, when brushing your clip-ins, as this will prevent tugging and damage.

How to wash your hair extensions

Washing your clip-in extensions is crucial to caring for them and maintaining their condition. Clip-in extensions do not need to be washed after every use, they do not come into direct contact with the hair’s natural oils, but they will need to be washed clean of products and have the style refreshed.

Follow our easy step-by-step guide on how to perfectly wash your clip-ins:

  • Remove your clip-in extensions
  • Fill the sink with lukewarm water
  • Submerge the extensions into the water
  • Gently wash the extensions with a mild shampoo
  • Rinse the shampoo out of the extensions
  • Apply a mild conditioner to the extensions’ ends
  • Rinse the conditioner out of the extensions
  • Pat dry with a towel and leave to air dry or use a hairdryer on a low setting

What products should you use on hair extensions?

The products you use, when you wash, style and care for your clip-in extensions, are what are going to support maintaining their condition.

These are the top items we believe you need, along with specific brands and products to use:

  • Sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner - Gentle, mild and hydrating shampoos and conditioners are needed to wash and moisturise your clip-in extensions. We recommend Coco & Eve Super Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner Set (RRP £44).
  • Heat protectant - When using heated tools on your clip-in extensions (regardless of whether they’re made of synthetic fibre or human hair), you should be sure to protect the hair from heat damage. We love Kevin Murphy Heated Defense (RRP £30).
  • Hair oil - Hair oil is essential for human hair clip-in extensions, to help moisturise them and give them more life back. A salon favourite is always Moroccanoil Treatment Original (RRP £14.45).
  • Detangling spray - If you’re struggling to brush through tangles in your clip-in, use a detangling spray to help. A drugstore favourite (and mine) is Noughty Thirst Aid Conditioning & Detangling Spray (£7.99)

How to style your hair extensions

Styling your clip-in extensions will keep them looking and feeling their best!

All Stranded extensions are either made of our heat-resistant Stranded Clever Fibre or 100% Human Hair, meaning that they can be styled with and without heat.

Remember to consider that human hair extensions can damage the same way as our natural hair does, so you should take precautions to protect it. Stranded Clever Fibre extensions, on the other hand, are heat-resistant up to 180℃, though we do not recommend restyling the products - instead, tweaking them back into style.

How to store your hair extensions

Knowing how to store your clip-in extensions is essential!

Clip-in extensions should always be stored away safely, away from moisture and out of direct sunlight. Clip-in extensions can be hung up overnight on specifically designed hair hangers, or even better, our clip-ins can be stored away safely in their product box!

What will damage your hair extensions?

If you want your clip-in extensions to last, make sure to avoid these almost-guaranteed damage-causing things:

  • Sleeping in your clip-in extensions
  • Showering with your clip-in extensions still installed
  • Swimming in your clip-in extensions
  • Exercising in your clip-in extensions
  • Wearing your clip-in extensions whilst using a sunbed
  • Excess heat from styling tools
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    Start caring for your hair extensions

    You came to this article looking for solid information on how to properly care for and look after your clip-in extensions. Since reading, you now know how to correctly brush, wash, style and store your clip-ins, along with what to avoid to risk causing damage to them and what products to use to keep them healthy.

    But what now?

    At Stranded, part of our commitment to your confidence is supporting our customers to look and feel their best. Whilst we pride ourselves on our luxury quality clip-in extensions to do this, we also know that providing our customers with a thorough education on how to look after their hair can be just as liberating.

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