Trending Bridal Hair Colours: Finding the Perfect Shade for Your Big Day

by Alex Haymes
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Trending Bridal Hair Colours: Finding the Perfect Shade for Your Big Day

From platinum blondes to expensive brunettes, figuring out which shade is the perfect one for your wedding hair can be overwhelming. Keep reading for some bridal hair inspo, as we explore some trending bridal colours, and alternative colour treatments. 

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Your wedding day is one of your life's most memorable and important. Every detail matters from choosing the perfect dress to finding the ideal venue. One element that often gets overlooked but can significantly impact your overall look is your hair colour. Whether you want a simple refresh of your natural hair colour, or a completely new look to mark this new chapter in your life, finding the right hair colour for your wedding day is essential.

The shade or treatment you opt for is completely down to your personal preference, and knowing where to start can be overwhelming. Let's take a look at some trending bridal hair colours, and alternative treatments to a full head of foils. 

  • Platinum/White Blonde
  • Honey Blonde
  • Sandy Bronde
  • Expensive Brunette
  • Rich Copper Red
  • Balayage

Platinum/White Blonde

A platinum blonde is eye-catching and bold and is a great way to bring some intense glamour and make a statement on your special day. The silvery, icy tones within this look can bring some nice contrast against your wedding dress. 


Image credit to Corbin Gurkin for VOGUE

At her wedding to Brooklyn Beckham in 2022, Nicola Peltz opted for a platinum blonde, wearing her hair in a simple centre parting with some soft texture throughout the lengths.  The shade choice was perfect for Peltz, as it complimented her fair features and ivory skin; and choosing to keep a light shadow around the roots allowed her to maintain a more neutral brown shade for her brows, framing her face beautifully and making her the perfect bombshell bride. 

Honey Blonde

Rich and warm, the honey blonde is a more natural option for any bride. Utilising golden blonde shades and light brown undertones, the honey blonde is extremely complimentary for those with warmer undertones in their skin. This shade can bring some softness to your wedding hair, and although it's not as striking as glamorous platinum, it can bring a lovely, understated elegance. 


Image credit to @hayabuskila_make_up on Instagram

Stranded Fibre Colour Sample #1 Black Magic
Stranded Fibre Colour Sample #1 Black Magic
Stranded Fibre Colour Sample #1 Black Magic
Stranded Fibre Colour Sample #1 Black Magic

Stranded Fibre Colour Sample #1 Black Magic


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Sandy Bronde

One step darker than the honey blonde, a bronde shade is the perfect bridge between a blonde and a brunette. Seen on celebrities like Chrissy Teigen or Blake Lively and popularised by the TikTok old-money aesthetic, the sandy bronde is an amazing bridal hair colour as it can be flattering for any skin tone. 


Image credit to @hayabuskila_make_up on Instagram

The sandy bronde shade is a fantastic choice for brides as it offers a softness that can enhance your natural beauty. It provides a subtle blend of blonde and brunette tones, creating depth and dimension to your hair.

Expensive Brunette

The expensive brunette is another popular bridal hair colour right now and with good reason. The shade champions dimension and shine, with the seamless blend of rich brown and chocolate tones. 


Image credit to @hair_by_charlotte on Instagram

While an expensive brunette can be flattering on most brides, it's especially complimentary to those with darker, more striking features. This shade exudes luxury and glamour, while the multidimensional quality ensures that it looks incredibly natural and effortless. 

Rich Copper Red

With cowgirl copper currently trending, there's no question about a rich red shade being an excellent choice for a bride-to-be. A rich copper red can bring warmth to any complexion and creates a stunning contrast with the traditional whites and ivories of the wedding dress. 


A copper-red can be flattering with any undertone, but works particularly well for those with a medium skin tone, or those who are a natural copper-top, who just want a quick refresh! 

Opting for a treatment as simple as a copper glaze is a great way to bring back the shine to your auburn locks, and can create a deeper red tone. 


While a full head of foils can seem like the most surefire way to get the exact shade you want for your wedding day, it isn't the only option, and really might not be the most cost-effective option either. Perhaps you want some simple highlights or just a touch of extra drama for your special day. 


Image credit to @hairbyjake.x on Instagram

Balayage is a stunning colour treatment option. Incorporating multi-tonal highlights into your hair in a gradient down the head is a great way to incorporate some more natural-looking, subtle highlights into your hair, and it tends to require less maintenance than a full head treatment from the root. 

Hair Extensions

Using hair extensions is an excellent option that allows you to experiment with different shades without making a permanent commitment. You can personalize the colours to suit your wedding look, while also having the opportunity to try it in plenty of time before the big day arrives. 

Opting for clip-in extensions as a way to bring dimension and colour to your wedding day hair is a cost-effective, low-commitment way to achieve the shade you want, and also helps bring some extra body and bounce for good measure. 

You could opt for a multi-dimensional tone in a set shade range, or some lighter or darker block colours in smaller pieces to blend throughout your hair. 

At Stranded, we offer
samples of our shades for £1 each on the website, which would allow you to see the shades in person before committing to a full purchase, so you can customize your bridal hair colours ahead of time and trial them against your complexion. 

So, there are some trending bridal shades as well as some alternative options for bringing some more dimension to your locks. Regardless of the shade and style you choose, make sure it reflects your personal style and makes your wedding day dreams a reality. 

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