How To Make Your Hair Look Thicker

by Hope Donaldson
Do Hair Extensions Damage Hair?

How To Make Your Hair Look Thicker

Thin-haired girlies? We have your back! Trade secrets on how to make your hair look instantly thicker and more voluminous incoming…

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Flat hair used to be the bane of my existence - no matter what I did, I couldn’t give my hair volume or make it look even an inch thicker. But then I started working in the hair industry and suddenly I have a repertoire of hair hacks at my fingertips.

At Stranded Hair Group, we know that thin, flat hair hinders your confidence. We also know that whilst clip-in extensions may not always be the answer to all your problems, educating yourself on the cause and fixes might be - hence writing informational and educational blogs, just like this one.

In this blog, you will learn why your hair is looking flat and what products to use to increase volume, along with tips, tricks and hacks to give your hair that much-needed boost.

  • Why does my hair look flat?
  • Products for thicker-looking hair
  • Which is better: slicked back or volume?
  • Top 3 hacks for thicker-looking hair
  • The secret to making your hair look instantly thicker…

Why does my hair look flat?

Having flat and thin-looking hair can be completely demoralising when trying to create that perfect, Instagram-able hairstyle you’ve been dreaming about. But why is your hair looking that way?

The main cause of your hair’s flatness may be that you don’t have enough hair to be naturally voluminous. When you have thin hair and/or not much of it, your hair tends to lay very flat against your scalp and tends to look ‘greasy’ very quickly. Sadly, having more hair typically means more volume and the illusion of thickness.

When you have a buildup of excess oil in your hair, even if it doesn’t look ‘greasy’, it can weigh even the thickest of hair down and make it look flat. The same can be said for product buildup too, which also weighs the hair down. If this is the case, your hair needs a deep clean, with extra attention paid to massaging and disturbing any buildup on the scalp.

You can also end up with flat-looking hair if you’re not styling with the intention of volume. If you’re simply leaving your hair to air dry, brushing it and moving on, you typically can’t expect much better results. Whether it’s leaving your hair straight or creating the bounciest blowdry, there are steps you can take to add volume and the illusion of thickness.

There are also products you can use to add volume and create the illusion of a thicker head of hair. These are typically specific, lightweight styling products, designed with volume in mind. When you don’t use the right products, however, they will weigh your hair down and make it look flat and thin

Products for thicker-looking hair

When you’re trying to achieve thicker-looking hair, the products you use can make all the difference. These are our top-rated, volume-enhancing, must-have products:

Which is better: slicked back or volume?

Whilst slicked-back hair is all the rage in 2023, even with the thickest head of hair, it is going to make your hair look flat and thin. This is because the design of the style is to literally flatten your hair and weigh it down with heavy products, such as gels, to keep it in place.

Giving your hair volume, on the other hand, is what is going to make your hair look thicker. This is because volume gives the hair dimension through height, body and movement.

Top 3 hacks for thicker-looking hair

So you’re looking for thicker-looking hair? Try these 3 hacks to turn your locks from drab, flat and lifeless to full of body, volume and confidence…

Tease your hair

The very purpose of teasing your hair is to create texture and volume. When you tease your hair at your crown, it creates the illusion of thicker hair by creating volume and texture at the top of your head. Read our blog on ‘How to Use a Teasing Brush’ to learn more.

Blowdry upwards

Direction is incredibly important when it comes to blow-drying your hair. Instead of drying your hair straight down, which gives no volume, blowdry your hair upside down with the hairdryer pointing upwards. This creates instant volume at the root, for the illusion of thicker hair.

Why not learn how to create a bouncy blowdry at home? Check out our tutorial blog, 'How to Get a Bouncy Blowdry at Home', for more info!

Flip your parting

Where your hair naturally parts can end up looking quite flat. Flipping the parting to somewhere where it doesn't naturally lie, such as to the side, will instantly add volume to the top of your head. This volume then creates the illusion of thicker hair.

TOP TIP: You shouldn’t take everything you see on social media at face value!

The secret to making your hair look instantly thicker…

… Extensions!

Everyone is wearing them; from your favourite celebrities and influencers to your postpartum friends on their first mums’ night out. Extensions add instant thickness and volume to your natural hair, with the option of being both semi-permanent (six to eight week wear) or temporary (clip in and out whenever you want them).

At Stranded, we pride ourselves on the convenience, quality and wide range of our clip-in extensions. Not sure which extensions to go for? Check out our guide to ‘How Much Hair Extensions Do I Need?’ to find your perfect clip-in!

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So what now?

You came to this blog because, like me, you’ve struggled with your hair looking flat and lifeless and are now looking for a way to make it look thicker and voluminous. Since reading, you have learnt reasons as to why your hair might be looking flat, what products to use to increase volume and some tips and tricks to take matters into your own hands.

At Stranded, we know that hair care education can build your confidence just as much as a clip-in can - that’s why we write blogs like this one!

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