Get the right hair extensions for these 5 summertime memory makers

by Emma Howe

Get the right hair extensions for these 5 summertime memory makers

Do you want to feel amazing at every event in summer 2024, from the hen do's to festivals, impromptu BBQs and long awaiting wedding celebrations, don't let your uncertainty about your hair get in the way of feeling confident and beautiful for whatever your summer activities have in store. Within this blog, explore our recommended hairstyles and products for many popular summertime activities.  

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For most women, our hair is massively important in ensuring we feel confident all year round, but when summer comes and the list of occasions to attend grows, choosing and styling your hair extensions to suit each event, can be more challenging. From poolside glam to festival chic and wedding guest extensions there are so many summer occasions to consider. In this blog we've highlighted what we think is the best hair extension or hair piece to suit a variety of summer events, take onboard our hairstyle inspiration and read our reasons why we have paired each hair extension to a list of summer activities and you may be enlightened to try something new. 

1.) What Hair Extensions are best for a hen do?

Hen do's in the summer are a often vibrant night out or weekend away, for this type of occasion you want something which feels glam but suitable for whatever the activities behold. Hen do activities such as cocktail making, ladies' brunch or dancing the night away require a chic and glamorous look. For this, we have chosen the Bounce Wrap Ponytail, this chic pony is super thick, which adds a hint of glam to your hairstyle. The fitting is seamless; the velcro piece is wrapped around the base of the pony, this looks super trendy and sleek while concealing any attachment. It's very quick and easy to attach which leaves more time to spend with your best girls.


2.) What hair extensions deliver that Poolside Glam look?

Some women may not be aware of the damaging effects chlorine and salt water have on our precious hair extensions, but the truth is they are the enemy if you want your hair extensions and pieces to remain in top condition. For this reason, the poolside or beach is a place where having your hair up is most suitable. You can still take a dip (shoulder height) while keeping your hair extensions safe from damage, and this doesn't mean you have to feel like the hair you have no hair, choose a Messy Bun to create a gorgeously full updo, which feels modest but glam enough for a beach club. 

Stranded Flicky Messy Scrunchie Bun
Stranded Flicky Messy Scrunchie Bun
Stranded Flicky Messy Scrunchie Bun
Stranded Flicky Messy Scrunchie Bun
Stranded Flicky Messy Scrunchie Bun
Stranded Flicky Messy Scrunchie Bun
Stranded Flicky Messy Scrunchie Bun
Stranded Flicky Messy Scrunchie Bun

Stranded Flicky Messy Scrunchie Bun


"Love this, it blends in perfectly with my hair, doesn't look fake." -Hayley, UK.


Master the messy bun with our Fibre Flicky Messy Bun hair extension. Effortlessly relaxed, this easy scrunchie takes minimum effort to fit, but offers maximum impact. Designed with tumbling flicky strands that are made from our signature Stranded Fibre Hair material, the Fibre Flicky Messy Bun looks just like your natural hair, with a touchably-soft feel and healthy-looking finish.

A Perfect Match To Your Colour:
The Flicky Messy Bun Hair Extension is now available in 33 shades

Our hair colours have been developed with real hair in mind, so you’ll find realistic multi-tonal hues, rich undertones and cool highlights for a superior, undetectable finish.

Main Features

  • Weight : 54grams
  • 34 Colour options
  • Pre-styled
  • Easy scrunchie fit
  • Heat resistant: This style can be tweaked (not re-styled) with heat tools up to 180°C
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3.) Which hair extensions should you wear as a wedding guest?

Weddings are normally held at exclusive venues and posh hotels which call for a luxurious hairstyle that leaves you feeling ultra-sophisticated and put together. Human hair extensions feel lavish and perfectly suited to fancy events, the material is a little more expensive than synthetic extensions, so if you're going to invest, the perfect time to do it is when attending a stunning wedding. Human hair extensions can be styled with heat, so if you're planning a refined updo or a salon-worthy blow dry these extensions can handle the heat, and will blend perfectly with your natural hair for a seamless and beautiful look.


4.) Which hair extensions make you Festival Hair ready?

A summer festival is a time for creating a statement hairstyle, a super-long ponytail can certainly make an impact. A high pony with a jaw-dropping length will work perfectly at your next festival, add hair glitter, hair accessories and coloured hairspray to embrace the festival spirit. Notoriously messy and muddy, festivals are better suited to a hair-up style that is less likely to be ruined in the excitement. Hair-up styles are easier to accessorize, hair jewellery is our favourite option, this looks boho-chic but maintains a level of elegance. 


5.) Which hair extensions to wear at the Garden Party? 

For a last-minute garden party or summer BBQ, you want a hairstyle that is quick and easy but still looks like you've made an effort. A One-Piece Hair extension provides a gorgeous transformation, the wide range of styles and lengths means you can find something to suit a spontaneous family gathering or a more formal sunny afternoon. 


Now you've heard our best recommendations for all your summer events, it's time to try something new. If you're not sure of which colour to choose, our free colour-matching service is professional and quick. Follow this link to get a free colour match with an experienced team member or order colour samples of our fibre hair collection here.